Are you looking forward to working as a teacher in China? Are you looking for universities in China teaching in English? Are there any good engineering universities in China for international students? Well, if you desire to know the answers to these questions, keep going through this article. Laowai Career’s social media pages is a blog that helps young foreigners understand the benefits and challenges of living and studying in China.

China has the fastest growing economy in Asia. It has a population of at least 1 billion people, out of which, most of them desire to learn English. This is very good news to foreigners who want to teach English in China. Foreign students who want to take engineering courses in China are not left out. There are very awesome engineering universities in China for international students. Let’s take a look at top 10 universities in China teaching in English.

Top 10 Universities in China for Foreigners

As a foreign student, it would be really unfair to enroll in a Chinese university that doesn’t teach in English. You should only do this if you fully understand the Chinese language.

Universities in Shanghai

Shanghai is the busiest city in China. If you want to interact with young and fresh minds, this is the place to be. It hosts the sharpest minds in finance, economics, business and engineering fields. In fact, Shanghai has the highest number of foreigners.

1.Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University is the best research university in Asia. This university has been offering teaching programs to both Westerners and Chinese students for over 120 years. Due to this fact alone, this university is ranked among the most prestigious universities in China. It’s recommended for science students. According to its past records, one out of every undergraduate is an international student in SJTU.

2. Fudan University

If you want the perfect blend of prestige and Chinese culture, Fudan University is the place to be. This university has been admitting international students since the 1950s. Today, Fudan University has the second highest number of foreign students in China. It has several campuses around Shanghai which are easier to reach. Any foreigner who desires to sharpen his/her Mandarin should go to this university.

Beijing is the capital city of China. It’s an ancient city which is trying to cope with the economics and advanced technology of the 21st century. Beijing has the best Mandarin programs for foreigners.

3. Tsinghua University

This is the best Chinese university for international students. In fact, its MBA program is the world’s second best. Therefore, if you want to sharpen your business skills (both in English and Mandarin), this is your university.

4. Peking University

Peking University is the oldest national university in China. It has over 2000 international students. This veteran university was formed from the partnership of three universities; Yale University, Cornell University and Stanford University. It’s suitable for students who are interested in sociology and the Chinese government.

Other Universities in China

5. University of Science and Technology of China

Located in the city of Hefei which is about a four hours’ drive south of Beijing. It was established in 1958 in Beijing but was moved to Hefei in 1970. This university has not featured among the world’s top 50 in any subject, but it has featured in world’s top 250 in 10 subjects including medicine and engineering.

6. Sichuan University

You have to go to Chengdu to find this University. It’s located in the capital city of Sichuan province. It’s the best choice for international students who want to experience a more real and deeper Chinese tradition. It has some partnerships and exchange programs that enable their students to interact with international students from bigger cities.

7. University of Hong Kong

This is the oldest university in Hong Kong. Also, 25% of the students at the University of Hong Kong are international students. It’s a western-oriented learning institute hence a great choice for many foreign students.

8. Nanjing University

Being a member of the Yangtze Delta Universities Alliance, Nanjing University has about 30,000 students. It was started in 1902 and since then it has tried its best to offer the best education to both Chinese and international students.

9. Zhejiang University

It’s a member of the Yangtze Delta Universities Alliance and C9. Zheda University has been internationally ranked for 20 subjects and has over 45000 students. In fact, it has one of the largest academic libraries in China.

10. Wuhan University

Located in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in Central China, Wuhan University has been ranked internationally for ten subjects. It has over 50000 students out of which 1500 are foreigners. It’s a great learning institute for students who want to major in philosophy.

Teaching jobs in China for foreigners

There are many teaching job opportunities for foreigners in China; from primary school teaching to English teaching jobs in Chinese universities to private language school teaching jobs. The point is, you’ll not be jobless in China. Of course, the benefits and job requirements will vary from one tier to the next.

Public School Teaching Jobs in China

Almost all public schools in China want a western English teacher. In fact, most public schools will share English teachers while other employ their foreign teacher for private lessons.

Private Language School Teaching Jobs in China

Here, you will interact with adults who desire to learn English – business professionals, students and also kids attend these schools. They pay better than Public School teaching but demand more working hours.

Private School Teaching Jobs in China

Most expats or the “rich”, send their kids for private teaching. These schools are looking for experienced teachers who have been certified to teach in a public school in his/her home country. Of course, they pay better.

University and College Teaching Jobs

These jobs don’t pay very well. However, working as a university lecturer grants you lots of free time and a light workload. Most of these jobs hire in August.


Whether you are looking for engineering universities in China for international students or universities in China teaching in English, this page has given you the best guideline you’ll ever find. While in China, you can make some extra money from teaching jobs in China for foreigners. Apply now.