Adventure regardless of the travel destination is a part of any journey. Whenever we make a plan to travel to a place of our choice, it becomes essential for us to consider in advance, the places we want to go to and what we want to see or do when we get to them. Every country has it’s own breathtaking scenery or wonderful moment for the tourist. Tourist travel destinations in China like anywhere else in the world have their fair share of overrated travel destinations. However one will also discover excellent sports activities for the adventurous visitor. Mountaineering in China, for instance, could be a lot of fun. The sport is dangerous activity so preparing properly before climbing any mountain is imperative. A traveller must understand the risk involved in each tour before they start to making plans. There are countless of exciting sightseeing destinations to explore China, here are some travel destinations that you simply cannot miss.

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is the number one attraction in terms of travel destinations in China for tourists. It is a favourite tourist spot for people all across the world. Nature lovers will be overwhelmed by the myriad of beautiful landscapes to be explored and enjoyed in China. The architecture and traditional clothes and colours will amaze you.

Xian for example, should be included in any top ten travel destinations in China for visitors. It is home to the noted for the big Wild Goose Pagoda, the Grand Mosque, Provincial Museum, and the ancient city wall of Ming Dynasty. Beijing is noted for The Great Wall, Summer Palace, Beijing Olympic Park, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, Ming Tombs, Imperial Palace and the Forbidden City. Seeing some of these wonderful historic monuments will bowl you over, and you will sense their pervading influence on modern Chinese life and culture.

A Cruise Along the Yangtze River

Another excellent travel destination in China involves taking a cruise down the third largest river in the world, the Yangtze River is an unforgettable trip to make if you love nature if you love nature. Whether your cruise takes you between Chongqing and Yichang, or Chongqing and Wuhan, or Chongqing and Shanghai, you are guaranteed to see some of the most stunning natural habitats in the country.

One of the highlights of your cruise will no doubt be the beautiful Three Gorges, widely recognised for their natural, religious, historical and cultural significance. In particular, the Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydro-electric power plant in the world, is a spectacular sight to behold. The culture around the Yangtze River is also popular amongst tourists. For instance, visitors can participate in the International Tourist Festival of Three Gorges in Chongqing, where they can learn about the region while being entertained by visual folk exhibits and exciting performances.
Embrace history and modernity in Shanghai.

If you want to experience urban life and at the same time have easy access to cultural and historical sites, Shanghai is the place for you. You will be impressed with the city’s eclectic blend of history and modernity; especially if the places mentioned below are amongst the travel destinations in China you plan to visit.


Showcasing the pinnacle of modern developments in the city, Pudong is home to two of the most impressive modern structures that you will ever see – the Oriental TV Tower and the Jinmao Tower.


A visit to Shanghai would not be complete without visiting The Bund, which alludes to the city’s glorious past with its line of historical buildings along the city’s waterfront.

Jade Buddha Temple

For a more peaceful atmosphere, visit the Jade Buddha Temple, which is home to some of the most beautiful relics such as jade Buddha statues.

With a balance of ancient and modern architecture and varied regional cultures, each China’s city offers world-famous. Include visits to Hong Kong, Beijing, and Xian to your China holiday tours to appreciate the variety and splendour of Chinese history.

Other Activities

FengShui, Chinese Cuisine, and Tea are some of the activities you must try when in China. They are the the 11th in the top ten travel destinations in China, because the journey undertaken is not a physical one, but it can be exquisite.

Before getting the tickets check the forecast for the period, you will be there and make sure that you go with the right clothing. Secondly, ensure that your passport is up to date and that you have all the right documentation. If you are planning for a long stay, then make sure your Tour package arrangements have all been booked and confirmed.

Things To Remember When Visiting Any Travel Destinations In China

  • 1. Weather and Clothing.
    Between September and early November is probably the best season for a trip to China. The temperature ranges from 50-72F with some rainfall.
    2. Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanchang, and Tianjing are four hot places that should not be visited during the summer months.
    3.China has four seasons, spring, which begins in March and ends in May. Summer is between June and August, autumn spans the months of September and November, and winter begins in January and ends in February.
    4. Umbrellas are needed, even at times in the summer.
    5.Revealing clothing should be avoided as Chinese people are rather conservative, at least in rural areas.

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