Are you fed up of not putting that hard earned degree to good use? All of us want a dream job. But Western people have lots of opportunities in China and especially Shanghai. Below is a list of the top jobs in Shanghai for 2016.

1. Editor/Author/Journalist

jobs in Shanghai 2017

This would be a very easy transition from English teaching since you’ve “hopefully” accomplished a powerful command of the English language. Including proper grammar, spellings, and structure. Shanghai has over a dozen international publications and an array state-run CCTV English channels, not to mention all the news sites.

2. Marketing Manager

Chinese companies don’t usually have a distinction between marketing and sales, so be ready for all sorts of hybrid positions. You might be hired to do sales and spend all your time doing marketing. However, companies like Alibaba and Xiaomi want to increase their global market share, and the interest in marketing expertise, specifically in SEO (search engine optimization) is beginning to improve. Within China; international schools, sheik clubs, luxury villas, and treatment centers all need native English speakers to entice the wealthy.

3. Project Manager

Within the world of Chinese business culture, the manager is king. But unlike the West where companies have a long history of teamwork, China is in the process of building up this vital business strategy. Thus, foreigners with the knowledge of working and building teams can add tremendous value to their company. Don’t forget about your past work and education; it could easily land you a great position. Just don’t make the mistake of trying to finish a huge project in a month.

4. Voice Talent

Because of the thirst for the latest and greatest foreign things in China, numerous voice recording studios are dotted around every city in the country. This can include; voice acting for textbooks, documentaries, ads, tourist guides, and also dubbing for films. To land higher paid gigs; it’s important to be correctly toning your voice, developing a voice demo, and also understanding how to read and edit the studio machines.

5. Acting and modeling

jobs in Shanghai 2017

The indisputable benefit of having a Western face is just how quickly and easily you can see yourself on television and advertisements. First, you’ll want to obtain some decent headshots. They need people for all sorts of looks, so don’t assume you need to look like Nicki Minaj or Liam Hemsworth. You can find agencies online, through craigslist, or even what. Who knows where this could lead.

6. Account Manager

The benefit of account managers in the advertising field is they are always on the lookout for new faces. New employees often bring fresh perspectives and new outlooks. Work experience isn’t as essential, as having creative instincts and great energy. Believe me; you’ll need this drive to land a big account or project.

7. The Consultant

Yes, a consultant. Probably the most prestigious job, since you can name your price when people inquire about what you do. It may sound mysterious, yet it’s totally awesome. In reality, you’re more of a road warrior, since you’ll most likely be spending more time out of your home than in it.

8. Entertainer

Chinese companies are opening the gates for foreign entertainers. Nowadays, various singers, dancers, music performers and comedians are finding jobs in the Shanghai entertainment scene. If you have special talents, skills, or training, you could find yourself doing just about anything.

9. Buying and Selling- Foreign Trade

With everything under the sun being produced in China, why don’t you get on the action and start buying and selling? People all over the world want what China is selling, and Chinese want what the rest of the world is making. Being based in Shanghai is the perfect place to take advantage of this huge market.

10. Translator

Succeeding in the translating field requires advanced knowledge of business. For example IP law, energy, or gaming. A lot of companies are broadcasting their content to popular foreign markets, with English being the global language you’ll always be in demand. The downside is the fact that your work will be long and tedious. However on the flip side, the benefit of setting your hours and without a fixed position makes being a freelance translator almost a dream come true.

11. Teaching jobs

When you’re teaching English in China, you’re interacting with the current and future leaders of the country. Teaching jobs are a great opportunity to get a deeper knowledge of how people in China see the outside world. You can teach students and earn some serious money.