Starting a career in China can seem like a big job in and of itself. You’re potentially moving half way around the world to live in a country which is probably very different than your own. On top of finding, applying, and being accepted for a job, you also need to make sure you’re able to get a visa. With China’s newest visa regulations, that might seem like it’s just not possible for someone without a wealth of experience. However, we’re here to tell you some good news: that’s not always the case.
It’s not actually that hard to find job opportunities in China where the job requirements are not actually that high. And there’s more than just teachers jobs. Check below for our list of the top 10 jobs in China which don’t require a huge amount of detail on your resume below.

Architectural Assistant

You might be surprised to learn that if you’re looking for a career in china with minimal Job requirements in China, being an Architectural Assistant is actually a possibility. These positions are largely as internships and can sometimes lack the higher pay of the other positions you’ll see on this list, but they are great for developing experience where you otherwise have none.
For most positions, you will need a basic understanding of architectural software and a bachelor degree in the subject. Once you’ve gotten these things though, you should be set as a prime applicant. What’s more, once you’re in the company, many offer great opportunities for promotion and advancement as you progress with them.


How about just working as a straight up assistant? The job can include a wide variety of different tasks depending on the organization you work for, but the position doesn’t require a lot of experience before you start. You can also find assistant jobs in a huge range of different industries. These jobs will offer you insight and experience into a specific industry, meaning that if or when you decide to move on, you’ll have the knowledge you need to do that. A great way to adjust to the Chinese job market and might just be a good way to teach English in China.

Sales Internship

Have you ever thought you could sell anything to anyone? A sales career in China might just be the perfect opportunity for you to launch your career in China. Many of these positions only need the minimum level of Job requirements in China and are usually perfect mediums for advancing through the ranks if you’re good at it. A great job for those with great oral English. There’s also a lot of money to be made.


Merchandisers are responsible for aiding in communication between factories, buyers, and everything in between. Essentially, they make sure that the commercial, technical, accounting and information side of any transactions goes off without a hitch. These jobs require a lot of responsibility and a great ability to solve problems on the go. However, what they don’t require is a huge amount of experience. Give it a go if you think you have what it takes.

Customer Service Representative

How about finding a position as a customer service representative? It’s similar to a merchandiser, but you won’t have to communicate with the factory. Your job is to make sure that customers have a great experience working with your company. Any problems they face; you’ll be there to help them through it. Any requirements they have; you’ll be there to tailor their experience to meet those needs. It can be an intensive job, but it offers a lot of benefits to those who can keep up. These jobs are good for those with good oral English.

Operation Specialists

If you want a job which involves planning and developing operations for companies, then look no further. Operation Specialists are integral in building up brand awareness and developing customer relations over long periods of time. Essentially, the job is all about creating a plan for the future which means your company will only get better. What do you need to get this type of job in China? Well, it’s not a lot of experience back home.
Because China’ market is different than what you might expect back home, employers are looking for creative and motivated individuals; employees who have a gift when it comes to planning and managing developments and can communicate with their Chinese coworkers. It can help a lot to have some Chinese language experience in this position, but it’s not always essential. A bachelor degree is a definite plus.

Mobile Application Developer

Mobile phones are used by practically everyone in China, and that means that there is a huge jobs market for app development. Job experience doesn’t need to be particularly rich for these positions as it’s a relatively new market. This is especially true for new start-ups looking to save a bit of money by employing fresh workers.
In fact, for some of these positions, you don’t even need a full degree yet as employers are looking to employ current students. The pay is decent and the working environments are usually very relaxed. It’s certainly one of the best Job opportunities in China for those who lack experience.


With the Chinese jobs market looking to develop itself and start reaching abroad, there is a large demand for copywriters in many different languages. If you think you’ve got the gift of the pen (or keyboard as it might be), you know what job you can sign up for in China. Just make sure you have some form of portfolio to show prospective employers, and you should be in with a chance to snag a copywriter position, even with little previous experience. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get a copywriter position with a language school.


The Chinese consumer market is increasingly looking for great tasting foreign food. It’s a luxury and something they’re willing to pay an excess on. Because of this, more and more restaurants are looking for foreign chefs with an ability to make genuine foreign cuisine.
Ok, so this jobs market might require you to have some level of culinary experience (like how to use a kitchen). However, if you’re able to create great tasting foreign dishes with ease, then you might just be in for a chance of finding a job opportunity in China as a chef. Get cooking!


If you don’t think you have what it takes to be a Chef in China, think about becoming a bartender in China. Bars and clubs with foreign aesthetics can be found in all of China’s big cities, and almost all of them are looking for good foreign employees willing to serve drinks as their bars. Perfect for those with good oral English, no Bachelor degree, and a desire not to be English teachers. Bottoms up!

Know Your Options

When it comes to job opportunities in China, you’ve probably got a lot more than you originally thought you did. Starting your career in China couldn’t be easier with the current job market. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any opportunities, even if you think you don’t have enough experience. What might seem impossible back home is possible in China. Hey, it doesn’t hurt to at least ask, does it? Good luck job-seekers!