In the cutthroat world of today sometimes it becomes very difficult to make your ends meet. The continuous fight to work hard and gain the required pay hike takes a toll on your physical and mental health. Apart from that the family commitments sometimes force you to drop your full-time job .In such a situation we suggest finding a suitable part time job which not only brings in some extra bucks your way but also gives individuals like teenagers, students, housewives, stay at home moms and college students a chance to have an alternate career.

We are mentioning below some of the best jobs suited for the above category of people along with some other easily available part time jobs .These jobs provide you the much needed financial boost each month and you do not have to invest any money in them.


In the case of students since there is no other experience it is difficult to find jobs which will enhance their skills .However, nothing is lost you can always get a job as a Tutor .You can become a tutor and earn as much as $35-40 in an hour. Becoming a tutor is not a difficult task as well, you just need to know a subject you were good at in the school and can work on that subject a little bit more. It is advisable to look at the scope of earning in this case before venturing further.

Travel Agent

One of the best options for a stay at home parent is working as a travel agent. The earnings lie in the range of $26-$30 per hour and commissions are awarded on every deal closing .This is a great chance for mothers as you do not lose out on a career due to motherhood . Also, a lot of things of this job can be managed from the house itself which makes it very convenient.

Freelance Writer

When it comes to college students the options increase as they can devote a lot of time to their part-time job. However, the best option which suits a college student is the job of a freelance writer. Freelancing has now become a major source of earnings for people all around the world. If you have a creative bent of mind then you can do really well as a writer and earn a decent amount of money which may depend as the earning depends on the number of projects you can take.

Life Coach

Another option that stays at home moms can pick is a life coach. This job will not keep you busy the whole day and you just have to provide the clients with the services they require. The life coach job market is very hot these days as there are many options available. Many people demand of services which can be easily provided if you have the required skills.

Babysitter or Nanny

Apart from that students and teenagers can also do good as babysitter’s or nannies .This does not require many skills you just need to have a flair with kids and you can earn up to $25 for an hour .This is a comparatively easy job and can give you the much-needed experience to enter into the health sector later in life.


It is quite possible that the gardens in the vicinity of your home may need a little trimming and who else to do this job than you .While this job does not require you to have a lot of skills and your neighbors will be willing to shed some dollars instead of paying to a landscaping company .

Retail Sales

Another job where a teenager can excel is in a retail sales setting .The requirement for such jobs is always there in the market. By taking up this option you not only make some money you also get a good chance to gain some experience in the sales field which can help you in the future as well. So all those who wish to make a career in the field of sales this is the right option for you.

Interior Designer

This a very interesting job and most of the people never mind putting their minds and a little bit of hard work on jobs like this. This is not a very difficult job and can help you to earn up to $100 per hour which is a very handsome amount even for the full timers. However, you may need to have a proper degree before venturing into this field.

Computer Programming

Another field where the college students can excel is computer programming. With the increase in information Technology worldwide, there is an increase in the demand for computer programmers. This one might require a degree or credential but it is worth earning one for, with you earning $35-40 per hour and collecting a sufficient amount in the whole month.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are very much in demand nowadays which means that they can earn a lot more per hour than other jobs on the list. Learning graphic designing is a difficult task but if you have a mind for creative art then this is the option for you .Graphic Designers are now earning up to $50 per hour and more if they work really good. However for a graphic designer, it is best to have a degree in that field before proceeding further.

Apart from these, there are many other small time job options available like doing surveys online, affiliate marketing, Data entry, micro jobs, selling stuff online and translator. These may not give you much money but will sure keep you busy and help you in solving your financial woes to an extent. Hope this list help you in finding a job according to your need .So don’t wait to scrouge the internet for good part-time options and discover the skills hidden in you. Best of Luck…

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