Paying to go through college can be a burden, but it could get you one of the high paying jobs. In today’s economic climate, people are choosing fields of study that will set them on this path armed with only a Bachelor’s degree.

This article looks at just ten of the most lucrative careers you can take up with the right degree. Each of these jobs pays in six figures, so they are definitely high paying jobs.

1. Petroleum engineer

High Paying Jobs

At the top of the list of high paying jobs are engineers. Most of us are aware that engineers attract the largest salaries. The demand for petroleum engineers is expected to rise significantly as energy issues become more pressing. Petroleum engineers specialize in methods of extracting and processing gas and oil. In 2011, the average starting salary for this career was approximately $93,000, with mid-career median earnings of $157,000.

2. Aerospace engineer

This type of engineer helps to design and construct aircraft as well as spacecraft. Aerospace engineers are experts in the science of the forces and physical properties of air and spacecraft. The 2011 average starting salary for this type of engineer was $59,400, with mid-career median earnings of $108,000.

3. Applied mathematician

Applied mathematicians can work in a variety of fields. Applied mathematics gives a practical application of math in fields such as engineering, science, business and industry. This is separate from pure math, which focuses on purely theoretical problems. The 2011 average starting salary for this type of mathematician was $56,400, with mid-career median earnings of $101,000.

4. Computer scientist

Computer scientists create and apply the algorithms that create, describe and transform information into more complex systems. They are familiar with existing programs used to implement web browsers or games, and either improve that software or create new software. The 2011 average starting salary for a computer scientist was $56,200, with mid-career median earnings of $97,700.

5. Economist

Economists may focus on economics on a macro or micro scale, from looking at how economies function to how economic agents interact. These are called macroeconomics and microeconomics respectively. The 2011 average starting salary for an economist was $48,800, with mid-career median earnings of $97,800.

6. Computer engineering

When it comes to ROI, a computer engineering degree is a no-brainer. This profession is currently at the center of a massive boom. They build the software and hardware that powers global business. Computer engineers can get into the top paying jobs immediately and earn six-figure incomes within one or two years. These are perhaps the top high paying jobs you could expect to get.

High Paying Jobs

7. Health informatics

Health informatics is a growing field. It involves data management and IT that updates the ways medical professionals (doctors, nurse, technicians) store, share and transmit information about patients and healthcare. In today’s world, technology is not just about the quality of health care patients receive, but also how the chain of technicians, nurses and doctors share fundamental data.

Most doctors and nurses carry iPads in consulting rooms so patient records are mostly digitized. Many schools have started to offer health informatics and online clinical informatics courses are becoming more prevalent. Students looking for an exciting future may consider a career in health informatics, which is growing but is also high paying.

8. Biology

Students who choose biology as a major in college can pursue chemical engineering and medical research. The biotech industry employs people with PhDs in biology. These fields command salaries starting from $75,000 or more. The salary for students with Master’s degrees averages $90,000, but there is the potential to make more. People with doctoral degrees can earn an average of $3.5 million during their careers.

9. Actuaries

The field of actuarial science involves analyzing the financial cost of risk and uncertainty. Getting a job in this field requires a Bachelor’s degree and extra study to become certified. Bear in mind, the stress tolerance levels of this career are 63.8, but the average annual salary of $93,680 might make up for that.

10. Dental hygienists

As a dental hygienist, you are responsible for cleaning teeth and examining patients for oral diseases. This is one of the best careers and is top paying in a low-stress environment. The job offers a stress tolerance level as high as 71.3. However, salaries are slightly lower: $70,210 per year.


These ten careers are a small sample of the high paying jobs you could get with a Bachelor’s degree. Besides engineering, other jobs with average starting salaries over $50,000 are: physics, building construction, statistics, finance and management information systems.

If you look ahead at your potential career and other high paying jobs, then paying for college can seem far less daunting.

High paying jobs and careers – get what you worked for

When it comes to jobs, everyone wants to have high paying jobs that they love as well. The fact is, when you are good at something, there’s a good chance you could make the kind of money you expect, if not more. Many people fail to realize that they can take what they love to do and make a career out of it. Hopefully this article will help you along that road.

Your first step towards establishing a career in what you love to do is take a degree in your field. A Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree sets you up for making the most money in something you enjoy. A degree, especially a Master’s, acts like proof to people that you are knowledgeable in your field.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is how emotionally fulfilling the job will be to you. After all, it doesn’t matter how much you get paid if you are unhappy earning it. All the money in the world will not make a difference if you are miserable; so it may be better to take work that pays less for the time being. Build your skills and keep an eye out for jobs that will make you happy.

Finally, you may need some experience as well. There are easy ways to do this. Spend a while in lower paying jobs so that you can explore the industry and know what’s going on. Motivate yourself to qualify for the high paying jobs once you have experience. So whether you want to be an engineer, dental hygienist or an economist, you are pretty much guaranteed good money.

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