Sustaining in one of the world’s leading economies is not an easy task as it demands challenging jobs to be done with utmost precision in the competitive atmosphere of market rivals. Chinese market is familiar to such aspects of business and business competition where one company needs to give tough competition or completely abolish the other rival business organization. Fortune recently presented a list of Fortune 500 Chinese Companies from which the top 10 Chinese companies have been presented over here. Though famous Chinese companies like Sinopec have sustained their position since last fortune list despite the tougher and recessed phases of competition but various new entries and changes can be seen in the current list. Top 10 Chinese companies have been listed hereafter:


Agricultural Bank of China is one of the leading four banks of People’s Republic of China and is headquartered in the capital city of Beijing. AgBank has spread its roots to international markets of Sydney, Seoul and Singapore and is found to generate massive revenue of 520.96 billion Yuan this year, under the chairmanship of Liu Shiyu.


Another hotshot name in the banking sector rather among the banking giants of China is that of China Construction Bank. The China Construction Bank has earned the honor for China in the past for being the second largest bank of the world in terms of market capitalisation. Similar to that of AgBank, CCB is also headquartered in Beijing in the same district of Xicheng under the chairmanship of Wang Hongzhang. The measured revenue collection of China Construction Bank is the 570.47 billion Yuan from its international branches of Sydney, Seoul, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Luxembourg, Johannesburg etc.

top 10 chinese companies


China Railway Construction is another one of the best companies of China as has been enlisted by Fortune on 8th number of top 10 Chinese companies in terms of revenue and industry. Meng Fengchao is the proud owner of this construction company that has been evaluated to earn the huge revenue of 591.97 billion Yuan for China. CRC is estimated to hold the assets of 617 billion Yuan.


Earning the gigantic revenue of 612.56 billion Yuan, Fortune has enlisted the China Railway Group Limited as the 7th largest revenue collecting business organisation of China. China Railway Group is another local construction company which enjoys a significant position in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and is a reputable name of Shanghai. CREC operates under the influential leadership of Li Changjin and has its headquarters at Beijing like other business giants of China. Talking in terms of revenue, it can be very clearly stated that CREC is the largest revenue collecting business organization of world in terms of construction companies.


SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) is the local giant of China in terms of automobile companies that operate under the ownership of Chinese state and is headquartered at Shanghai. SAIC is a reputable member of the four largest automotive industries of China and has been found to be the largest manufacturer of vehicles in world at an amusing rate of 4.5 million vehicles per annum. Cheng Hong holds the leadership commands of the respective automotive industry which earns the estimate revenue of 630 billion Yuan for the Chinese government.


China Mobile Communications Corporation is also a leading business organization of the top 10 Chinese smart phone companies which is also a part of those Chinese companies which are continuously looking for agents to introduce their products in new markets of international economies. China Mobile Communications Corporation earns swooping revenue of 641.45 billion Yuan with the help of capable leadership of Xi Guohua. CMCC is the biggest mobile telecommunications company in terms of market capitalization which makes it one of the best Chinese companies in terms of market and revenue. Thus, it holds the worth of being ranked at the fifth position.


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is another big name among the top four banking giants of China in terms of commercial banking. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is considered to be the largest bank of the world today in terms of exquisite assets and trust of the customers that has helped it to earn a remarkable and explicit revenue of 658.9 billion Yuan and get enlisted in the list of top 10 Chinese companies prepared by Fortune on the basis of revenue. Jiang Jianqing is the proud chairman of this hub of currency.


China State Construction Engineering Corporation or CSCEC is another construction company of China that has been found to earn the swooping revenue of 800.03 billion Yuan due to the honorable and capable leadership of Yi Jun. Though it is the largest construction organisation of China, it has been ranked as 3rd largest construction company in entire world for its exemplary construction routines and designs. Headquartered again at Beijing, CSCEC has spread it roots to various international markets and is spreading its wings to stretch its operations in the other parts of the world as well.


Not in millions or billions, Petrochina earns revenue in the unbelievable figure of trillions! 2.2 trillion Yuan is the reported revenue collection of Petrochina this financial year as per the list presented by Fortune of top 10 Chinese companies on the basis of their revenue collection. Zhou Jiping is the chairman of this organization and he does extremely well at his job when it comes to human resource management and enhancing the work efficiency of available resources. Hence, he makes his company reach the top notch through his endeavors. Petrochina is the top Oil and Gas Company of China that is centered at the Dongcheng district of Beijing and is a joint stock company.


top 10 chinese companies

And here comes the business tycoon of China, i.e., Sinopec! Being the ace player of the oil and gas companies of China and one of the famous companies of China, Sinopec is also the largest revenue collector of China at the bewildering amount of 2.83 trillion Yuan. Fu Chengyu heads this petroleum organization which also operates at Shanghai and New York.

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