Life is Expensive in the 21st Century

Academic life is very demanding. It can be very stressful and distressing to study without a source of income. Life is expensive in the 21st century and life for students is no different. If you can study stress free, it is likely that your results will be much better. Finding a part-time job while studying is imperative for most students as their families cannot support them entirely and the money the government provides is always going to be limited. Below are the top ten part-time jobs students can take on.

1. Freelancing

The freelancing industry is growing fast, and provides one of the most flexible part-time jobs for college students. Most freelancing jobs can be done from school and home. Freelancing jobs include writing, editing, transcription, programming, typing, graphic design and many others. Although these jobs can fail to provide regular employment, you can choose to do a number of them, depending, of course, on your availability and the skills you have. Freelancing jobs can have a significant impact on your financial status once you gain a foothold and can get regular work.

2. Teaching Foreign Languages

Teaching your first language to the locals, when you are an international student, is another way you can earn some extra cash. The easiest language in which to find teaching work is English, but it’s possible with French, German, Italian etc. You can do private lessons by putting an ad online or on a noticeboard at your university or in the local paper or you could teach part-time at a language school. Most language schools require a teaching qualification and a relevant degree, which most students don’t have. In that case, you might have to settle for private tuition. The learning of languages has become very important since the world became a global village.

3. Sales and Marketing

You can market products of your own or a company’s products. The good thing about working in sales and marketing is you can work evenings or weekends or whenever you have free time. Sales and marketing can be lucrative. Most companies are looking for people to work in sales and marketing. You could even do it door to door or canvass on the street but probably the easiest place to do marketing and sales is online.

4. Personal Assistant

You can work as someone’s personal assistant. If you’re presentable, communicate well and have good PR skills, then why not think about being a personal assistant. Most students have the skills required to be a personal assistant – computer literacy and be able to take minutes, book appointments and organize an itinerary.

5. Internship

Another way you can earn money as a student is through an internship. Look for an organization that is offering a paid internship in your field of specialization. If you’re studying law, then contact law firms. If you’re studying accountancy, then contact accountancy firms. A paid internship is an engaging means of earning money and improving your skills while still studying.

6. Tutor

Perhaps you’re very good in one or two subjects. It might be mathematics, chemistry or physics or anything really. You can use your prowess in this subject to earn a little cash, by tutoring school students or even university students working at a level lower than yours. In the same way that students could find language teaching work, you could advertise online or on a noticeboard at your university or in the local paper. You will find that teaching a certain subject, even if it is at a low level, will improve your ability in that subject.

7. Work Study

As a college student, you can utilize work study programs offered by the college or the university. Work study programs will help you develop your skills and experience and pay your bills at the same time. You can choose the work study program that suits your timetable best and is relevant to your field of study. Some work study programs, especially the technical ones pay very well. These programs are meant for students. It’s sensible to take advantage of them.

8. Working as a Waiter or Waitress

This is another way you can earn handsomely as a student. There are generally restaurants near to where colleges are situated. Walk in the front door and ask if there are any vacancies. Waiting is a useful job for a student because you can work in the evening or on weekends. If you have an outgoing personality and can handle rudeness, especially the drunken kind, then waiting could be the job for you.

9. Office Clerk

You can also work as a part-time office clerk. Once again, if you are presentable and communicate well, and have good computer skills, then working as an office clerk might be ideal for you. It will give you the opportunity to perhaps work with computer programs such as Access, Excel, Power Point and Publisher that you don’t often use. You can practice your typing skills.

10. Hair Stylist

If you are a qualified hairdresser, then you can always find work in this field. You can even do it privately by setting up your own business on campus. You can advertise on the university notice board or hand out flyers. You could charge a lower fee than local hairdressers and get a lot of customers if you’re good and the word spreads.

Your student years are the best years of your life. Enjoy them because they’ll be over and gone before you know it. Doing part-time work is a part of most people’s experience of university. Without it it’s probable you won’t have enough money to enjoy university as much as you would with it. We’ve just been through ten jobs that are commonly undertaken by students. Which one is going to be yours?

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