Teachers of the world will agree that the teacher is also a student and in teaching English to Chinese children, this adage will be apparent to all. Whether it includes teaching Chinese culture or teaching students games, the teacher is bound to learn the ways of life and about life from their students.

There are many sites that can help English speaking teachers find jobs teaching Chinese students, however not so many the other way around. As a teacher teaching students you will learn that the Chinese are less structured in their classroom than most English classes so probably working with a certified Chinese teacher will be the easiest way to get started in teaching kids Chinese or in teaching Chinese kids games.

Teaching is a rewarding profession although it carries with it a certain amount of frustration. Teaching Chinese to toddlers can be fun and rewarding while it also has a sense of frustration with the shorter attention span of the toddler. Teaching Chinese games is also a frustrating aspect of education as they are more apt to want to study in the conventional manner in which they are trained. For example, there are many teaching Chinese resources that are useful in English educational systems that some Chinese teachers are spending time setting up a Shanghai type of classroom. The situation is one teacher teaching students in a different manner with very positive results.

Teaching Chinese

Teaching Chinese resources and teaching children Chinese are important in the global world of today. Students and teachers alike enjoy learning about the history of China as related by the Confucius Institute established to promote the learning of the language and culture. Giving both the English and the Chinese students a glimpse into the past forms the basis of the Chinese culture, helping to promote understanding and cooperation in the young and future leaders of the world.

Teaching English

Teaching English to Chinese children is a welcome subject matter. By incorporating subject matter into the curriculum, the use of the language is a useful subject matter to the Chinese. However teaching English to Chinese children can be a bit intimidating. As the teacher, you know that there is a huge difference in conversation and it will take some time to learn to communicate. These times require a universal language such as smiling and nonverbal communication that conveys basic human meaning. A smile many times just says more than words can convey. A Chinese teacher needs to smile a lot anyway.

Maintaining eye contact with the students and speaking slowly can help the student learn English. Students like to feel that you are teaching them and react positively if they feel some warmth from the teacher. A smile, eye contact, and a slow and well-pronounced conversation can help ease the rough patches in the beginning. A teacher teaching students games can often allow for a more relaxed introduction to basic English words and the language used in directions and games that are used in everyday life.

Teaching Chinese Culture

Teaching children Chinese culture is a different technique than teaching language skills. Teaching children Chinese culture can be enhanced by projects including food preparation, skits, and artifacts that are symbols of the culture. Students can be taught in a hands-on way about the culture and in role playing situations. The use of physical artifacts from the ancient time such as the pottery and relics can illustrate the lifestyle afforded to the ancient Chinese. There are many resources online to assist in teaching Chinese culture. Many offer total lesson plans that can reduce the amount of time that the teacher needs to spend in preparation.

Through using online resources, the teacher may find help by learning Chinese online. The use of the internet as a teaching tool is well documented, and students can learn at their own pace. Rosetta Stone is one of the leading producers of language learning systems. Mandarin and several types of Chinese both spoken and written can be found which will greatly help when teaching English.

Teaching Toddlers

As a teacher, you will be surprised at the rate in which the toddlers begin to respond to the language prompts. Toddlers are constantly learning at this age, and the additional learning of English is just one more thing that they can in learn in the course of the day. There are many benefits for the toddler to become bilingual or even multilingual early in their life.

Teacher teaching students is a learning process and at times, the best teachers are those who remain open to learning themselves. If the teacher has struggled with learning or teaching Chinese online then the feelings of empathy with their students is a good teaching perspective to have. The teacher also has the advantage of learning from the students. The rewards of doing this creates a lifelong satisfaction in the profession that attracts so many intelligent and powerful educators in all countries.

Teaching English is important in the global world that the young of the world will be facing as they grow up. Appreciation of the culture and adopting positive attributes can be enhanced greatly with an understanding and educated group of leaders. As a teacher teaching kids English or as a teacher teaching Chinese games, the important aspect to remember is that the student is who is important and that you should always be open to new learning form the students.