The world today seems to be in chaos with rising confusion and uncertainty. One of the effects of this is that the life of almost everyone suffers from varying levels of anxiety with or without depression. Some severe cases come to notice and are labeled as actual disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder, social and general anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia, phobias and so on. While living in China, these anxieties can be amplified. Here are some tips to managing your stress in such a high paced environment.

People suffering from these disorders find themselves living in a constant state of being unsure what will happen, having no control over their state of mind and even the physical symptoms associated with anxiety. Their lives become dysfunctional and full of stress which is incapacitating.

The stress of work, relationships, family and friends, the unjust and unfair social laws and behaviors, lack of safety, and all such anxiety-producing situations will remain in some form or the other. Anxiety is unavoidable but not unbeatable. We can get to the secret of living without anxiety and get our peace of mind back. We can find the secret to happiness if we believe that the secret does exist.

The famous book called the secret reveals simple ways of being in control of your anxiety. Through exercises and practice of the law of attraction, you can learn to manage the good and the bad things in life. You can exchange anxiety with strength, security and power and live with peace of both the mind and soul.

The powers of your mind lie in your thoughts and emotions, and if you learn to be in control of these, you can be in control of what happen to you or with you. When you can take charge of the situations that you encounter or things that you desire, anxiety will no longer be a problem. The interplay of energy levels of the mind and the object or situation of desire can be powerful enough to attract happiness into your life and push anxiety away.

Here are some ideas which you can apply to help you relieve stress in China without needing medication.

A Healthy Diet

Avoid junk food and reduce your caffeine intake. Have whole grains for a high fiber diet including green veggies. Reduce your high-fat meat intake and consider lean meat or fish as an alternative. Drink lots of water to help cleanse your body. Living a healthy life will help you feel better about yourself and give you more energy.


Regular exercise is essential for your health and well-being. It will also energize your body through releasing endorphins that are necessary mood stabilizers. Exercising in a gym, for example, is a good way to socialize and meet new people, staying healthy and relieving your stress at the same time. Consider taking up a new sport which requires concentration so that you don’t think about the stressful situation all the time.

Sleeping Well

Insomnia or difficulty in sleeping is often one of the first symptoms of stress. There are ways to help you relax and adventure a good book before bed, listening to some soothing music or having a warm bath before sleeping. Reducing your alcohol or caffeine intake before bed will help you sleep better. Consider natural herbal remedies to help you relax your mind. A restful sleep can often do wonders to your stress levels and give you renewed energy in dealing with stressful situations.


Meditation is a very effective method to help you relieve stress. Meditation works on the principle of training your body to elicit an opposite response to a stressful condition. It helps you to prepare your mind and body to relax and rest when you are stressed, and this can lead to enhanced mood, lower blood pressure, and increased energy. You can buy meditation CDs or join meditation classes.

Break Your Daily Routine

We are used to doing the same routine every weekday and weekend. Consider doing something different on a weekend for a change. For example, instead of mowing the lawn every weekend, why not take a few hours out and do something else or visit a place you have not been before. For example, when was the last time you went to a fun park? Or went for a basketball game? A change in routine can often do wonders to help you relieve stress.

Take Up a Hobby

Taking up a new hobby can help you unwind and relax. Doing simple activities such as gardening, photography, painting or learning a new musical instrument is an excellent way to relax. Think of things that you’d liked to do when you were a kid. Have you always been interested in photography? It’s never too late to pick up the camera and go out for a drive and take some photo shoots. You might even find that you have a hidden natural talent that could lead to new opportunities.

Take a Holiday

Take a holiday to another country where the culture and environment are different to what you are accustomed to. For example, why not take a trip to China for a new experience?

Exercise – This is known to release endorphins into the body. Endorphins cheer you up and help minimize cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the system. Workout!

Do something that you love- Regardless of the amount of physical activity involved, doing what you love will naturally make you happy. Go hiking, watch a movie (with a friend or alone), give some of your time to charity, paint, read, write… take up skydiving!… Just be sure to make time in your life for those things that you have a real passion for.

Learning to work your way through various cultures and languages can be a significant affair and fun!Everyone wants to carry on with a long and happy life, yet not everybody is effective in this interest. In case you have been pondering what you have to do to be both healthy and happy, I might want to share with you some tips for living a long, healthy and meaningful life.

Try not to eat unless you are eager

If you eat when you are not ravenous, you hazard getting constipation and acid reflux. Matured and undigested nourishment harms the blood, weakening the organs and makes you defenseless to any of thousands of various acute and ceaseless diseases. To appropriately eliminate wastes, your digestive framework ought to be refreshed by adequate gaps between meals.

Attempt to locate your natural mood and listen to what your body lets you know. Overeating is also the cause of many sicknesses. The yogis advise you to think about your stomach as having four parts, of which one part is still void when you complete the process of eating.

Rest when you are drained

This means that you ought to go to bed when your body lets you know, and not keep on lying around after you’ve woken up. As far as conceivable, fit in with your natural rhythms. Resting amid the day and staying awake during the evening when you are drained is said to be one of the causes of cancer.

Get up before dawn

Each day has a mood – like a wave. If you get up past the point of no return, you miss the wave and spend whatever is left of the day attempting to keep up. If you rise early, the wave is behind you and carries you as the day progressed. A few hours of rest before midnight are said to be twice as valuable as rest after 12 pm. When you are habituated, the dawn hours are the best for meditation and personal improvement.

Take a half-bath or shower before meditation, sustenance and rest

Water has colossal therapeutic value. By doing a half-bath (splashing cool water on all the appendages in addition to the face and neck) before meditation, eating and resting your body and brain get to be invigorated and relaxed. Your activities will be performed at their ideal level, determining maximum advantage. As far as conceivable, take a reviving complete bath at least twice a day, certainly at least once a day. Water temperature ought not to surpass body temperature.

Practice meditation and yoga regularly

Regular meditation and yoga tune the body and psyche with the goal that they waste a great deal less vitality. This means your body and psyche will last more because the allotted amount of vitality will carry you assist. Some say that each has an altered number of breaths to their life. When you back off the breathing amid yogic practices, you amplify the duration your life.

Eat raw nourishment and yogurt

Life relies on “Prana” or “Vital Energy”. Raw new sustenance is loaded with life-giving, vital vitality and this is more important than the supplements in nourishment. Catalysts enabling flawless processing are available in raw products of the soil, however, are lost amid cooking.

And raw nourishment contains all of its fiber undiminished by cooking, which is so important for maintaining regularity in defections, which ought to be as many as the quantity of meals you eat. Yogurt is an easily absorbable complete protein which contains bacteria that aids absorption. Milk items are also useful for mental advancement.

Fast at regular intervals

Amid fasting, the body is not loaded with absorbing and metabolizing nourishment. As your digestive framework rests, it shifts into healing and cleansing mode. In this manner, amid fasting, malignant dead and diseased cells are cleared out – a kind of house-cleaning process, which is fundamental to achieving and maintaining great health. Fasting is the best and speediest means to cure generally diseases.

Fasting also purifies the brain. When you are not distracted by nourishment, your mind naturally turns inward, creating a decent domain for contemplation and spiritual considerations. At the same time, it overcomes blameworthy considering, clearing your still, small voice and giving you a new beginning.

If you fast once a week or possibly once at regular intervals, you will have the capacity to get many advantages without weakening your body or disturbing your daily life. Care ought to be paid to eating, light, easily absorbable and delicious nourishment previously, then after the fact fasting.

Engage yourself in physical labor or work out

Regular activity reinforces bones, muscles, organs and joints. Movement operates your lymphatic framework. Between cellular liquid also relies on upon the action to enable it to channel nourishment and waste materials to-and-from cells. Without adequate activity, the body degenerates. The length of we have a body, it should be regularly worked and applied, even groups of the elderly. A certain amount of physical work is useful for the psyche also, releasing developed pressures, maintaining a harmonious connection with body and environment, and offering a reprieve to the exhausted personality.

Drink enough water

Natural-therapy does not speak of requiring simply eight glasses daily. Rather it specifies that everybody needs at least three to four liters (12 to 16 glasses) daily. Wiped out people need four to five liters. Those with skin inconvenience require significantly more. However, you ought not to drink a lot at once, aside from in the early morning on avoiding stomach. And you ought to drink water between meals, not while you eat.

Be creative – Everyone is creative in one way or the other. Creative efforts help you forget your woes and worries and allow you to channel your feelings in a positive way. Some people choose to paint because it calms them, while others choose to write, perhaps because it excites the imagination.Knitting, sewing, gardening, cooking. Whether you follow the rules or improvise, all can give you a sense of satisfaction and a (sometimes much needed) jolt of instant happiness.

Think positively

This is one of the most difficult things to do, especially if you allow yourself to believe that stress is “normal” and must involve pain. Although stress might be unavoidable, your reaction to it is completely controllable. Stop finding faults and criticizing everything and everyone, look for the bright side of even the most daunting situations. By living by your grandmother’s favorite saying: “Every cloud has a silver lining”.. and you might just discover the power of positive thinking!

Avoid negative people

Some people appear to wallow in negativity and the more you try to please them, the more likely you are to end up feeling as depressed and sad as they are. Listen to their issues if you must, help if you feel you can, but learn not to spend too much time with those whose negativity is contagious. “Misery loves company”.. so try not to be on the guest list more often than suits your tolerance for dealing with other people’s problems.