The job market, just like all other markets, is dynamic. There are various changes that occur due to various factors. Geographical location, the culture of the people, demographic factors, and institutional structures and frameworks are some of the factors that influence the job markets in different parts of the world. While searching for a job in any part of the world, you should first keenly study those factors in that particular country.

China is not different. Being one of the countries with the largest population in the world, getting a job is a real hustle. It may take you years before you secure a permanent and satisfactory job in a reputable institution. The situation may be worse if you are not a native Chinese. Although discrimination is not common in China, factors may limit foreigners from accessing some jobs.

The secret to getting a job quickly is knowing how to overcome the barriers. While some can easily deal with others, some may require a lot of effort. The following are some of the top ten ways of finding a job in China.

Familiarize yourself with the language

Chinese is the most common language used in China. Most of the jobs, especially those that require you to deal directly with Chinese residents require you to know their language. This is one of the reasons why most foreigners do not get jobs in China. To gain an upper hand in the job search, you should get some basic knowledge in the Chinese language. There are various institutions that offer Chinese language course to foreigners. This will keep you at almost level grounds with a Chinese national to any potential employer.


Creating a network of high profile people is one way of earning yourself some favor. When you know several people in organizations, especially those at high management level, you increase your chances of getting hired. To create such a network, you need to attend various networking programs and corporates events. Ensure that you market yourself and your skills to potential employers. Get their contacts and keep in touch.

Internship programs

Various companies offer internship programs to fresh graduates and interested people. These programs are one of the ways that you can enhance your skill and build your work experience. It is also a platform for you to showcase your talents and skills to the company. If you do a good job as an intern, a company will consider you for a permanent job. Most internships in China are unpaid. The best companies to seek an internship program with are international companies or public institutions.

Online platforms

Online platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media platforms offer a good interface to connect with potential employers. You can use them to create links with Human resource managers, and top level managers. They can also be a source of information regarding open vacancies in various companies. You can utilize them to get a job in China. Your profile should reflect your skills and competencies. Ensure that you do not exaggerate your skills or education.

There are also websites and magazines that are dedicated to job advertising. Although most are in the Chinese language, there are English ones that mostly target foreigners. Refer regularly to them for updates.

Research about potential employers

Having full information about a company in China will guide you on when they are more likely to hire. Consider the trends, such as the launch of new products, change of company structures, diversification of products or services and an opening of new branches. These are indicators that the company may need additional manpower. You should then consider what areas may suit your skills and experience. Then, proceed to apply for them.

Have a work visa

In order t be allowed to work in China, you should have a work visa. It may be very difficult to acquire one while you are still in your home country. The best way to have one is by having an employer who will help you in pushing for it. If you don’t have one, you can go to China as a student and then change your visa while you settle there.

Getting a job in China require you to be aggressive and persistent. Being smart is a basic requirement. You need to know exactly what employers are looking for and position yourself as the best employee. If you come from a place where anti-discrimination laws are highly enforced, you should be aware of a different environment in China. Some employers may ask you questions that may seem discriminatory.