We often find in movies that the protagonists are always drowning in obstacles during the major scenes of the movie, but in the climax, the hero always fights his way through those obstacles and ends up winning the hearts of everyone with a stereotypical happy ending.

But then when it comes to us, why do we always victimize ourselves. Why can’t we be like that protagonist? Why can’t we win our battles too? We often tell others to power through but we ourselves consider obstacles to be nothing more than a curse.

Everyone on the face of this earth has to deal with obstacles at some point in their lives. Life is unpredictable and uncertain. It can even get quite scary at times.

We are all different, and we are presented with our own kind of obstacles. Some might get obstacles in every step of the way, while some might get fewer obstacles in life. It doesn’t really matter. We are all fighting our own battles.

However, there are many common career obstacles that most people face at least once in their careers.

Unsurity about the job

The ultimate goal for all of us is undoubtedly the success. But, in the process, there may come situations where things wouldn’t go according to our plans. There is a possibility of losing the job or getting demoted due to underperformance.
These kinds of situations can really worry someone about their job securities. This kind of unsurity might even ruin self-esteem which is yet another career obstacle.

Not taking enough risks

Many of us find comfort in being stagnant. Maybe you are afraid of change. It’s quite normal to wait for things to remain the way they are. But that is a major barrier in our career. You do not take risks and run from being adventurous.

Maybe you’ve taken risks that haven’t paid off yet! But that should not stop you from pursuing more. Risks are going to pay off sooner or later.

Maybe you aren’t enthusiastic anymore! It’s possible to lose hope after a few defeats. Even though this behavior isn’t abnormal, it needs to be changed.

You will be surprised to know that being obsessed with perfection is an obstacle to your career too. This is because too much obsession can actually hinder your performance.

Losing motivation

Being unmotivated for whatever reason can largely affect your performance. Being uninspired with your career doesn’t help this either.
Lack of commitment towards your work and not being disciplined can be a problem too.

Being unaware of your potential

If you don’t know about your strengths and weakness how are you going to work to improve them?

Underestimating yourself will not take you anywhere in life. It’s all a downhill for your career from here if you do not change it!

Being a pessimist

Being afraid of failure isn’t okay.

If you cannot get those Pessimistic thoughts out of your head, you cannot grow. One negative thought has the potential to create thousands of such thoughts.

If you undermine yourself, you cannot expect others to respect you. Even though at times, self-doubt is a common trait among many, it still isn’t the right path to success.

Believe it or not, the list of obstacles goes on and on. We waste our time on finding ways to avoid obstacles instead of finding ways to overcome it. We have control over how we perceive and react to such obstacles, we just don’t believe it.

Because it’s easier to sit in a corner and convince ourselves that the universe is conspiring against us. Is everything really out of our control? What are you going to do in response to those events that you think are ruining your chance at success?

If you don’t have an answer yet, don’t worry, we have got you!

So here are a few tips to overcome and smash those obstacles and power your way through it!

Love your work

Being passionate about anything that you are investing your time and effort it is very crucial. This will ensure when the time gets hard, you will not quit. Most people give up too soon because they stop enjoying their work. Love what you do. Being curious and wanting to learn is will always be appreciated. However, being unsatisfied with the work, and losing focus is big NO-NO.

Be confident and avoid self-doubt

Obstacles are just part of the journey. They are not really the problem, but self-doubt is. Stop doubting yourself, all you need to do is have faith. Keep reminding yourself that it’s all in your hands and you are the master of your life.

Stop wasting your time!

You need to focus on finding ways to eliminate obstacles rather than wasting time on useless reactions. You need to be very clear about your goals so that you can find ways to meet those faster. Challenges and obstacles are unpredictable. You cannot expect them to vanish out of your life completely. However, your response towards them can completely change the game for you. Most people believe that our reactions and responses towards most obstacles aren’t in our control whereas to the contrary, the way we respond is what makes or breaks it for us.
So before anything, just start taking actions.

Determine your ultimate goal

Ask yourself what you want and what’s stopping you from reaching your ultimate goal. Remember, it’s always going to be ‘mind over matter’. So always be prepared for the unknown. Sometimes, we get so hung up on our problems that we completely forget about our end goals. No matter what pulls you down, never forget to Aim high and Dream big

Focus on improving skills

Rather than crying over the skills you don’t possess, you need to shift your focus to enhance your existing skills. Such Skills can be anything from technical skills to basic organizational skills.

More doors are going to open as soon as you start working on yourself. Your employment opportunities will definitely increase after this. This can even open a door for promotion

You will definitely start seeing changes in your performance and will truly grow from within.

You need to ensure that you meet the basic job requirements though. This is because Different job prospects expect different skills at a base level. Make sure you have enough knowledge on those skills. If not, then start working on those now!

Get creative

Doesn’t matter what kind you job you have, creativity will define you in the long run. Creativity isn’t something that should be restricted.

Creativity will get you out of a lot of problems.

Even if you feel there isn’t a lot of room for creativity, trust us creativity is found within. You don’t have cross oceans to achieve success with the art of creativity.

Trying something new might seem scary in the beginning. After all, it seems easier and safer to follow the same old paths. Even if it feels that the failure is ahead.Youll be surprised with its results by doing it.

Your Creativity will be definitely encouraged at your workplace and your true value will be understood. All you need to do is awaken that creative version of you!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Don’t just keep things to yourself. Turn to people you trust. It can be your friends or your family or even a shrink. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help or guidance.

Yes, it will take time to get past it, but once you are through it, you’ll realize that it was all worth it

Prioritize Analyzing

You need to analyze the problems and find out what went wrong in the first place. Turning a blind eye towards the problem will only make things worse. So be brave and face it with all you have got.

Stay true to yourself

You don’t have to change yourself, only change the things that are stopping you from flying high. Often, a lot of people think changing themselves would make the problem go away but it doesn’t work like that. So maybe all you need to do is change your approach!

Don’t let obstacles imprison you

It’s okay to be fixated on problems, but being obsessed with it and only focusing on the negatives will get you nowhere. People face obstacles that are the way of life. Just fight your way back through it. Prove to yourself that you are capable of anything and everything.

The above-mentioned tips will definitely make things more clearly for you. All you need to do is navigate through those hurdles and register this in your mind forever that even if all of it might seem quite scary to you right now, it always works out in the end!

So don’t treat life like a race because it’s a never-ending marathon, you need to run like you are the only horse in the race!