Time is a very valuable commodity and should not be toyed with. This very precious commodity cannot be regained by any means of omission or commission. This commodity is perishable. You allow it to waste; you lose it forever.

There should be a good program on ground as it relates to our management of time. Here on earth, there should a time for every of our activity. A time to rest; a time for a vacation; a time to sleep and of course a time for work, without which there will be no human existence here on earth.

importance of time in China

Why are set goals and objectives not achieved? In the majority of cases, the problem lies in our lazy attitude towards the management of time. The education sector in China today is among the best in the world. This is due to the efforts put in to manage other supporting resources to achieve expected ends.

Many countries have laws stipulated to control the time for business. For the scope of this article, the destination is the Peoples Republic of China. The laws as it relates to business should be fair to each and every one. The government, the employer, and the workforce. Let us take a walk into what the Chinese offer those that take up employment in the education sector as a point of reference.

The Chinese government has entrenched in their law that every worker must work for five days in a week. Expected turnaround in hours for each day is not more than 8 hours each day; for the week, it sums up to not more than 44hours. How does this workout?

The regular working days are from Monday through Friday every week. The days Saturday to Sunday are observed as off days in China. The working hours of the Chinese starts from 8 am local time; up unto 6 pm local time from Monday to Friday.

It is not all work through that stretch of ten hours; as earlier stated, you are going to work for a maximum of eight hours; there is a two-hour break in between; from the hours of 12 pm to 2 pm local time. However, this is subject to local variations occasioned by the time difference. The policies in different cities may lead to some slight variations in what has been stated above.

There is also the industrial sector in China. Their working hours are different from the obtains in the government set-up. There is some flexibility here; it varies between 8 am to 5 pm local time; in some companies, it is 8.30 to 5.30pm local time. For some other companies, the working hours are between 9 am to 6 pm each working day. Anyone in the school system can catch in on this

The break time in the industrial sector in China is for 60 minutes. Like in the government sector, Saturdays through Sundays are work-free days in Chinese industrial setup.

The education sector is one that should catch your fancy. But before we go into what obtains in that sector; let us spare more time to consider the indices that will make your stay conducive in China.

The place of health care should be handled with a high degree of seriousness. In China, the service is 24 hours a day. Hospitals, the banking sector, and the postal agencies operate every day of the week, weekends inclusive. The hospitality business is not left out as well. They offer services according to the dictates of the lodger.

What about shops and departmental stores? Yes, they are open every day of the week to cater for your needs after each working day. You can see the point that taking up employment in China is worth serious consideration because of the balance between work and the needed after work leisure. A consideration of this is a step in the right direction.

From 8.30 to 6 pm local time every day these facilities are open to the public. If your Mondays through Fridays are occupied, then the weekend is there for you. In China, time is money as stated in the opening chapters of this article.

importance of time in China

Supermarkets and departmental stores are open between the hours of 8.30am till late into the night. They close by 9.30pm local time. Do you see how time is judiciously managed? They are open even on public holidays. So you have the time working in the education sector to go shopping after the closing of a school schedule.

What about the transportation system? Air travel? Talk of their Chinese rail system? Mention transportation by road? All the mentioned mode of transportation is there for your satisfaction. So when you take up an appointment in the education sector, all other ingredients for success are already in place.

While on Chinese roads the traffic depends on the time of day and the location. The air travel is in good order- no flight delays. That is the trademark of the transport system in China. To them time is money; those that formulate policies in the transport sector ensure that no human hour is lost to traffic.

Taxies are available 24hrs of the day for hire. Truth must be told that there is stiff competition during rush hours to get a cab Such rush hours are between the hours of 7 am to 9 am and 3 pm to 5 pm. After the day’s activities on campus, the movement is less stressful in and around China. You will not waste any unnecessary time on the road.


This is saving the most important point for last. It is a deliberate attempt. Do you know that today China has the largest education system in the world? Investments in the education sector account for 4% of the annual GDP.
The growth in education is all increasing. The facilities rank among the best in the world. The environment is conducive for both students and instructors alike. Records show that China has a long history of providing education to international students.

China is home to all in the education sector. The giant strides taken in this sector is a testimonial. It is ideal for anyone that wants to take up a teaching or a lecturing job in the available institutions of learning. Every index needed for success is there. The pay is fantastic. The amenities as extensively discussed are there. This here is a great window of opportunity for work and learning.

There is also a window of opportunity to work while you are in school. As a student, you can fund your studies through this means. There are schools and work programs carefully spelled out. Most of the institutions in China have laid this in their curriculum.

In conclusion, the Chinese economy is an emerging economy no doubt. It has taken the world by storm. The school system is world class. Care for the secret behind all these? Time management is behind it. Indeed, TIME IS MONEY.