Tianjin University (TJU) is the first modern educational institution of China established in 1895. In the very beginning, the institution was first known as Peiyang University. Over the course of time, this educational centre changed names and is now also a national university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education of China.

TJU campus covers an area of 1,820,000 square meters and has efficient transportation systems to th campus. The University is located at No. 92 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, P.R. China, 12 300072.

Tianjin University proudly stands by the motto “Seeking Truth from Facts” which has helped them become one of the world’s most recognised research universities. According to the World University Rankings 2015-2016, the Tianjin University ranks at 501-600th. In the category of teaching the TJU received 36,5 points while in international outlook it received only 14,7 points out of 100. For the research category, the Tianjin University received 34,4 points while for citations it got only 12.2 points out of 100.

Although these criteria may seem low in comparison to the California Institute of Technology or the University of Oxford, the Tianjin University has received 100,0 points in industry income category, which is better than the results of the universities taking 1st and 2nd place. For some the 501-600th place on World University Rankings may not seem too impressive, but in the Asia University Rankings, the Tianjin University occupies the 58th place and is remains the leader in the industry income category with 100.0 points.

The University has helped educate and establish careers of more than 200,000 individuals.

Currently, the University has a total of 29,693 students of which only 1% belong to international students. The number of international students that have chosen the Tianjin University to be their abroad educational institution is 296. Almost 30,000 individuals are distributed between 25 faculties. The Tianjin University is predominantly constructed of engineering and science schools and colleges. The most recognisable faculties include a school of architecture, school of chemical engineering and technology, school of civil engineering, school of computer science and technology, school of computer software, college of management and economics and much more.

Academic Reputation

Tianjin University has been around since 1895 and has at the time of operating received an embrace from local as well as the international students. The academic reputation of this educational institution shows in the impressive 58th place on the Asia University Ranking. The Tianjin University upholds an exemplary reputation in the field of science and engineering. Some of the scientific and technological awards that the institution has achieved are National Natural Science Award, National Invention Award, and the Award of National Science and Technology Progress.

Employee Reputation

Tianjin University is a home to 4,578 faculty and staff members. Among the employees, five are Academicians of Chinese Academy of Science, eight are Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 56 are National Thousand Program Scholars, 42 are Chang Jang Scholars, and 17 are the Chief Scientists of the National “973” Key Basic Research Project. Many world renowned scholars and Nobel Prize laureates have joined the research program at Tianjin University.

Research Aspects

Tianjin University’s first research institute was set up in 1933. The TJU is now known as one of the most important technologically advanced development bases in China. The institution owns four state key laboratories, two national engineering laboratories, one state engineering technology research centre, three state engineering research centres, and two state key centres for the promotion of scientific and technological achievements. Tianjin University collaborates with other leading universities and research institutions on the domestic and international level.

Faculty-Student Ratio

The Tianjin University currently houses 29,693 students and employees 4,578 faculty members. According to the World University Rankings,  the student to staff ratio stands at 12.2 to 1.

Extracurricular Activities

As the Tianjin University campus covers an area of 1,820,000 square meters, the institutions and organisations found in this zone offer students plenty of extracurricular activities. Some of the most popular activities on campus is the science and technology festival, robot festival, sports meeting, societies carnival, freshman basketball match, freshman debate contest and much more. Students at the TJU have also organised student groups and organisations such as the Student Union, Student Association of Science and Technology, Youth Volunteer Association etc.

Recent News

The Research Team at Tianjin University is constantly active in science, technology and engineering departments and the results of dedication are seen in world-recognized accomplishments. One of the recent achievements is the solving of the Zika Virus structure. The students of Tianjin University have also recently proved themselves in ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) Finals by winning the 28th place.

Best Courses and Programs Available

The Tianjin University educational program consists of 25 faculties. Students that find interest in natural science disciplines or sociological disciplines can find courses and programs that would suit them best. The best educational programs are architecture, chemical engineering and technology, civil engineering, computer software, foreign languages and literature, management and economics and much more.

Academics and Research

Tianjin University is a leading Chinese institution for science, engineering and technological development. The university gives great attention to natural science disciplines and educating new students on development knowledge. Currently, this educational institution is not only the home for local and international students but also consists of top scientists and professors from different backgrounds. China’s best alumnus work in research facilities that the Tianjin University offers are for instance State Key Laboratory, Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, State Engineering Research Center, etc.

Opportunities for International Students

Tianjin University welcomes local students as well as international students. This educational centre offers many beneficial opportunities for individuals that are seeking knowledge abroad. Tianjin University is well known for the efficient educational system as well as the progressive research department. The academic excellence opens doors for every international student to learn from some of the best scientists and professors in the world. The research facilities also offer a platform to turn the theoretical knowledge into practice. There are a verity of scholarships and awards to finance new students. In conclusion, Tianjin, as the economic centre, represents an excellent opportunity for potential job offers and internships.

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