Life and career planning are two different but very important activities that I can say have no limit as to when they should be done last. This is because when it comes to career planning, as the saying goes, education never ends, meaning that career planning is a task that should occasionally be done given the fact that a worker may decide to change his or her career anytime. On the other hand, life planning just as career planning is also vital and should be done on an occasional basis. This is because of the fact that things do change in life, hence the need for a continuous change of plans. One key value that is very important to note about both career planning and life planning is that they should be positive and rewarding.

There are however things that you can never do in my life and career. They can be a blow to a person’s entire life and career. Life planning should be done at least annually. Many people visit doctors for check-ups and visit the dentist. You can think of life planning the same way. Once a year, sit down and figure out what your plan is. This will help you in preparing for uncertainty and difficulties that may arise in the future.

As an important aspect of life, career and life planning requires mapping paths from previous plans. One of the major activities should be spending a lot of time creating a map of both your career and life from the last point you last did a career planning. In as much as one should not dwell too much on his or her past, a reflection or review helps in knowing if there might have been any hitch in your past planning. Having this awareness assists in future planning as it helps in knowing what you might have done better.

Because life and career planning are vital in personal development, what I can do in my life and career is never try in any cause to ignore my likes, dislikes, wants and even needs. This is because of the fact that change is a key factor of life; everyone in life changes and so do our dislikes and likes. Things that I might have loved a year ago can be of displeasure now. It is, therefore, advisable that you take some time to have a deep reflection on that too. You could create two columns with your dislikes and likes on either side and use it to reflect on your current employment situation and job.

If your life and career paths fall more on your likes list, then you are still on the right path, however, if they fall on the dislikes side, then you’ll have to create time to explore more on either pursuing a new career.  Or, realize that sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do to have a better career in the future.

When it comes to life and career planning, examination of hobbies and pastimes should never be taken for granted. They provide a great time to reflect on the activities you like engaging in when not at work. Pursuits of leisure and hobbies may assist you with an insight into  your future life and career paths.

For a happier career and future life, when planning for both, never choose not to make note of your past accomplishes and progress. Most people in life always forget to create records of past accomplishments.  It is very important for one to know that creation of records of past accomplishments is useful in both life and resume building as it assists in reviewing successes that might have been forgotten.

What I can never forget to do in my life and career planning is to focus beyond my current job and position regarding a transfer of skills. Having a fixed mind can make one so wrapped up to an extent he or she can never see any other better and greater opportunity for them. Each and every employment opportunity has a specific set of skills required. It is, therefore, advisable that you define yourself with specific qualifications rather than focusing only on job titles.

Another thing that a person should not choose to do while life and career planning is not being lazy to set life and career goals. Being keen on setting life and career goals leads to hard work and henceforth success. Setting of both long term and short term goals is a major component of life and career goals. The short term goals are created in a way that they last for a year, whereas the long-term goals are set in such a way that they cover beyond one year. It is also important the set goals be put in writing and be kept for reference and adjustments if need. One should always ensure to work towards accomplishing the set goals.

Lastly, when life and career planning, you should choose a career that is flexible. By flexible I mean one that can allow you to have time for learning. That will give you an opportunity to gain more knowledge and expertise that may help you reach your larger life goals.

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