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Two out of five graduates in western countries are still looking for work six months after graduating. In a highly competitive job market, it is essential for graduates to have that something extra on their CV to distinguish them from the crowd. Most jobs that graduates are applying for ask for experience and are faced with that horrendous catch – 22 predicament that they can’t get a job to get experience, yet all the jobs they’re applying for are asking for experience. Internships in China could solve all their problems. Internships in China don’t pay well; they may not pay you at all, but they are giving you valuable work experience, which will be very useful for you when you are back searching for a job again. The company you’re doing your internship with may even employ you when your internship has ended.

internships in China

Why China

China, in particular, is recommended as a great place to do an internship overseas because specific knowledge of the Chinese market and business culture is proving to be sought after by employers. Western governments realize the importance of trade with China due to the sheer size of its economy. This has been highlighted by recent trade missions by Barrack Obama and David Cameron. With a market of 1.4 billion people, China offers great rewards for countries who share their trade agreements. Following, are the current top five fields for internships in China at the moment.


An advertising internship is a unique opportunity in China. The advertising industry is relatively new in China, meaning that there is not a lot of competition. There are also a lot of companies in China that are very successful and are looking for an advertising campaign that could increase their market reach. Advertising is very creative work and can lead to many career choices.

Most advertising jobs now require the applicant to be proficient in Adobe software, particularly Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as being creative and possessing excellent English skills, both written and oral.

You need to be multi-talented to get a job in the advertising industry, which an internship in China can provide. You need time to hone these skills, and most advertising companies are not going to give you time to do so, in a fully paid job. But an internship will give you on the job training. Internships in China will give the opportunity to get your skills up to scratch.


internships in China

An internship in journalism is a great way to begin your career in the media. Coming out of university there seem to be so many areas within journalism that you could concentrate on, but getting that opportunity of a fully paid job in a western country is tough. Internships in China will give you the opportunity and the time to have a look at the industry and decide what your career path is going to be.

Honing your writing skills takes a long time, a lot of practice and the only way to get to where you want to be is by working on your craft. An internship in journalism will give you that opportunity. You can learn the process first hand. Like advertising, there are many skills you need to obtain to be a fully functioning journalist.

Writing is the main aspect of the job, of course, learning how to present a story is essential, but in 2016, you’ll need to be able to use such as WordPress and Adobe software. The journalist in the 21st century needs to be a well-rounded individual. You need more than a degree in journalism to prepare you for the workplace.


Entrepreneurship internships in China are extremely useful as a stepping stone for the business-minded individual. The Chinese love innovation, they love fads. There is a whole world of trends and innovation in China that has hardly had time to catch up. The entrepreneur who can tap into the Chinese mentality and orchestrate fads has a huge market on hand to make it work.

There is a lot of money in China now, and there is a lot of money to be made in China. Becoming an intern in a company devoted to entrepreneurship is a great way to see the industry first hand and work with business people who are constantly on the look out for new start-up ideas. It is an innate ability to see what will catch on and what won’t but even with that natural ability you need to develop your skills and know what to do with a great start-up idea. You need to understand the market, and you need to know how your product can get the attention of the market. You can learn these skills as an intern.


Perhaps you are attracted by the idea of liaising with international businesses looking to gain a foothold in the Chinese market, or you’re interested in helping domestic companies develop their export strategies. Or you want to acquire new skills in online marketing, brand management, or consumer behavior, all with the perspective that only international experience can give you.

Opportunities for marketing internships in China exist with private companies, marketing agencies, and non-profit organizations. To excel in marketing, you need experience. China is a great place to get that experience because there are a lot of very successful businesses in China, but there are also a lot trying to find their niche in a booming economy.

Tourism and hospitality

China is becoming a very popular tourist destination as China slowly opens up to the west. Tourism and hospitality internships in China offer a great opportunity for anybody who sees their future in either of these fields. Because tourism in China is a relatively new activity, there are a lot of exciting possibilities in the industry. Many parts of China are opening up for the first time to the west, and tourism and hospitality companies are expanding rapidly to cope with the new demands.

The number of Chinese outbound tourists annually has almost doubled in the last five years; in 2015 around 100 million Chinese nationals left the country. Such growth in the industry is expected to continue. If you’re headed for a career in this industry then gaining experience of Chinese tourists and tourism standards makes a lot of sense.

Opportunities for tourism and hospitality internships in China may include front desk positions at a traditional guesthouse or backpackers, marketing or communications roles within the tourist sector or placement with a major western style hotel.


Internships in China are proving very popular with Western graduates or young people straight out of high school. It’s a perfect time to take advantage of these openings. In a few years, such openings may be a thing of the past.

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