Ever thought of getting a job as an ESL teacher in Asia? Technology is the biggest driving force in the world today. Most people cannot survive without technology. It has made most aspects of our lives easier. What we are experiencing today is what man has been searching and looking forward to for thousands of years. 

We are addicted to information. We want to get the recent updates happening around the world as fast as possible. Due to this fact, people are coming up with their own enticing stories to satisfy our desires. Today, it’s difficult to distinguish between fiction and news. Faking news to please others and gain popularity has been the main agenda in the recent years. 

Owing to this fact, I have decided to discuss the pros and cons of teaching in Asian countries with the best intention at heart. I hope this article will enlighten and help you make a wise decision at the end of it all. But first, a short story for you.

ESL teacher in Asia

The story

Just like any other country, China is a land full of opportunities if you can spot them. You can become wealthy in China if you want to. I have lived in China for several years now spending most of my time working as an ESL teacher.

As an ESL teacher I have had the opportunity to meet respected adults and teens from China. I have improved my English and obtained other qualifications from Assignmentgeek to improve how I teach. I have also visited most parts of the country.

I cannot call myself a China expert because I know I’ll never be one but I have had exciting and painful learning experiences that I can share with you. There are people who love Asian countries and others who hate them with a passion. If you want to make a wise decision, don’t listen to any of these two groups. Read this neutral article and make your own decision.

Cons of Being ESL Teacher in Asia

1.     Environmental pollution

According to Assignment Holic, environmental pollution is one of the factors that discourage people from living and working in Asia. However, this is something you can deal with if you are well-prepared before you come to live and work as an ESL teacher in Asia. The smog in the cities affects people’s health and productivity. It can be annoying working on your tasks while wearing a mask regularly. However, most people have learnt how to cope with it by installing air filters in their houses and they are happy living here. 

2.     Local dialect

Being new in Asian countries, language will definitely be a communication barrier. It’s amazing how people living in other countries don’t know that the Chinese language has different variations. Learning how to speak Mandarin and using body language saved me during the first few months.

As I spoke Mandarin frequently, I became fluent in it only to realize that I could not communicate with other people in other cities. You can learn how to speak the dialects, but they are too many and that is so frustrating.

3.     Quality of service

As you go about your business, the quality of service offered to you will vary. Things can go from one extreme to another. For example, in some restaurants, the staff will completely ignore your existence by watching their favorite TV shows.

Others will follow you around like a dog trying to convince you to buy from them and being too friendly. During the first few months of your stay, you’ll find this behavior weird and irritating but you’ll get used to it.

work as an ESL Teacher in Asia

Pros of Being ESL Teacher in Asia

1.     The people

Despite the communication barriers, poor quality of service and cultural differences, the Asian people make the entire experience interesting. Chinese students are amazing people. They love welcoming and giving people gifts. 

You might be surprised to be invited by a student or parent for dinner. They will educate you about their culture because they are proud of it. They can also carry traditional treats for you to taste. Once you create a connection with your students, they love talking to you and learning from you.

2.     Convenience

China, Japan and Thailand are among the most convenient countries in the world. Since the Asian people are industrious, most of the products are manufactured in the country therefore, their prices are quite low. 

Again, everything can be found right next to you. You can order food on your computer or phone and it will arrive in less than one hour on your doorstep.  You can buy clothes and electronics online and receive them on the same day. You can buy most things using your phone. 

The cost of living in China, Japan and Thailand varies but in general, it’s quite low compared to other countries. As the days’ pass, Asia continues to develop and progress thus making things easier for you.

3.     The country

There are times when you’ll have a bad day or find yourself day dreaming in another country. When you find yourself feeling like this, just check the pictures you took with the people you love in your new country. Doing this will remind you why you came in the first place.

China is full of beautiful scenery, wonderful parks and fascinating architecture. Every new place you visit will make you fall in love with China. Visiting such places with your new friends and students will be very rewarding and fulfilling.

work in Asia as an ESL teacher


Working as an ESL teacher in Asia has many pros and cons. Living in Asia has its merits and demerits. Everything in life has a price. You just have to determine if you are willing to pay the price or not. 

If you don’t like Asian countries because of the traffic, smog, many dialects and cultural differences, you will never have the privilege and experience of living and working in the country. You’ll never have the opportunity to meet and talk with the Asian people.

Again, if you love Asia and you chose to live and work in the country of your choice, you’ll have to deal with the cons. If you are willing to pay the price, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. 

The pros and cons discussed above are some of the most important aspects of living and working as an ESL teacher in Asia. Conduct your research and make a wise decision. You won’t regret it.

Thanks for reading this article and special thanks to Scott Matthews for sharing his personal experiences with LaowaiCareer.

Scott Matthews is a professional content writer and editor for Brill Assignment and papersowl review. He has been to over seventy countries in the past few years. He shares his experiences and opinions on the Daily Mail and australian assignment help. During his free time, you’ll find him hiking in the mountains or riding his horse.