Among the major worries that job seekers encounter after an interview are questioning whether they did, in fact, make an impact on the interviewers and if indeed they will land the role. The concern is well founded because interviewers may encounter dozens of candidates just like you within the same time frame as you. However, it is essential that you follow up with a thank you for interview letter.

A thank you for interview letter is a brief message crafted so you stay in the memory of your interviewers even after your session with them has lapsed. Unfortunately, job interviews are increasingly becoming competitive, and your fellow candidates may be equally, or more qualified than you.

Therefore, a little extra demonstrated before, during, and after the interview could enhance your chances of landing a particular role. A thank you for interview letter simply shows courtesy and good etiquette and gratitude for being given the opportunity to present yourself to the panel. Nonetheless, to effectively serve its purpose, a thank you for interview letter should follow some laid out principles as discussed below.

Ensure that the timing is just right

thank you letter for interview

Ideally, hiring managers schedule most of their interviews for a particular role back-to-back to ensure that they carefully monitor and compare talent presented. For this reason, a thank you for interview letter should be drafted within 24 hours after your interview. This 24 hour time frame is just enough for the panel to meet a couple more candidates and thoroughly compare them. However, it is not right for you to leave the interview room and craft the thank you for interview letter in the waiting lounge.

It will come across as a little bothersome and harbor on desperation. The fact is, most employers would not wish to engage with annoying or desperate employees. Further, caution should be taken to ensure that the email is delivered during the prospective employer’s working hours. Crafting the thank you for interview letter at 2 AM may leave the interviewer wondering if indeed you would respect the company’s policy if handed the role.

Mention a particular portion of the interview where you enjoyed

Interviews are known to be a tense event, and the interviewing panel is well aware of this. Therefore, when drafting the thank you for interview letter, it would indeed serve you right if you highlighted a moment you enjoyed. For instance, you may thank the panel for making you feel relaxed during the process. Additionally, you may choose to point out how they gave you ample time to articulate yourself. Noteworthy, make sure that you remind the interviewer who you are by drawing close reference to a particular instance of the interview that was unique to you.

Make sure to re-emphasize your key skills

Remember that the interviewer most probably has interviewed a couple more candidates after you left their presence. Therefore, it is imperative that you recap your skill set to them, highlighting your most outstanding skills that are a close match for the role. However, do not duplicate your resume in the thank you for interview letter. Forget about all those skills you have included in your resume and only mention your most relevant qualifications for the role interviewed.

Similarly, you can take the opportunity to inform the interviewer how you are already figuring out the value benefit you will add to their organization if given the opportunity. However, all this should be done in moderation to avert a situation where you come across as a bully or desperate.

Language used

A thank you for interview letter is a highly official communication document, and therefore language used should reflect the same. Having met the individual on the receiving end of your email does not make you buddies. Informal language, smileys & emoticons, and brevities should never be used. Remember to address them appropriately using Mr., Mrs., Ms. and other prefixes. In a case of ambiguities in their salutations, the above general forms will come in handy. If you are addressing a lady and are not sure if they are married or not, simply opt for the traditional, “Dear Ms. …”

Similarly, cursing words and phrases should never be used in the thank you for interview letter. It is also very advisable to double-check your letter for grammatical errors and typos which may erode a good impression that you may have portrayed earlier on in the interview.

Content therein

thank you letter for interview

The role of a thank you for interview letter should not be forgotten when crafting one – which is showing appreciation for the opportunity and assuring why you are the best candidate for the job. Right from the salutation, the letter should encompass professional communication. The first paragraph should entice the interviewer through thanking them for the opportunity accorded for the interview. Further, acknowledge how helpful they were in creating a conducive environment for a smooth interview. This tactic not only assures that you are a thankful person but also acts as bait for the reader to keep them engaged in reading further.

The ensuing body of the thank you for interview letter should be as direct as possible. Communicate clearly of what you wish to say without beating around the bush. Keep in mind that any business communication should be very concise.

In conclusion, the last paragraph of the thank you for interview letter should reiterate the purpose of it. It is also important to try and get some communication on when a decision should be made on the progress and status of the interview. This demonstrates to the interviewer and the hiring panel that you would wish to follow through the process and see it to its logical conclusion. Often, this would prompt the hiring manager to respond indicating the expected timelines as to when to await the results of the interview.

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