Do you want a teaching job in China yet you don’t have a degree? Are you interested in an English teaching job in China for non-native speakers? Well you still can do so as long as you meet the requirements of your potential employer. Commonly known for its enormous population and for its manufacturing prowess, China is hosting many Westerners looking to gain experience while residing and working in an environment well beyond their own.

Maybe you are fluent in a language like English or have a vast knowledge in a particular field; you can apply to get a job in the vast and ever growing education system.

Well, let’s start by looking at some of the teaching jobs that one can pursue while in China. The large primary and high school system is still in need of many teachers with many of the vacancies offering teaching jobs in China for foreigners. With the government implementing several policies that make education in China compulsory, teaching jobs in China are set to increase from the way they were in 2015.

The ideal time to get some of these opportunities is just before the school’s term  resumes in September, or just after the winter break in February. More often than not, one is required to be well acquainted with the native language and hold a university degree.

With English establishing itself as the business language of the world, the most common and sought out teaching job is that of being an English teacher. Improve the citizen’s familiarity with the language has thus become a major focus point for the government. English teaching jobs in China in 2015 showed a significant increase due to the quick growth in the English language market as many new positions are advertised frequently.

In the cases that you are working for a language school, you could be interacting with adults, little children, business professionals and teenagers all in a day’s work. The teaching time in such institutions is not like those of the public school system as you would have to cater to those who have other classes and jobs to attend to during the day.

An English teacher is set to make about $2,000 USD every month, depending on the institution that you are working for. Considering that the cost of living is not that high, one can live quite comfortably. If you’re not interested in a full-time job, then you can always apply for the thousands of short summer school placements that are made available from June to September.

Most employers are inclined to take people with a university degree and who are fluent in the desired language. However, you can still get tons of opportunities with TEFL Certification. These types teaching jobs in China have also attracted a lot of interest from Africans.

Apart from teaching a language like English, the education sector still offers science teaching jobs in China. Often the openings are in high schools. It is therefore quite important for you to understand the language requirements of your potential employer as you prepare to take the job. These types of full-time opportunities pay better than the part-time jobs and come with various benefits such as very generous holidays like getting a whole month off to celebrate the spring festival, amongst the many other holidays. Some institutions offer a two week paid vacation and paid sick leave amongst many other benefits. With that said, a science high school teacher is set to make on average $3,000 USD every month without the added benefits.

If you want to teach in China, it is important that once you have identified what you want to teach, you do research on what types of institutions you would want to work for. One can do this on their own. However, there are websites that can help connect you with potential employers once you know what type of job you are looking for.

Websites like Laowai Career can help. Furthermore, depending on the institution, they may provide you with accommodation and even take care of your flight expenses to China. With that taken care of, your expenses are normally kept at a bare minimum. Even for the institutions that do not offer accommodation, one can still live comfortably as the cost of living is significantly low.

If your current Laowai Career applicant profile reflects your skills and competencies, then sit back and let your profile speak for you. Schools are often lookinng for English speakers, so with enough time, your chances are good that someone will contact you for an interview.

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