Address.No. 151,Yingzhuan Road,Tamsui District, Taiwan

Tamkang University world ranking – 415

Total number of students – over 27,000

Total number of international students – over 2,000

Total number of staff and faculty members – more than 2,100

Location of Tamkang University

The school is situated in Tamsui District, The New Taipei City in Taiwan and has three campuses: the Lanyang Campus in Jiaoxi, Taipei City campus, and thirdly, the online cyber campus. Transport to the school can be by bus, taxi, train or MRT.

About the school

This higher learning institution is a private school founded in 1950 as an English literature junior college, offering a two-year program, then afterwards a three-year based program. In 1958, it was recognised as a college and school of sciences and arts, and in 1980 it was promoted to university status.

Academic Reputation

Tamkang University is a school of ideas, creativity, and vision which sees the university’s pursuit of excellence, innovation and development. Tamkang University was among the first universities to implement Total Quality Management strategy (TQM). It has produced tremendous results over the years which has been noted, generating positive feedback from the public. Since it’s founding there have been six scholar-educators who have served as presidents of the university.

Tamkang University always focuses on applying innovative and efficient learning strategies to promote education in the school. It aims to promote the university’s academic activities and extracurricular activities.

Employer Reputation

The university holds a good reputation on the number of graduates from the University. Students graduating from the university have good employment opportunities. A recent survey showed that six out of ten students who have graduated from Tamkang University get employed as soon as they graduate. Since students are taught about the employment market in the university, they acquire the knowledge required to land themselves a good, high-paying job that they desire as fast as they can.

Research Aspects

The university has a large, ultra-modern library (Chueh-Sheng Memorial Library) which is among the most comprehensive college and university libraries found in Taiwan. Tamkang University has more than 1 million books, 60,000 periodical titles, 1.7 million electronic books and over 120,000 items that are non-book. It also has well-equipped computer laboratories which have been updated with some of the latest software and hardware.

The library and laboratories are among the facilities that facilitate research in the university. The university also has a research centre (Wind Engineering Research Center) which is the leading wind engineering research institute in Taiwan. Other research related centres in the university include the Centre of Resources for Visual Impaired, The Intelligent Automation and Robotics Center, and Center for Water Resources Management and Policy. Tamkang University curriculum is highly based on research to provide quality education; the above resources help facilitate research activities efficiently.

Faculty and Students Ratio

The University has around 27,000 students of which 23,274 are undergraduates, 3,666 are postgraduate students, and 551 are taking doctorate programs. It also has about 700 international students. Tamkang University is a higher learning institution with a total of 1,520 academic staff and 701 administrative staff. The number of students and faculty is well balanced.

Recent News About the School

The University recently held the 2015-2016 graduation ceremony in Shao-mo Memorial Gymnasium where the President Flora Chia-I Chang hosted the event. The number of students graduating totalled around 7,200, including 428 International students. The university held a flag ceremony on the 21st June as 2016 international exchange students prepared to travel overseas where the President gave best wishes to the students. The Office of Human Resources in the University held the 2015-2016 2nd semester Retiree Tea Party, which marked the retirement of the university’s 14 members. The President also attended the party.

Extracurricular Activities

Tamkang University offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities to complement the students’ academic learning experience. It has a wide range of clubs, societies, and sports from which students can choose. Some clubs include the photo club, tea ceremony club, rock-climbing club, cuisine and sewing club, mountain climbing club, classic guitar club, and bicycle club. Some sports include basketball, football, professional table tennis, swimming, martial arts, and also athletics. These offer students relaxation, especially on weekends.

Best Courses Offered in the University

The school has several departments which offer different courses for local and international students. Some international programs include the Department of Innovative Information and the Technology Department of International Business. The school puts emphasis on software engineering and network communications. Since Technology and computing are the basis of every invention in the contemporary world, Tamkang Univesity puts more emphasis on related disciplines. The University is known to produce the best software engineers, networkers, computer scientists and engineers, system administrators, developers and other computer fields specialists in China.

Opportunities for International Students

Tamkang University has established good relations with other institutions worldwide. This makes it easier for foreign students to study in this institution. Moreover, students who want to join Tamkang University can apply online by downloading the online application. The school also offers scholarships for international students to help them pay for tuition and other expenses in the school. The school also welcomes international transfer students who may select from any of Tamkang University’s bachelor programs, except for the Bachelor of International Business.

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