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Are You Unhappy with Brexit? Move to China!

So, how would Brexit affect young Brits? Honestly, not every Briton knows the impact of Brexit on education, travel, and the entire government. To make matters worse, some young Brits have no idea what Brexit is or what it means. Well, to clear the air, this article addresses everything you need to know about Brexit. […]

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the EU
Foreigners in China

Britain Voted to ‘Brexit’ the EU. What Does That Mean for Americans?

The UK voted  in favor of leaving the European Union and global markets have gone wild. Brexit has sent shock waves across the global economy, and it’s threatening more than a trillion dollars in trade and investment in the US. If England had voted to stay, then markets would have been free to breathe a […]

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Vladimir Putin
Life in China

Why Would Anyone Like and Support Vladimir Putin?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is increasingly proving that he’s one of the few people in the world who are powerful enough to do whatever they want and still get away with it. Even after he waged war-by-proxy in Ukraine and seized Crimea, which drove Russia into a deep recession, not much changed. His approval ratings […]

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