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Life in China

Personal Entertainment While Teaching in China

So you have decided to come to China and acquire some teaching skills! It could be teaching English to Chinese, or translating in the business setting. Although teaching can be a demanding job, it is not all work and no play. While teaching, you can engage yourself in a more relaxed manner so you can […]

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chinese tradition
History and Culture

Chinese Tradition: Beyond the Surface

Chinese culture has made an entry into Western popular culture which has also increased interest on the part of Westerners in learning the language. Chinese cinema, cuisine, and literature have been making an impact on Western culture. The Roots of Chinese Culture Chinese philosophy has been influential in the West as well as the East, […]

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business culture in China
Business and Innovation

China’s Economy: “The Art of Business”

Chinese culture generally, has figured out how to stay separate from the western world; furthermore, a significant part of the “mixing” that has occurred in different cultures and nations because of the west’s impact. The present period is just the second time in China’s history that it has ‘opened up’. The first being the Yuan […]

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