What Does a Digital Marketer Do?

A digital marketer tracks and monitors results quickly and organically. They do away with the expense of conducting customer research, by measuring the success of campaigns and viewing customer response rates in real-time. This helps to plan future campaigns effectively.

The digital age is here to stay, and it makes sense for businesses and marketers to recognize and leverage its potential.

Why digital marketing?

The internet and social media are used by professionals to create digital identities, drive brand awareness, target leads, clients and customers and connect with people with similar passions.

There are many reasons to consider digital marketing. Firstly, digital marketing is a much more affordable option compared with traditional offline marketing strategies. For example, an email marketing or social media campaign should communicate a message to your target audience at a fraction of the cost of print and TV campaigns.

One of the biggest challenges any business has is finding new clients. With digital marketing, targeting new customers can be a walk in the park.

Why social media?

Social media is a powerful driver for e-newsletters, website traffic, blogs, articles, trade shows and events. It can raise brand awareness and lead to customer growth and loyalty. Architects who explore social media strategies can build organic search engine traffic for their business and explore cross-channels to market their products and services.

Social media helps you to engage with prospects and customers instantly. Customers can also interact with you directly. Thanks to the viral nature and exponential growth of social media, the reach of your business and client base can expand a lot. Architects, who want to keep up, need to create or upgrade their digital presence and explore ways of targeting consumers, showcasing their services and getting their message across.

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Why is it Important to Have a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Being Clear About Direction:

Without a clear plan, a company’s goals can become blurred. The number of customers it wants to capture, or the business it wants to attract, through digital media can be unclear. Without an end goal in sight, mapping out the route to success can be almost impossible.

Knowing The Customers:

Marketers may not have a precise idea about the profile of their online customers without proper research. A strategy based on research helps a digital marketer to understand the target customers, their qualities, behavior, spending power, likes and dislikes.

You Could Lose Without It:

Companies with sound digital strategies and research will capture your target audience before you even have the chance.

Good integration:

Digital marketing achieves good results when it works alongside traditional marketing. This means digital marketing strategies must align with other marketing platforms. Marketers cannot just create a digital marketing strategy and sit back, because it won;t work alone. Without well-aligned strategies, success is hard to come by.

Unnecessary Duplication and Waste:

Without a clear strategy, marketers can easily duplicate their work, which leads to financial waste. Each digital marketer uses a set of tools and strategies to conquer the web and doubling up achieves nothing.

Speed Is The Key to Success:

To have a significant online presence, marketers must be agile and aware. ‘Once a customer, always a customer’ may not be true anymore. Marketers who cannot adapt quickly to changes in market conditions will lose their savvy customers to other agile marketers.

Know How to Cash in:

Most companies have a well-designed website so they also have web analytics in place. However, some senior management may not understand the importance of using these analytics, so they miss out. A sound digital marketing strategy is essential. Once the basic plan is in place, marketers can make continuous improvements to  search engine optimization, email marketing and other digital tools.

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Challenges in most Digital Marketer Jobs

Digital marketers do two things: they examine the trends shaping their industry and focus on potential challenges. An awareness of potential difficulties can help marketers design effective strategies to tackle them.

Big Data Explosion

The big data explosion is both a plus and a negative for digital marketers. Digital marketing makes humongous amounts of data available to marketers. They can track the effects of their virtual campaigns and gather tonnes of metrics, like how many Facebook followers click on a link. They track the amount of time visitors spend on a blog and the percentage of visitors who are directed to a website from the search engine page.

Digital marketers are also familiar with the social media preferences of various demographic groups in their brand’s target audience. Sorting and interpreting so much information can be overwhelming.

A Flurry of Social Media Networks

Once upon a time there was only Facebook and Twitter. A digital marketer a few years back only had these social media networks to worry about. But times have changed, and now there are almost countless social networking sites where customers hang out. Digital marketers have the tough task of knowing all these channels and designing different marketing strategies for them.

Prioritization of Strategies

A digital marketer only has finite resources and limited time. So where does he or she start? How much time should be given to each task? Should the team start working on search engine optimization before conversion rate optimization? How many people should work on the social media marketing? And how much effort should be invested in data analytics? With so many things to do and so much competition, setting priorities is a must.

Updating Skills

The number of social media sites, the big data explosion, and the intensely competitive business mean that digital marketers should always be upgrading their skills sets. They should invest time in exploring the potential of every social media site out there, research audience behavior and cultivate industry-standard best practices. Digital marketers need every skill to be up to date.

The Bottom Line

The results of digital marketing take some time to show up. Social media marketing and search engine optimization efforts push websites up Google’s ranks and drive traffic to the sites but they need to be sustainable. Plus, digital marketing does not always deliver results in tangible forms. If someone wants to be a ‘super talented digital marketer’, they need to be on the ball, ahead of the game and be able to juggle ten things at once. Always with an eye to the future and netting more business.

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