Address: No. 135, Xingang Xi Road, Guangzhou, 44 510275, P.R, China.
Phone: +86 20 8411 2828

World Ranking:
Rankings 2016 at 351- 400th, Asia University Rankings 2016 at 40th and BRICS & Emerging Economies 2016 at 24th.

Total No of Students:
83, 633 students, the total enrollment, is 51,002 among them, Undergraduate Enrollment is 36,082, and graduate enrollment is 14,920.

Total No of International Students:
3,200, International students comprise 2% of university’s student population.

Total No of faculties:
3456 full-time teachers in total.

About Sun-Yat-Sen University

Originally known as Guangdong University, SYSU was founded by the Chinese great democratic revolutionary, Dr Sun Yat-sen ( Sun Zhongshan being his alias) in 1924. Sun Yat-sen is located in Guangzhou City- the largest city in South China near Macao and Hong Kong, which is at the forefront of China’s reform and opening up.

It has its main campuses located in the modern metropolis of Guangzhou with a Branch Campus in Zhuhai, the picturesque coastal city. The University is under the direct supervision of the PRC’s Ministry of Education and with a history of more than 100 years. Sun Yat-sen is a key and multi-discipline university, entitled the projects of 211 and 985, exclusive national higher education organisations at the vanguard of the drive to develop Chinese Universities into world-class academic institutions.

SYSU has a firmly established reputation as a top-ten University in China coming at Number 10 in the 2016 Chinese University Ranking. It has a burgeoning international profile as it strives to become a first-tier international university as well as a global centre for learning.

Sun Yat-Sen’s Values

SYSU is created on such a solid multidisciplinary foundation of engineering, natural sciences, humanities, medical sciences, social science and the institution is always propelled forward by the continuous pursuit of academic innovation. The institution has a new mission to be ‘Comprehensive, Innovative and Open’ and it’s equipped with a globally-aware outlook.

The whole University Community has learned the importance of tapping into the collective spirit of learning which puts a lot of focus on talent cultivation. SYSU has a visionary environment where future industrial, academic and societal leaders are being brought forth most of whom will assume the responsibility of enriching China as well as the international community. SYSU also focuses on fostering an academic environment where all the disciplines develop both systematically and distinctively as a way of creating a global institution with such great influence and impact worldwide.

Sun Yat-sen’s University Size, Campuses and Disciplines

It prides itself in over 40 schools, colleges and departments directly under the university with such a comprehensive range of disciplines with the graduate level spanning across all disciplines save for military science. It offers 102 subject areas at the undergraduate level, 251 at the Master’s degree and 180 at the doctorate level. SYSU has seventeen disciplines among the world’s top 1% (ESI 2015) which places it at second among the mainland Chinese Universities while seven of its disciplines are in the world’s top 0.5% and two in the world’s 0.1 %.

SYSU has four Campuses including the Guangzhou East Campus- located in the University Town, Guangzhou North, Guangzhou South Campus as well as Zhuhai Campus. It also has eight comprehensive affiliated hospitals, thirty-three Teaching Hospitals and three community service centres which form such an exemplary and extensive medical service network which is quite instrumental in providing community services, conducting scientific research and organising professional training, Comprehensive medical sciences and outstanding social services

Faculty and Level of Students

SYSU has twelve of its faculty as members of the Chinese Academy of Science and two of its faculty as members of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Fifty-five of its faculty members are part of the Chang Jiang Scholars whereas seventy-four of its members are part of the Outstanding Young Expert program. It is among the Chinese leading universities in academic numbers included in the National One Thousand Talents Programs for the development of researchers and scholars.

SYSU plays a significant role in the development of talent in China. Some of the indicators include high employment rates after graduation as well as a high degree of job satisfaction among both graduate and undergraduate level alumni. There is also a high pass rate for major professional qualification exams among SYSU students.

Where Sun Yat-Sen Leads in Education

The annual science research grants have exceeded $161million in each year for the past three years and in 2014, it rose to $209million which places SYSU at number one among Chinese mainland universities. The university has four state key laboratories and two state professional laboratories plus so many other high-level research platforms.

It has an established collaborative programs with other international universities including Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Carnegie Mellon University in the US as well as France’s Institute National Polytechnique De Grenoble, this shows the active relationships Sun Yat-sen has with international Universities.

Extracurricular Activities

Students at SYSU are involved in various activities primarily arts and athletics. They have sports facilities and a Department of Physical activities, and are greatly involved in competitions ranging from car racing, volleyball, and dragon racing to athletics, fencing and swimming. In arts, SYSU is involved in Symphony Orchestra, Drama festivals, Chinese Orchestra, Dance troupe, Ritual Team and Students Chorus.

Summer Programs

Every July since 2010, SYSU has operated the ISP (International Summer Program) which is a widely recognised program that gathers professors, regular SYSU students and international students. This program focuses on politics and cultural studies, business management and Chinese language. It covers a wide range of relevant topics and reflects on the economic achievements and Challenges for the past ten years in China and the region. There are also cultural excursions and local company visits as well as a perfect platform to approach new cultures, tap into new resources and meet new people.

The students coming from different cultural backgrounds are recruited in the same classroom, and SYSU provides a cross-cultural, cross-border and cross-disciplinary atmosphere of a strong collaborative essence and also various cultural activities to help the students enhance their international competencies as well as broaden their international horizons.

Special Programs for International Students

SYSU receives more than 1000 international students who want to study Chinese for a second language and churns out students with high Chinese proficiency. There are also other English-taught programs including Medicine, Computer Science and Technology as well as International Master of Business Administration. The available Faculty-student Ratio is 3:8 while Female to Male Ratio is 51: 49. Some of the recent news and events in SYSU can be found on their website. SYSU has such high research fields and various research institutes well documented on its website.

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