Should I quit my job today and start my own business? What is the right time to quit my job and travel? After leaving my job, what should I expect? Is it a good idea to leave my job and start a new life? Where can I find a relevant quit my job meme?

Today, most Westerners are leaving their home countries to go and start a new life in China. Why? China has hundreds of business opportunities for foreigners – ESL teachers, IT jobs, Engineering jobs, marketing jobs and even WFOE opportunities.

It’s common for you to have a bad day or two while at work. Some bosses and co-workers are annoying. So, how can you tell that it’s time to quit your job? Well, here are some signals that will help you gain clarity about whether it’s time to quit your job and travel.

Five signs that tell you that it’s time to quit your job:

You just don’t fit in.

If you are in a position where you feel that you just don’t belong to be at that company, it’s time to start packing. Even if you have fairly annoying co-workers and a great paycheck, it might be a good idea to quit your job and start your own business. Sometimes, the boss might not vibe with your personality, morals or ethics. Your next job might not be different. Therefore, instead of jumping from one annoying boss to the next, try starting your own business.

No more passion and morale.

Most people are usually excited and full of love during the first days or months of their new job. Even if they aren’t excited, they might think taking the job is a good idea because of the location, career development or the pay. However, when you start feeling uninspired, defeated, hopeless and bored when you think about the job, just quit and travel.

You keep telling yourself that you’ll quit.

Some days are not just for you. These days are when you just consider leaving your job. However, if you keep promising yourself that you will quit your job for more than a month, just take the leap of faith. Start off by being proactive outside work by making yourself presentable to the next company. If you prefer traveling abroad, know the next step to take when you arrive there.

You just don’t care about the products and services.

If you feel that you can’t become invested in the services or products sold by your company, just do the company a favor and quit. Keep in mind that a company’s success is determined by how its employees brand themselves.

Your skills are not useful.

When promotions and high-profile projects come, they are given to someone else. The ones at the top don’t realize how talented you are. Therefore, instead of wasting your potential at a place where your work isn’t respected or acknowledged, you should find a job where you might excel.

Should I have a plan before I quit my job today?

You might quit your job with or without a plan. While having a plan is a good idea, keep in mind that the more you wait, the more the opportunities you are missing. Therefore, just take the leap of faith. Here are some things to know if you want to quit your job without a plan:

Stick to your guns:

Most young foreigners keep questioning themselves after making that Big Decision. Expect to get a lot of pressure from recruiters, your parents and clients. You should reaffirm your decision to leave that world behind. This way, you’ll become stronger and more determined to stick with the new way of life.

Life is not that scary on the other side.

You now have a steady job with a good salary. Leaving such a security behind is not only scary but paralyzing. However, once you quit your job, you’ll feel empowered and excited by the ability to make things happen. For example, you will interact with people who have set up their businesses and find ways of making money from what you love.

New opportunities will arise.

Young people who leave their jobs without a plan are usually worried about the next plan to take. Some prefer traveling, freelancing, taking another full-time job, starting a consultancy and more. The truth is that great opportunities which had never crossed your mind will come knocking at your door. Good examples include; getting exciting projects from large enterprises, running workshops, posting guest posts on websites and blogs and more.

Things don’t have to be perfect from day one

Young minds are always looking for an ideal job, in a perfect location in the typical industry: a sweet fantasy. For instance, quitting your job and moving to China doesn’t mean that you’ll enjoy the exotic life once you settle. You must be ready to start from somewhere, and more opportunities will come along.

How to quit my job and travel without getting broke:

Know your income

How much do you need for your daily expenses? How much will you be earning? To make this dream a reality, know how much you could save each month and come up with a current budget. Consider cutting off some of your luxuries.

Travel costs are where you need to know where you want to go and how much money you will need each day. Now that you know this, calculate how long it would take you to save that amount.

How will you make money during your adventure?

If you are planning to travel for a year, you should know how you will make some money while on the road. Do you have any abilities and skills which are valuable as a service? The best way to enjoy traveling is getting paid as you do it.

Still wondering whether to quit your current job? Look at the signs mentioned above and know that life is not that hard on the other side. The first days will be challenging, but nothing lasts forever.