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Why You Should Start Your Career In China

Teaching abroad is a great option for those who want to see different parts of the world while still having a career and a steady paycheck. China is the best place to start your career. Many foreigners are moving to China to start their teaching career because of many benefits.

Full-time teaching work in China on average will pay between CNY 6,200 – 40,000/month. Given the cost of living in China, this is enough to cover day to day living expenses, including accommodation, eating out, etc., as well as allowing you to save money each month to spend on traveling. You can use this money to go on several short breaks around the country throughout your time in China, or else save your money and go on a longer trip around China and other parts of Asia during summer vacation.

China is a vast country, approximately the same size as Europe, yet, before coming to China, people often fail to realize how many different cultures there are within the country. You could spend months upon months traveling around China, continuously learn, and constantly be surprised at the new things you will experience in each location.

Depending on where you are located in China, you have the option of taking weekend trips to various places around the country. For example, if you are based in Shanghai, you can be in beautiful scenic areas such as Suzhou and Hangzhou within a few hours- perfect for weekend trips during the school year!

For longer trips, there a several Chinese National Holidays each year– ranging from one day to one week in length. This means that people with jobs teaching English have plentiful time to travel to various locations across the country. The most popular places to visit in China are Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin, and Xian. However, as a teacher working in China you’ll regularly meet new people who will tell you about various hidden gems across China, giving you the chance to visit the more ‘non-touristy’ areas in the country.

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During your time teaching in China, you can use your longer vacations, such as Chinese New Year and summer vacation, to travel to other Asian countries. This means that the money you earn from teaching in China could allow you to sunbathe in the Philippines, attend a Full Moon Party in Thailand, or go elephant trekking in Cambodia.

Even if you do not travel far, China is such a diverse country that there are unlimited exploring and cultural activities to do in each city. In many countries, a person’s daily life can become extremely monotonous. This is not the case in China. Every day you will see something different, or learn something new about Chinese culture.

Although teaching English abroad is not a job to be taken lightly, it is one that offers an unparalleled platform for traveling in foreign countries, and therefore is a perfect choice for those of you who want to see the world and learn a new culture, while developing your career.

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  • Avatar

    Teachers who love the job, but do not want to the underpaid and under appreciated tittle in the United States should consider the career in China. Teachers seem to be celebrated and compensated, plus there would be a huge reward in the experience of having a career in a country like China

  • Avatar
    Raymond Hall

    This sounds like the dream life. Get paid well to use skills you naturally own and at the same time live the good life in a place so fascinating, huge and different from your own. Most people would be scared of taking such a bold step but I’m sure those of us who are brave enough to live our lives in this way experience rewards that others can simply dream of. Always push your limits, live outside your comfort zone and experience life to the fullest you possibly can.

  • Avatar
    Sandeep Saroha

    This is a very informative article. Teaching is a noble profession, and now-a-days it’s a high paying one as well. One can travel to various parts of China from the money he makes by teaching.

  • Avatar

    Wow! What an amazing opportunity for those of us interested in teaching abroad. I would love to do something like this in the future. You can’t beat traveling, teaching, and making good money all in one!

  • Avatar

    I teach english and love traveling to different places. Chain was on my list, and this kind of motivates me. And for someone like me, traveling and food is always on my top list, can you include a few things about Chinese food, please? Thanks for the article