Henry Miller, an American writer, once stated one of the most famous no money quotes ever created, “I have no money, no resources, no hopes. I am the happiest man alive.” But, why had Miller mentioned that?

You see, what he was saying is that you don’t really need money to start something by yourself. If you want to start building up your own business, all you need is a better strategy to survive in the very competitive business world today and start a business with no money involved now.

A lot of young entrepreneurs have great ideas for business, but they don’t have the money to start it up. While it is true most of the time that a huge credit line, great team of investors, and a relative with deep pockets serve as advantages as you kick off your business, not having money is really not an excuse for you not to step it up.

If you are motivated enough that your product will rise in the market or the service you will offer will give significance to certain types of people like moms, students, and employees, then you must never allow the lack of capital to hinder you from starting up your dream business. By working your butt off, by getting creative, and by being authentic enough, you can get your way towards a successful business.

With that, you may be asking yourself this question over and over again when you are sorting out all of your business plans and goals: What to do when you have no money?

Fortunately, we have provided some of the best strategies to put up a business without any money involved. Here are as follows:


Begin with a service-oriented business of your own. Firstly, you must provide services to other people. Then, by doing so, you can collect your funds. However, you must take note that a product-based business frequently needs significant up-front capital to operate it. If you are stuck in such situation, then start considering selling services to make some cash flow and to generate funds for your product-based business.


Most of the time, you need to put in all of your efforts to make things happen. That’s the mindset you need to start up your own business. A lot of big entrepreneurs started small. These people would often get into action and work on their own efforts to close deals. Some would even begin by putting up a small booth outside of a big establishment and hire a person to work solely on commission. But because they believed in their business goals and they believed that they would become successful later on, they never gave up. All you need to do is to make it work, then eventually, the hard work will pay off.


Often, the philosophy of entrepreneurship would suggest that for a person to become successful, one should stick to one thing and not shift from one thing to another. However, during challenging times, you may have to reach out for desperate measures. So, if you have trouble finding ways to generate your funds, there are still some creative things you can think of and do. But you must make sure that you use current resources in new methods. Here are some of the effective ways to make funds:

Build Up a Credit Line.

It is very common for a lot of startup businesses to generate their funds through a credit line. For instance, you can use your American Express Plum Card. This offers a 60-day term before you shell out your payment. Some credit institutions would also recommend credit to allow growth, especially in the early stages of your business. However, you should be cautious not to keep your debt from getting bigger and bigger as you make your way to expanding your business. Always remember to keep your purchases to a certain limit.

Utilize an Incubation Program.

If you have a strong feeling that your business would become very successful, you may also consider using a business incubation program. When you get accepted to the program, it will give you the funding made specially to assist you putting your business plan into action. Most of the time, these incubation programs would also offer some office space. They are often sponsored by local or even regional economic development organizations. Some are also sponsored by colleges and universities that have the capacity to help the aspiring entrepreneurs start up their business.

Explore Some of the Accelerators.

You may think of an accelerator as something you grab when you want to hold onto a motorcycle. But, what I mean here is a different accelerator. The accelerator I am referring to is much like the incubation program. Incubators are designed to give entrepreneurs funding. The only difference between accelerator and incubator is that the former expects a quick response from its investment. However, if you are confident enough to hit the business market quickly, then this may be the best option for you.

Use Crowdfunding.

What is crowdfunding? Well, crowdfunding platforms are currently shifting how people perceive capital. Crowdfunding platforms enable the public to start investing even in a small percentage of funds in return for a future buy-in.

After knowing the different ways to generate your funds, are you motivated enough to start up your own business now?


Once you start putting up millions of dollars in your revenue, the challenge here is to increase your funding. Bear in mind that it is not bad to be different from other businesses. Banks would look at your funding strictly from this viewpoint. Banks do not necessarily care about the kind of company you are operating. They just explore your profits, loss statements, then, make a decision. If your business is profitable with a million in revenue, then you will earn a good personal credit score. That would mean that the bank will allow you to borrow larger amounts.


Aspiring entrepreneurs must always remember that the only way to start making revenues for your business is to roll up your sleeves and get into action. Despite the lack of money, as long as you believe in your business goals, then you have to have the guts to pursue it. And regardless of what people may tell you, there is no easy way to make a profit. If you are confident enough to have a product or a service, you may start pushing yourself towards success by planning out, getting creative, working it out, and differentiating yourself among other businesses.

So, with no money involved, are you ready to turn your business goals into a real business making profit? What are you waiting for? Start now!

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