Finding a job in China can be a lot of work, even if you’re looking to teach online. There’s sorting through opportunities, sending out applications, and then there’s trying to navigate time differences. Applying for a job in your own country takes long enough, but applying overseas can just further complicate the process. Luckily, LaowaiCareer helps to streamline a lot of these problems, making your application as quick and easy as possible.

Ed Whittle, a semi-retired U.S. citizen, tried several different platforms looking for a job to help give him a bit of extra income. After signing up for Indeed, Glassdoor, and Hioffer, he had come up blank. He needed a service which would connect him with the right employers quickly and easily.
Luckily, Ed ended up stumbling across a link to LaowaiCareer. After browsing through the site and seeing what the deal was, he quickly made his way through the application process and got his information online. Employers jumped on his credentials after looking at his information and seeing what his requirements were. He managed to secure 4 interviews in 3 days.

Teach English Online

Ed is currently working as an online teacher in China from home, having advanced from the interview stage to actual hiring process easy. When asked whether he faced any problems or difficulties whilst using the LaowaiCareer platform, he coolly answers, “None. It was a smooth as silk.”

Online teaching has become somewhat of a trend in recent years and is a great way to expand your career horizons overseas, whilst still being able to move where you want (or stay at home). It’s also a great way to pocket some extra cash at the end of the month. LaowaiCareer offers some great opportunities for those who want to teach English online.

Ed himself is no stranger to travel and is currently moving between the US and Panama. Teaching online helps to give him the freedom to do this.

A lot of the time, potential applicants to jobs in China worry about whether they lack experience in the country, and if this would affect their chances of applying. Before applying to jobs in China, Ed had some experience with the country, having read broadly on the subject. However, this was about it. His experience with China largely ended with the back cover of a book.
Despite this, his application process was still easy. Language differences did not create a problem and progressing through the process was easier than he thought it would be.
Ed says that he’s recommending LaowaiCareer to all of his friends who want to teach English online. Not only that but whilst he’s still not planning a physical trip to China the moment, he might consider heading there in person in the future.

LaowaiCareer Offers Opportunity

If you’re thinking that you want to teach English online, or perhaps make the move to China itself, then why not create an account on LaowaiCareer? Just like with Ed, potential employers will come to you, meaning you won’t be stuck trying to find positions in several places. Now, everything can happen in one. Speed and simplicity for those looking to work in China are what LaowaiCareer is all about.

With thanks to Ed Whittle for his contributions.