University Address:
50 Donghuan Road,
Jiangsu, China

Soochow University world ranking: 615

National ranking: 33

Total number of students: about 50,000

Total number of international students: more than 10,000

Total number of faculty and staff: more than 4,000

About Soochow University

The school was originally founded in the year 1900. Initially, there existed three institutions (Buffington Institute, Kung Hang, and the Anglo-Chinese College) which were then merged to form the Soochow University. Later after the Chinese Civil War, a new Soochow University was founded on the original site in 1982 by some of the original Soochow University alumni. It has since developed to a world class university which offers a wide range of courses needed in the modern world.

University Location

The school has two branches. The main campus is located near the National Palace Museum while the other branch is downtown, located next to the ROC presidential office in Taipei’s Zhongzheng District.

Academic Reputation

The University is among the higher learning institutions in Jiangsu province and is regarded as a top university. It currently offers 26 post-doctorate programs, 24 doctoral programs on main disciplines including 167 doctoral programs, 47 main master’s programs, 244 master’s degrees, 21 professional level master’s programs, and also 124 undergraduate programs.

Soochow University has currently developed into an outstanding comprehensive university having 12 major disciplines; philosophy, literature, history, science, medicine, management science, law, economics, agriculture, engineering, and art. Soochow University is among the top research universities within 704 Chinese universities, ranking 36 in the list.

Employer Reputation

Students graduating from the university have a high chance of employment as the university is well known both domestically and internationally. This is also because students leave the university with top class knowledge about the different fields they specialised in.

Student Educational Support and Research

Soochow University works to facilitate strong research with over 3 million books, more than 30 million China-based and foreign periodicals, more than 1 million foreign and Chinese books and 80 over Chinese and foreign language databases. Soochow University library has a wide collection of more than 2,800 foreign and domestic journals and magazines.

The university’s publishing house edits and publishes Soochow University Academic journals in four different versions or editions and as well, many other scholarly works. Also, the school has high-tech laboratories in which students from all applicable departments can conduct their research.

Faculty and Student Ratio

The total number of students enrolled in the university is 50,000, including 11,900 doctor and master degree students. Undergraduates make up around 24,000 and 9,925 students for continual formal education. The school has more than 4,100 faculties and staff members. Four as members of the National Chinese Academy, and among the staff, 1,126 are professors and also associate professors.

Extracurricular Activities

Soochow University offers other activities aside from related academic activities. The sports faculty offers Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Badminton, mini rock climbing, racing and has a gymnasium. Physical activity training are available like Yoga, Tennis, Badminton, and gym which have been offered by the institution.

Sports play a major role in campus and Soochow has not been left out on these. The university holds athletic events annually. Aside from sports, it has 183 student clubs like the Association for Diplomacy Research (SCU A.D.R).

Recent News About Soochow University

Recently, the University collaborated with Leopard Mobile to lead students into the mobile industry. Leopard Mobile is a company that was established in 2014 specialising in research and development as well as representing mobile applications. Also, the University recently held the international conference on the South China Sea disputes and international law having President Yin-Jeou Ma and Foreign Minister Yong-Le Lin as the guest of honours.

Best Courses Available at Soochow University

The university offers a wide range of courses but some of the major courses that it specialises in are; Mathematical Sciences, Technology, Physical Science and Technology, Electronic Information, Clothing and Textile Engineering, Arts, Sports Science, and a few others.

Opportunities for International Students at Soochow University

For students from other countries wishing to join the University, the University offers merit scholarships for these students. Also, the school of foreign studies is a unique and special faculty responsible for overseas students’ recruitment, admission, and helping students learn Chinese as a second language.

This institution offers a wide range of programs to overseas students throughout the year which includes a long-term program of Chinees language and culture, a short-term course on the Chinese economy, an undergraduate Chinese language program and a senior in-depth study of the Chinese language.

The school takes part in international academic exchange relations and has established some cooperative and exchange working relationships with over 100 universities and institutions in countries such as Canada, France, Germany, Korea, Russia, U.S, and Japan.

Benefits of Studying at Soochow University

Taking a course at Soochow University paves the way to getting that job you want. It does not only get you the job, though. You have the right to demand how much you get to be paid for the services that you are rendering to specific employers because you have adequate skills and talent, plus the enhanced personality that you achieved at the University.

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