Smoking Will Get You in the End

I have heard a lot of stories from people who find it hard to stop smoking in the workplace. Who could blame them? Tobacco is addictive, and once you find yourself deep in relationship with it, you never want to stop. It’s like breaking up with a beautiful girlfriend because she cheated on you. Smoking will get you in the end. There is a high risk that you will endanger your health. You have to choose between quitting and suffering the consequences of continuing the habit. Contrary to what most people believe, smoking can be removed from your life. That is was what I have found after browsing through some pages of the safe cig reviews.

The Safe Cig Review

You could get assistance from your family, friends and comrades at your workplace to give up smoking. Nonetheless, the best person to aid you in making it through this addiction is yourself. You have to build up a certain level of dedication and self-control to be able to rid yourself of cigarettes. You might, when your resolve to quit reaches the point where you’re ready to take action, have a look at the safe cig review to get more insight into the situation and get a plan of attack.

The Battle and its Symptoms

It’s a battle you’ll want to back away from soon after it begins. Expect a powerful craving for nicotine just a few hours from the time you begin your new resolution. You’ll encounter anxiousness, you’ll become easily irritated or stressed, you’ll find it difficult to concentrate simply because of the preoccupation you’ll have with all the issues giving up smoking brings. Drowsiness, sleeplessness and severe headaches are symptoms you’re likely to experience. A tobacco addiction rivals the worst drugs in its capacity to keep you hooked.

What About a Move to East Turkestan?

Different smoking in the workplace rules are in place in different countries. China has strict smoking regulations that are slowly being adhered to. Like all new ideas and prohibitions that are against cultural traditions, the changes are more noticeable in the big cities than in the smaller ones, but they are on the way. As far as I know, way out in East Turkestan, smoking regulations are yet to make a great impact. East Turkestan workers who light up in the office or East Turkestan diners in a restaurant enjoying a post-dinner smoke, are not likely to hear the sirens of the smoke police.

Smoking Areas

Smoking regulations require the majority of the workplace to be smoke-free, while a smoking area in a room or outside a particular side of the building is designated. These smoking regulations allow non-smokers to be in a workplace where they are not breathing someone else’s smoke. Train stations, bus stations and airports are no smoking zones, which have designated areas where people can smoke, but on buses, trains or planes, there is no smoking anywhere.

Employee Health

The second home for almost everyone, anywhere in the world, is the place where they work. Since people spend between a third and a quarter of their lives at work, it is only common sense that employers should be concerned about employee health. Workplace health is a vital matter. This piece aims to take a closer look at health in the workplace in relation to smoking.

Passive Smoking

The majority of the population knows smoking isn’t healthy and not just for smokers. Passive smoking is something everyone has done in the company of smokers. A good, common sense occupational health practice for businesses to follow therefore is to ban all smoking in any part of the company. By eliminating smoking, you eliminate a lot of lung and oral health problems that will be shouldered by the health benefits of the company.

Dining Out

Dining out is all about the experience. In the past restaurant and bar owners offered both a non-smoking and smoking section. However, after examining the filtration systems in restaurants, health officials reported that passive smoking wasn’t eradicated by the method of having a non-smoking area in the restaurant. This was due largely to ventilation. Smoke cannot be properly filtered out with ventilation. The only way to ensure a healthy environment in a restaurant or bar is for smokers to smoke outside.

68% of Chinese Men Smoke

In China 68% of men smoke, while only 4% of women do. With more than half of the men in a very traditional country smoking, it is easy to see why these laws are difficult to enforce. China is still predominantly a patriarchal society, where men have the dominant voice in government and in all aspects of society. If 68% of men would prefer to disobey smoking regulations if they could, there is every chance that no smoking signs will not be obeyed.

It’s a Tradition

Some feel that smoking regulations take away the rights from adults to choose what they do to their bodies. While this may be true, smokers are also taking the same right away from non-smokers. With only 4% of women smoking, you can see the extent of the problem. In a traditional society it is hard to convince men that they should stop doing something that men have considered their right for thousands of years.

It’s not like Alcohol

Smoking can cause serious health problems, but smoking is not like alcohol where it only physically affects the consumer. Smoking affects all those in its vicinity. For a smoker to be unconcerned about the effects of passive smoking takes an effort of the will in the 21st century. It can only be described as a selfish act. Quitting is tough. It is your vice. It is your addiction. But it also may be your death warrant. Read what it says on most cigarette packets – smoking kills.

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