When you finally got the interview invitation after a long time of hunting, it’s vital to make it count. The job search has become a difficult task, especially with the growing number of people in the workforce, made harder by the harsh economic times.

Skype makes it easier for numerous recruiting agencies to carry out interviews without the stress of having people physically avail themselves, it saves cost for both parties. If you’re in for a Skype interview, then having a few things in mind will help you increase your chances of nailing it. Here are some Skype interview tips that will help you nail it.

Have a professional Skype username

skype interview tips

Among all the Skype tips, having a professional username comes first. You don’t want to create a bad impression before the interview even begins. If you had a funny high school name, then this is the time to change it. Though it may be boring to use your real names, try as much as possible not to create a bad-ass impression as it may contravene company’s policies.

Practice before the Skype interview

Take it as an audition by trying to answer some questions before with the help of a friend. Check your appearance to ensure that you look as professional as possible. However, you don’t have to be all gloomy and serious, the key is connecting with the interviewer. Maybe try out some light humor. Get used to your facial expressions and make adjustments that could work for your good.

Choose a perfect location

After you’ve groomed yourself and finished practicing,  having a perfect backdrop to your location will make your interview even better. It’s vital to take into account what you’re being interviewed for and reflect that with your Skype backdrop. Consider doing it at your reading desk or home office. Having some awards or trophies placed strategically behind you may come in handy. Clear the desk and keep certificates or documents that you might need during the interview. If you don’t have an office, then organizing your room so the background is just a blank wall is also helpful. You don’t want to do it in the sitting room with furniture disorganized all over the place.

Consider some interruptions

skype interview tips

There are always interruptions with home interviews especially if you haven’t warned family members to give you some privacy for the interview. Even though you will have prepared everything according to plan, it will be all for nothing if your phone pops with some funny ringtone. You should thus have a plan on handling or preventing infant cry sound in the background. It will be awkward for the interviewer to suggest that you calm the baby down first. Skype interviews lower the cost of the overall process but increase the number of those being considered for the job. If you are going to outshine them, then zero interruption is imperative.

Avoid looking at the screen and rather focus on the camera

It is a vital consideration that everyone doesn’t get right. Many people tend to focus on the eyes of the interviewer rather than the camera. You should understand that the camera captures what is seen on the screen.

To create eye contact during the interview, focusing on the camera is important. You’ve probably seen many video calls where subject’s eyes look like they are facing down, this creates cowardice in your image and should be avoided. Be comfortable and concentrate on the camera for a better interview session and hold a look of confidence.

Have a perfect posture

Sometimes people don’t take Skype interviews as serious as physical ones.  Another important thing to consider is your sitting position. Don’t do the interview while standing for God’s sake. Try to be comfortable and have an enthusiastic look, have an upright posture allowing your hands to move freely here and there. Don’t be too dramatic or too boring with a lazy posture where you’re leaning back in the chair. It creates a negative first impression about your personality to potential employees.

Have a test of the video and audio quality

You may have a good laptop that has built-in audio and video cameras, but that won’t guarantee better delivery. You want to create a good impression with high-quality voice and image. Some laptop models could distort your voice. Or perhaps your kid may have altered the settings producing funny sounds. Sometimes the camera may blur images until you set it right, the goal is to ensure that everything works well for you during the interview. By testing the audio and video qualities, you will get to correct some of the faults.

It may even necessitate that you buy a headset or even attachable video camera. You will find some companies send their own attachable cameras for the interview. So take this tip into consideration, and make sure you don’t come across as a distorted version of yourself.

Handle technical glitches comfortably

No matter how prepared you are, there is the chance that some technical glitches will occur, it may be you didn’t check all of your Skype settings before the interview. Don’t panic as your interviewer already knows it could happen to anyone. Try to troubleshoot the issue calmly while the interviewer waits. You can even request to hang up if your Skype is freezing up and retry the call for clearer communication. In fact, it could be a perfect way to show how good you can handle pressure and stressful conditions.

Sometimes nailing a Skype interview is easier than going through a physical one. With perfect preparation, it should not take long to strike a good rapport with your potential employer. Take in these tips, and you should have a stellar Skype interview. Good luck!

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