Leaving everything behind and starting a new life away from home is scary and stressful. Imagine starting from scratch in an unfamiliar place. Now imagine not knowing the language. Scary, right?

However, it doesn’t have to be. For many foreigners living in China, the language barrier is a huge problem. Many expats don’t overcome it for years. It’s funny how little we think about language until we lose the ability to understand the people around us. So, those getting ready to start a new chapter in their lives, and get a job in the world’s highest growing economic region – China – need to plan for the language barrier.

Is the language such a big problem?

In a word – yes. Chinese has many different dialects. What’s more, all of them are quite hard to comprehend when you’ve spent your entire life communicating by using completely different sounds and signs. But that leaves us with the question – if the language barrier is such a huge problem, why does China have so many expats? How do foreigners living in China find their way around?

Sherpa’s food delivery app

How does Sherpa’s food delivery app help?

Well, thanks to the ingenuity of welcoming locals and apps such as Sherpa’s, foreigners living in China have it much easier than they did 20 or 30 years ago, for example. Thirty years ago, ordering food delivery was like playing Russian roulette – if you didn’t know the language, you had no idea what you’d get! Well, you could have always cooked for yourself, but buying groceries would bring a whole new set of problems, doesn’t it?

What’s more, when you’re settling in into a new work environment, in a whole new country, meeting new people wherever you go – cooking isn’t at the top of your list of priorities. Not to mention that you want to socialize, and share experiences, food being one of them, with others. So, the best solution is to order in. But how do you do that when you have no idea what your menu options are?

That’s where Sherpa’s food delivery app comes in! 

How does Sherpa’s food delivery app work?

Created solely with the struggles that only foreigners living in China can understand, this app has native English speakers who translate and clarify menus from over a thousand restaurants in China.

Operating in Shanghai, Beijing, and Suzhou, Sherpa’s food delivery app is a dream come true for a hungry expat. You can order food without a hassle – just like you would if you were in your home country!

The stars of the April 21st Beijing Job Fair

Sherpa’s presented their vision for an even better future at the Beijing Job Fair designed for local expats on April 21st. At the famous fair. Sherpa’s presented both their current, already impressive resume and the plans they have for the future. Currently, Sherpa’s has a strict policy of testing all menu items in all the restaurants they partner with. After the testing process, each item is carefully described and clarified by their native English-speaking staff.

What used to be a small courier service that catered to a few lucky expats is now a vast, well-developed business that can deliver your food from over a thousand restaurants. Therefore, no matter what you’re craving – Sherpa’s food delivery app can bring it to your door. 

Sherpa's Food Delivery

Fast, reliable, affordable

Sherpa’s food delivery app is an excellent choice for foreigners living in China. It offers not only amazing food but also up to 30% discounts on their own stock of alcohol. That means that you can enjoy a full meal complete with the must-have drinks, all thanks to one app!

What’s more, Sherpa’s offers 50 yuan off to every new user that registers on their platform. Wine and dine on a budget with Sherpa’s food delivery app!

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