Address: 99 Shangda Road, Baoshan, Shanghai, China
Shanghai University world ranking: 28th
Total score: 70.8.
Total number of students: 35,000-40,000
Total number of international students: more than 20,000
Total number of faculties: more than 30

About Shanghai University

Shanghai University (SHU) was founded in 1922 as a revolutionary school. It became a research-intensive comprehensive university in 1994 and is among the top universities in Shanghai under the Municipal Government jurisdiction. The university offers various disciplines including science, fine arts, engineering, history, liberal art, law, business, economics and statistics, and management.


The University is located in the urban area of Shanghai in the People’s Republic of China. The university occupies an area of 555 acres (2.2 square kilometres) and is easily accessible through the subway and by road.

Academic Reputation

The school boasts of vigorous international exchanges and cooperation. Shanghai University has established strong academic links and cooperates with many foreign universities. The university has gained great domestic and international influence in fundamental and applied science research.

The school consists of 27 colleges and two independent departments which offer 67 undergraduate programs, 229 Master’s programs, and 111 doctoral degree programs. Currently, Shanghai University has four key fields of study in the Ministry of Education, four superior subjects in the municipality of Shanghai, 22 key subjects of the municipality, five characteristic subjects of Municipality of Shanghai, over 100 research centres and a highly advanced high-tech park which is approved by the State Science Commission.

Employer Reputation

Since the Municipality is devoted to establishing the city as a professional hub of global innovation centre of science and technology and also a professional hub of global innovation, Shanghai University has been actively employing overseas professionals. It currently has eight academicians, about 550 professors and about 900 associate professors. More academic and research professionals are being invited to join the University.

The school has some requirements to be met by persons willing to be employed in the university. Some of the requirements are; professors with outstanding international achievements in academics, and international reputation, associate professors, heads of R&D departments of top multinational corporations, assistant professors, post-doctors, and PhD holders from prestigious world class universities.


The school is made up of science and engineering schools which are mainly composed of environmental and chemical engineering, school of automation and mechatronics engineering, school of computer science and computer engineering, school of communications and information technology, school of materials science and engineering, school of civil engineering and school of life sciences. The funding of research in the school has increased in the last four years.

Faculty-Student Ratio

The school currently has over 2,700 faculty members with about ten Chinese Academy of Sciences members and Chinese Academy of Engineering. Among all the faculty members, around 450 are full-time professors. Currently, the student body has 26,000 undergraduates and over 8,000 post graduates. Additionally, about 10,000 students are receiving adult education in the university.

Some of the notable faculty leaders include Nad Weizhi, a professor of the Department of Sociology, Fu Jiao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Huang Hongjia, honorary president of the university, Li Sanli, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Some of the university’s alumni include; Yang Shogun, 4th President of the Peoples Republic of China, Bo Gu, the senior leader of the Chinese Communist Party and a member of the 28 Bolsheviks.

Extracurricular Activities

The university has some student’s associations which offer a wide variety of unique and popular extracurricular activities as a supplement to curricular programs which are an important part of the school’s culture. There are around 160 student associations which are classified into five main categories namely; arts and culture, academics and science, politics and economics, volunteer and charity and sports and fitness. The number of total students in these associations is about 17,000 with about 8,000 as active members.

Recent News About Shanghai University

Some of the recent news concerning the university is that the university’s choir delivered a successful performance at Festival International de Musique Universitaire (FIMU) where the choir gave its performance at Cathedral St. Christopher. Also, the faculty members of the University recently visited the University of Michigan where the Institute shared its experience in school management.

Best Courses Available at Shanghai University

Shanghai University offers many courses as it is an international university. Some of the best courses offered at the university are mechanics, mechanical engineering, materials science and engineering, power engineering and engineering thermal physics, control science and engineering, naval architecture and ocean engineering, computer science and technology, biomedical engineering, control science and engineering and management sciences.

Opportunities for International Students

The University offers scholarships for international students from abroad who would like to join the University. The university offers funds to prospective international students to pursue A Bachelor’s degree or higher. The scholarship is divided into three categories: Class A, Class B and Class C where Class A scholarships covers tuition, living expenses and medical insurance for the students, Class B scholarships only covers tuition for the prospecting students, and the Class C scholarships cover a one-off payment during the academic year.

Shanghai University is a good university in Asia due to it’s excellence in teaching students, educational environment, and intellectual growth. World class infrastructure, air conditioned classroom equipped with computers, internet facilities, libraries, and campus facilities are available in the university and affiliated colleges of the university.

The sports facilities include Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Badminton, a Gymnasium, a yoga studio, and others. Shanghai University facilities are very convenient to those students looking to have some fun and relax after class.

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