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Number of Students: 60000+

Location: Shandong, China

World Ranking: 320th (among the top 10 in China)

Total Number of International Students: 15526

Total Number of Faculties: 3700

Shandong University is  one of the biggest public comprehensive universities in China. Its size is attributed to various campuses and the number of students which are sixty thousand. Shandong University is directly controlled by the government of China which has always been supportive to the University. Over time, the Chinese government has provided them with enough facilities to grow stronger and perform well in various fields of interest.
The Shandong University was originally a merger of many universities. Some universities were separated as well after the merger, so this is how Shandong University has come into the shape it is in now. It is also known as the merger university. These mergers have made the Shandong University a better place to study but at the same time, there are some disadvantages as well of doing this frequently. The administration gets disturbed again and again, and they are somehow forced to change the rules to comply with the necessities of the merger. They have to rearrange most of the things and start a new procedure of running the university.

The Shandong University was created in 1901 as the second model National University in the Republic of China. The Shandong University now owns seven campuses. The main campus is situated in the province of Jinan in China with the other Six. The Eighth campus is now being constructed in another province. The Shandong University was given the title of National Key University because of its larger number of students as compared to the other universities and also because of the help they are giving to the national government by the revenues they generate throughout the year. This title was given to the University by the Ministry of Education of China.

The University is also considered to play an important role in becoming one of China’s major universities, which gives them an edge over other competitive universities throughout the globe by meeting the international standards of education, which is why it is being taken care of by the national government.

Following are the different campuses of the Shandong University:

Hongjialou Campus, Baotuquan Campus, Xinglongshan Campus, Qilu Software College Campus, Shangdong University Weihai Campus, Qingdao Campus, Qianfoshan Campus.


The Shandong University offers various masters and doctoral degree programs of international standards in almost all the major fields which include Science, Humanities, Medicine, and Engineering.

The Central Campus has different schools where the following subjects and programs are taught: Philosophy and Social Development, Economics, Literature and Journalism, History and Culture, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Information Science and Engineering, Life Science, Environmental Science and Engineering, Management, Marxism, International Education, English and many others.

Shandong University is one of the Universities, not only in China but across the world which is offering such a vast number of academic disciplines. There are a total of 12 disciplines present in the in the Shandong University for undergraduates and postgraduates. With almost 40 doctoral programs, Shandong University is close to being the university with the most programs for the doctoral degree. Along with that, they offer 55 master degree programs which include a vast range of subjects and disciplines, three professional doctoral programs, etc.

Facilities for International Students:

The Shandong University offers a wide range of facilities for their international students which include; the training and learning of Chinese language, Masters in Chinese Language, accommodation facilities, scholarships for Shandong University international students, Different short programs, and programs taught in English, etc.

They are now focusing a lot on the development of the university with international students because to reach the level of competing with universities in the global world, they need more and more international students to be a part of the University and promote it outside of China. The government of China ,for this reason, wants to ensure that the university is attractive to foreigners.


The President of the Shandong University Zhang Rong attended the Global Colloquium of Universities Presidents where he was accompanied with the presidents of the biggest universities in the world. He shared information regarding the development they are trying to do in the University.

Watch Some videos related to Shandong University :

The link above is a video where the major alumni members and the senior management was at a conference in the University regarding the progress of different Campuses.

Campus Life:

The campus life Shandong University is quite compatible with what an international student will expect from a university of this stature. They provide different facilities like libraries, gymnasiums, theater and music, hospitals, restaurants, parks etc. It is important for the university to create an environment which can attract students from around the globe.

There are many Research centers in the Shandong University where researchers in different fields are being carried out by the help of university management. Some of these centers are: National Key Laboratories, National Engineering Laboratory, National Research Center, Ministry of Education Key Laboratories, Ministry of Health Key Laboratories, Key Research Base of the Ministry of Education in Humanities and Social Sciences, National Research Institutes, Research Center of Shandong Province etc.


Considering all the information we have about the University, I can say that for the ones who are interested in studying in an Asian University, Shandong University is one of the best options one can consider. It’s in a growing phase still but with time they can surely compete with the best in the world.

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