Having been blessed with new life, you must be over the moon. While we all have an overwhelmingly exhilarating feeling of being a new parent; soon enough the anxiety will set in. A lingering fear of failure, and stress of inability to give our children the future they deserve. Don’t worry! Everywhere is full of helpful tips and tricks to help you succeed on life’s greatest journey. In this article too, we will go over parenthood and its many challenges.

Become self-reliant

Try to aim for a profession with the ability for milestones and a bright future for yourself too, if you exude professionalism and confidence, you child will assume the same. Try to join associations related to your career; a good tip for everyone, not just parents. Such partnerships will not only help you get a high skill base but an active network; helping your prospects and career focus. If you have a strong foothold in your career a huge part of stress about your child’s future disappears.

Invest your money wisely

Use the surplus budget you have to invest in shares, stocks, and other places. It is best to allocate 10% of your monthly income into an investment fund. Investment of any sort will multiply and give you good returns in the lowest time possible. Introduce your spouse to the importance of investing money and consider it a regular ritual. Do not go for schemes which promise to make you rich instantly; which are most often rip-offs, stripping you of  your hard earned income. If it seems to good to be true, it is.

Make time for your family and children

Make sure to create experiences you will want to look back to in your old age. Prioritize family over work, or face the reality of remembering your powerpoint figures rather than your child’s first day of school. Devote some time every day for just your family, which will ultimately make you happier too. Discuss with your boss possible avenues for further alone time with your family, possibly transferring some of your workloads to home. If your spouse is working too, try to manage your schedules, so the child isn’t left alone.

Set the example for your child

Your behavior in front of the children should be such that when they emulate it, you don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. If there is any personal issue with your spouse try solving it in the confines of your bedroom instead of making it a public performance. Set up no electronics rule at the dining table and ensure it’s followed. Take your family out for regular vacations.

Actively gain time when you can actually begin to understand your child better and vice versa teach him the importance of inculcating good values in life.

Find a good school for your child

Filling basically the beginning 20 years of your child’s life, It is essential that your kid goes to a school which will understand his needs completely. Discuss with other parents about the positives and negatives of all schools nearby and then shortlist a few institutions which will suit your child best. Out of all selected schools find out the school which will be able to highlight your child’s abilities in the best manner possible; eg, if your child is active in sports try finding a school which has a good sports infrastructure.

Explore the child’s talents

Each child has some innate qualities which need to be encouraged and brought out. Where one child could be a natural dancer or passionate about magic, another will be enthralled by mathematics. Typically the talent of your child will come to the fore in its initial years of upbringing itself.You just have to work to find out the best way to tap its full potential.You can put him in appropriate classes or get a tutor to teach him/her at home.

Allow the child to make mistakes

Your child is human he will fall, but that is how he will learn to stand. Let him take lessons from his mistakes and find ways to Better himself for the next time. If you try to fix every problem they have or isolate them entirely, it will only foster dependence, and autonomy is one of the strongest traits a character can have.

Encourage your child to play

Just like their studies are important, play time is also a necessity. It is vital to reach that a balance between the two. It is important to view it as almost akin to studying, just of a different kind. Nursing their emotional intelligence and imagination; which will help them throughout their whole life. Excess of any of the two can be detrimental, too much studying will leave him irritated and too much play will make it difficult for you to shift his attention towards studies when he needs to.

Another important tradition is to read to your child. Make it a habit of reading to them at bedtime, it will not only nurture their skills and interest in learning but will bring them closer to you. With that being said; your child WILL love you, try not to stress too much about it.

Teach your kid the importance of a healthy lifestyle

It is crucial to teach your child the importance of maintaining his body through exercise and proper eating habits. Try to instill in them early preference for the healthy. Encourage them to eat leafy vegetables and decent food at every meal. Junk food and sweets are still important and should be used as positive reinforcement, but do not let them rely on it. Make sure it doesn’t become a regular habit.

Another perhaps largely overlooked focus is your child’s mental health. Make sure your child can always come and speak to you about any problem they have. Talk through their emotions with them when they become stressed. Always make sure to teach them techniques to remain calm, and you yourself purvey a healthy mindset.

Discipline your child regularly

By disciplining the child, we mean to teach him the right habits without losing our temper. Pestering a child to follow your rules may make him obstinate, and he will stop listening to you. Try following the story method in teaching him the importance of good habits in life. Make sure, however, to not be abusive or be detrimental to his mental health in any way.

Get in touch with a children’s counselor and try to have at least a session every two months, asking them for advice on disciplinary measures. Search online boards, subscribe to blogs and try to actively be educated  about children’s health.

Don’t worry!

Being a parent is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have, however tiring. Hopefully, these simple tricks will help you in giving your child the best kind of upbringing possible. These methods are very simple to follow, and a regular implementation into your daily routine can ensure that the child grows with a sound mind and healthy body.

Being a parent is tiring, however as you see your child grow, everything will be worth it, all the hours of good parenting personified.


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