When planning to visit China, one of the major concerns most people have is safety. This includes food, travel, tourist, product, crime safety, and safety regulations. Most people would like to know how safe they are in a new country and what measures they should take to ensure they are as safe as possible. China is a place that is generally very safe to travel and visit. While in China, you get to meet very friendly people that are honest and trustworthy. However, China is not immune from criminal activities. Accidents take place, and the weather can affect your travel experience.


In China, harm to tourists come about due to mundane causes such as: poor hygiene, road accidents, accidents when engaging in tourist activities and not staying hydrated or keeping warm during the cold weather.

Health Problems

There are certain things that can make a tourist in China fall sick. First and foremost, you can get sick in China by eating something you are not used to that reacts badly with your body. You can also get sick by not keeping warm while it is cold or not staying hydrated throughout the day. Health problems can also be caused by a change in altitude or coming into contact with an infection. With the necessary precautions, it is possible to go in and out of China without falling sick.

Tourist Accidents

There are certain activities that pose a risk to tourists. Some examples include: rock climbing, water rafting, swimming, and mountain climbing. These activities are normally done at the tourist’s risk. Everyone needs to ensure they are insured before trying any of these activities.

Road Accidents

China is currently ranked at number 90 in the world for road accidents. It is better than the USA by just 20%. Tourists are advised to travel by private means instead of public vehicles in order to improve their safety. However, one can keep safe by obeying the traffic rules.


According to theft statistics, China’s theft rate is categorized as low compared to the United States. This, however, does not mean that there are no theft cases in China. Pickpockets and purse snatchers are very active in China. It is, therefore, a great idea to keep you purse close to you when walking in the streets of China. Another way to avoid falling victim to theft is to avoid walking around with very valuable items such as expensive phones, gold earring, and other catchy accessories. This will reduce the attention you get from the thieves.

When using the public transport in China, it is advisable to avoid sleeping in the vehicle and if you want to, make sure your possessions are close to you. This is because it is easier for thieves to steal from you in vehicles, especially when you are asleep. Avoid very crowded places and try very hard to avoid carrying a large amount of money in the streets.


In China, there are more than two million police officers. They are known to follow up on cases, and they offer great protection to visitors and residents of China. These police officers can come in handy when you have a case you need to report either about theft or your security. They are also great for when you need directions or information on law enforcement. It is a great idea to know how to locate a police officer in China. This will enable you to act quickly in case of theft or when your security is endangered. They are very friendly and helpful. It is, however, important to know that most of the police officers in China speak very little an English, you might want to take someone who speaks Chinese with you for better communication.


There are not so many harassment cases in China. Tourists are however advised to report any case of harassment for action to be taken. In most cases, harassment takes place during the night since there are few witnesses. Therefore, you might need to be very careful going out at night alone. It is advisable to take a friend with you and make sure you go to a place that has a lot of people. You should also avoid staying out too late since this could be dangerous not only because of harassment but also due to theft, just as in most countries.


Landslides and Floods

China experiences rainy seasons from April to June in the Eastern and Southern parts of China. The Northern and Western parts experience rainy seasons from June to August. The rains can greatly interfere with a tourist’s plans since numerous activities cannot be done during this season. The rural areas in China are prone to flooding and the landslides in most cases happen in the South-western parts of China.

Earthquakes and Typhoons

There have not been many reports of earthquakes risking the lives of tourists in China. Typhoons normally take place in wet seasons from June to August in the eastern and southern coasts of China. To keep safe from the weather, it is important to get information about the weather patterns to know what to expect before visiting China.


It is important to know all the safety issues you could face while in a new country to know the steps you can take to ensure you are safe throughout your trip. China is a very safe place but just like other places, there are certain things that can endanger your safety. Making sure you are informed about the different ways to ensure you are safe in China is, therefore, a great idea. It will not only make your experience better but will also give you an idea of what to expect.