The Top 4 Resume Writing Services in China Worth Checking

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Resume Writing Services

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Resume writing services are something of a miracle for anyone seeking a job. Creating your own CV can be really frustrating sometimes, as this process is not that easy, actually. There are lots of things to know about, lots of stuff to avoid, and quite a lot of rules to follow.

That’s why I think that resume writing services are so useful. Instead of frustration caused by tons of information on the Internet about how to write an excellent resume that is confusing and often contradicting, you can hire professionals who know what they’re doing. So, my piece is going to review some of the best resume writing services in China.

Be Smart

When it comes to picking a service, it is always better to do some prior research. Review websites are a great starting point, as you are able to read actual feedback from people who used the services of a particular company before. For example, you can reassure yourself in a service and look for information at EduReviewer to find out whether a company has a refund policy, and so on. Such review websites are awesome, basically. Anyway, let’s get to my list of best resume writing companies in China.


CraftResume screenshot

This particular service is available in China and is considered to be one of the best around! There are a couple of things worth mentioning about this company. First of all, it is positioned in a relatively low price segment, despite the outstanding quality of services. Their writers definitely know what they’re doing, and they possess different types of know-how about resume writing; yes, you may read more information about creating a CV online, but you can rest assured when hiring professionals from CraftResumes to provide you with a top-quality product. However, this company is quite young for this industry – that might scare some people.

As it happens, people usually consider young companies to be sort of unreliable; however, that is not the case. Actually, everything is usually opposite – new companies are able to offer better and up-to-date solutions, more value, and higher efficiency in terms of costs and quality. So, consider checking CraftResumes if you’re looking for a different sort of experience!


Resume-Writers screenshot

Yet another excellent service that operates in China and provides great products for a reasonable price. This is a great service for people looking for employment opportunities in China. After all, ResumeWriters has quite an impressive range of offerings, including writing resumes for students, people with 2 and more years of experience, career change letters, military-to-civilian resumes, and even LinkedIn profile adjusting.

That’s a lot for one company, but it’s understandable as it is already two decades old! The simple fact that this enterprise was able to prosper for such a long time also implies another thing – services are really worth it, even despite the emergence of various competitors. This is yet another logical conclusion in favor of ResumeWriters, their services, and great offerings!


Find-my-profession screenshot

I mentioned this one in the beginning. Now, FindMyProfession is something great. You can find more info online on how to properly hunt for a job, as even knowing the difference between skills and attributes is important if you want to be seen as a professional. It might be surprising, but recruiters are actually very attentive to small things that matter, even if we don’t think that such a difference is important.

Still, why trouble yourself with such things, is Find My Profession credible and if FindMyProfession can do that for you? The company is covering the majority of the associated work, such as preparing a resume, CV, optimizing LinkedIn profile, completing an application, and even creating networking for increasing your chances of getting an interview within the guarantee deadline. Really, lots of services in one package – this is great.


Zip Job Screenshot

The final entry in my list of outstanding resume writing services available in China. Despite having quite a weird product policy that allows only purchasing a package of services instead of particular ones, ZipJob gets its work done in an effective and high-quality manner. Their package includes crafting a resume, optimizing it for ATS, creating a CV, and so on. Lots of great stuff.

What’s more to tell about ZipJob? This particular resume writing service has an interesting guarantee policy. If you don’t get 2X interviews within 60 days, you can send back a resume and links to positions so a senior writer can do a review and improve it further. Now that’s what one calls customer service.

Some additional thoughts on topic

Remember that each country has its own specifics when it comes to things such as the labor market. What is acceptable in one country may be unacceptable in another one. That is why it is safer to get assistance from the companies that are familiar and used to a particular country’s labor market. That’s why this list of useful services is going to save you lots of time, nerves, and possibly money. Getting help with such an important task as creating a resume is totally normal; after all, a well-created resume can show off your uniqueness and professionalism.


Writing a resume is very complicated, you even have to know how to properly insert your language skills, about which you can find more info online. Nonetheless, although lots of companies are reaching out for the best candidates themselves, you shouldn’t expect that to happen – you need to act. That’s why professional resume writing companies and their services are important in China – lots of people means lots of competition! Action means progress; landing a job isn’t that hard.

Act Now image

Still, getting yourself noticed is one of the hardest challenges, and the only way to do so in the modern world is through a well-crafted resume. So, sometimes it’s better to use the services of some professional resume writing company, especially if you’re aiming for landing a job in the foreign labor market. Different countries have different business traditions – this statement applies to the process of going through the process of offering a resume, landing an interview, and getting a job.

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Have you tried any of these resume writing services yourself? Let us know if you’ve had any success. Also make sure to share your own thoughts on how to craft the professionally looking resume or CV.