An internship in China is a wonderful opportunity for you to explore Asia through the eyes of China and experience the expat life as well as the culture difference. As an intern in China, you will be able to get more new people into your life from different countries and cultures who will become friends, and you might even find a soul mate. Also, there are the professional connections you make that will be useful in your future career. An internship in China is the perfect way for you to start a new life away from your country and the societal expectations around you.

Why intern in China?

You might be wondering why do I even need to go to a foreign country when I can just work at home. Will the Chinese people like me? Will I be good enough? Before you start second-guessing yourself allow me to bring you up to speed with why an internship in China is arguably the best for your resume in the whole world.

1. Gaining invaluable international work experience

With an international work experience your resume stands out from the rest but with an international work experience from China, you CV is the best. When you’ve successfully completed your internship, you will be able to use the recommendation letter and connections you made while in the world’s fastest growing economy to land yourself a dream job just anywhere around the world.

2. Exploring the benefits of a multicultural work environment

While working in China, you will not only get to find answers to why the Chinese work hard but also work with multicultural teams which are quite essential in the current global business world. The perks of working in such a place are just insurmountable.

3. You are in demand in China

Are you young, hardworking, multi-lingual and professional? China is looking for you since they are always looking for international professionals to be part of their teams. But that also gives you a rare chance of getting to understand the Chinese culture work ethic, Chinese business culture, and the Chinese language.

What kind of Internships are in-demand in China?

China provides a plethora of opportunities for the aspiring careerists. There are virtually no limits regarding the industry you can work in. Below is a list of industries doing extremely well in a provision of international internships for foreign students and graduates.


Finance and banking have risen to become the strongest industries in China, and they generate greater investments than the strongest economies in the world. The banks have stepped in to become the key sources of lending and investment for businesses thanks to the government’s monetary policy. During the global financial crisis in 2008, China successfully navigated through it and was one of the few countries unaffected.

The available internships in finance include investment banking, wealth management, tax & accounting and private equity. The finance internship is very competitive especially the private equity and investment internship hence a limited number of candidates and majorly takes individuals who can speak Chinese and have prior experience. On the other hand, accounting and wealth management internships are less competitive and more abundant.

General Business

In the 1980s, China opened up its market and in 2001 it joined WTO. This has greatly influenced its booming economy, and more foreign companies are eager to capitalize on the Chinese market. In 2012, China drew up to $111.7 billion in foreign direct investment and a survey done in 2013, 66% of foreign companies operating in China said they targeted Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu and Zhejiang for more investments. On the Fortune Global 500 list, China has 73 companies making it the second with the highest number of companies.

The business sector has so many internship opportunities, and they range from looking for sales agents and accountants to lawyers and creative minds.


The globally recognized language for business and trade is English and in China, it’s not different. Parents are ensuring that their children get a solid English language foundation. Interning in China as an English teacher can be quite rewarding since it’s an opportunity to pass your knowledge to others. The literacy rate in China is 91.6%. Hard-working Chinese students strive to have a good command in English and China has registered around 30,000 private English teaching organizations. It is a booming industry, and there will be more and more Chinese students who want to get into the international job market finding the necessity to learn English hence more native English teachers will be required.


China has such a rigorous legal framework to navigate since it’s less sophisticated having recently come from a traditional place. For any company doing business in China, they will need a legal team well-versed with the Chinese law to help them understand the constantly changing rules and regulations and the intellectual property issues. Interning in an environment with such a legal framework can be quite insightful since there are so many international companies entering in China which need legal advice on how to protect their brand and also Chinese companies seeking to expand abroad and need the legal advice on how to do it.

Marketing and PR

With so many foreign companies trying to enter the Chinese market and the Chinese companies going global, the marketing and PR job and internship opportunities are bound to increase by the day. This is such a big industry that it’s almost impossible for you to miss an opportunity since everybody is trying to get an edge in the global market nowadays. Social media marketing is where you use the foreign platforms such as Twitter and Facebook or local platforms such as Ren Ren wing and Seibo to build a strong brand image and help the score more customers.

Brand management is mainly done in big companies and it’s general to analyze and plan on how the brand is received in the market. Paid traffic, on the other hand, involves pay per click advertising and ad buys to drive more visitors to a certain website where they can by a course or sign up for a newsletter and many other actions.

Green Energy

China, the world’s highest polluter is now dedicated to green technology and taking initiatives to find cleaner alternatives and become more environment-conscious. It has heavily invested in wind and solar energy, high-speed rail, renewable energy, and energy-efficient lighting. Interning in such an environment will allow you to be part of the research team which ambitiously targets to reduce the pollution to the bare minimum.


The demand for engineering experts will continue to stay in demand in China since it has the need to expand and it’s heavily focused on infrastructure development. China has future plans of developing its inland regions and the urban population is surpassing 50% hence it’s inevitable that more engineering services will be required. Interning in such a dynamic environment with top-notch internationally recognized engineers is exactly what you need to push you to the next career level.


This is the sector that has kept growing, and it’s not planning to stop. Alibaba and Tencent, China’s e-commerce giants, are competing to gain a larger share of the highly profitable markets. Alibaba is bigger than Amazon and eBay combined, and it keeps recording record-breaking profits each year. This is an industry to watch with several new players coming in and more opportunities for internships and jobs arising.

Architecture and Design

China is fascinating; Shanghai is out of this world. China has traveled from the ancient Chinese traditional architecture to overly beautiful modern day marvels. It is home to some of the world’s most fascinating designs and so many others are underway. Shanghai Tower was just the beginning as China has so many other over-the-top projects underway. Such an internship will make you experience first-hand with some of the best designers and architects in the world an experience you will never get elsewhere.

There are other hundreds of industries which are actively offering internships such as the Hospitality and events industry, NGOs, Entertainment and Media, Fashion, Sports Management, Logistics and Travel and Tourism. Interning in China will provide you with cutting edge cultural experience and you will learn about things like what do the Chinese people like to do for fun and jump on the bandwagon such as going for Karaoke and sampling out new foods. This is a clear indication that regardless of your professional background, China has something for you.