In the United States, we put a great deal of emphasis and focus on graduating high school. We celebrate this event with family get togethers, graduation parties, and a plethora of gifts from loved ones as a celebration of our most recent achievement. While graduating high school is definitely an accomplishment worth being proud of and celebrating over, there’s an even bigger step ahead of you once you get past this section of your life. That step comes in the form of your college education.

Study Abroad in China

While most people from the United States will go to a college within the US, there are a few who decide to take their education out of the country. Studying internationally can be a truly thrilling experience. Along with obtaining a solid education and furthering your knowledge of your desired field, you get the chance to open your eyes to an entirely new world that’s filled with people and cultures you’ve never gotten to experience first-hand. There’s a great number of colleges worth talking about that are great for studying abroad, but today we are going to focus on Renmin University.

Renmin University

Renmin University is located at 59 Zhongguancun St, Haidian, Beijing, China, 100872, and in 2015 was ranked 441-450 when compared to all of the colleges and universities throughout the entire world. Renmin University currently has a total student number of 24,993, and of that number, 1,505 are international students from all over the world.

The university offers schools in Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics, Law & Politics, and Science & Technology. Even with just the Humanities School alone, there are 75 faculty members, with 41 of those being full-time professors. Renmin University is one of the most sought after schools for international students looking to take the next step in their education away from their home country, and into a land that is new and unfamiliar to them.

Renmin’s Famous Philosophy Department

While speaking of the Humanities school at Renmin University, we can’t talk about it without mentioning the university’s School of Philosophy. The School of Philosophy was founded back in 2005, and as of today, it is still one of the largest establishments for studying and learning about philosophy in the entire world – not to mention one of the strongest and most prestigious in the entirety of China. The School of Philosophy has an excellent reputation for strong, international success with both teaching and research, making the School of Philosophy one of the best classes to take at the college.

However, if philosophy really isn’t your cup of tea, Renmin University is also incredibly well known for their School of Law. Renmin University’s School of Law was established way back in 1950, and it was the first higher-level establishment for teaching and educating students on the subject of law and legal matters after the People’s Republic of China was founded and created. Since that time, Renmin’s School of Law has produced some of the finest and most reputable jurists in China. In 1998, Renmin University’s School of Law was awarded the National May First Labor Medal, and as such, was the first school of higher education in all of China to be bestowed with this award.

Extracurricular Activities

Along with the highly-regarded academic levels at Renmin University, the college is also quite well known for their extracurricular activities and student organizations that are held within the college. In regards to student societies that are available within the university, there are six in total. Those six societies include Theoretical Study, Culture and Entertainment, Public Welfare, Physical Fitness, Communication and Social Practice, and Academic Research. All of these societies are unique and special in their own right, but they also all come together to further flesh out the culture and colorful student life that is so prevalent at Renmin University.

If sports are more your thing rather than being involved with one of the following student societies, Renmin University has you covered there as well. The sports that are offered at the college include basketball, volleyball, football, Kong Fu, track and field, tennis, badminton, aerobics, as well as ping-pong. And to top all of this off, Renmin offers a healthy list of various cultural activities that are offered throughout the year to bring both international and Chinese students together to form one, single, unified body.

Campus Events

While it is easy to see that Renmin is home to highly-regarded academics and colorful and lively extracurricular events and activities, the college also makes it a point to stay up to date with all things going on around them and the ever changing world. Just this past month on June 5th, Renmin University’s Institute for Health Care Reform put together the 6th annual summit for the National Health Care Reform and Development Summit. The summit covered a wide array of topics, but the main focus was primarily on the creation and reform of public hospitals, as well as technology use and involvement within the health care field.

Along with the Health Care Reform event, Renmin University also recently held its brand new forum series that is titled “Focus and Dialogue.” The new forum was put on by the Renmin University Graduate Student Association, and in attendance were 220 some students and faculty from the school, along with a great deal of Xinhua’s highest-regarded journalists in the area.

Why Not Look Into Study Abroad?

If you are thinking about taking your education to the next level, and you would like that next level to take place outside of your home country, studying abroad can be a thrilling and exciting opportunity for you. While it is a drastically big change compared to what you’ve been used to your entire life, it’s an experience that will live with you throughout the rest of your life. With Renmin University’s 12:7 student to staff ratio and around 6% of international students currently attending the college, Renmin is one of the most popular choices among international students looking to travel and learn outside of the US or wherever their home country is. If you’d like more information on Renmin University and are curious about getting more info on international studies, all of that data can be found at


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