Region; Eastern Asia,  Country: China, Founded in: 1937, Address:
Renmin University Of China, 59 Zhongguancun St, Haidian, Beijing 11, China.

Key Statistics

The Student-Faculty ratio is 12:7

World University Rankings 2016 : 501-600th

Asia University Rankings: 88th

BRICS and Emerging Economics 2016: 61st


Also referred to as the People’s University of China, Renmin University of China is a major public research institute situated in Haidian District, Beijing. It was founded in 1937 as Shanbei Public School then became the North China United University, before becoming North China University.

A resolution was then passed which paved the way for the establishment of Renmin University of China – 16th December 1949.  By 3rd October 1950 it was renamed as Renmin University of China and was the first modern university established by PRC.

The university is also a stone throw away from the Summer Palace and old Summer Palace. Its campus also, us near some of the top schools in China including Tsinghua and Peking University.

It is one of China’s most prestigious universities with a primary focus on Social Sciences and Humanities, but since it’s a comprehensive research-oriented institution, which also embraces other disciplines, including those in the natural sciences.

RUC is jointly supported and financed by both the Beijing Municipal Government and China’s Ministry of Education. It’s also one of the key universities in Project 211 and Project 985. Consequently, Renmin University has always ranked among the top three Chinese universities most renowned in the field of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences division.

RUC’s main objective has consistently been the pursuit of progress and truth; cultural transformation and educating China’s future elites. Such is the prestige attached to its training and educating high-standard professionals in Humanities and Social Sciences; it is also home to a number of influential think tanks and research centres. Since its establishment, RUC has made huge contributions in a number of sectors, including Communication, Education, Finance, Government and Academia. In that sense, the institution has been well on its way to becoming a world-class university for a while.

Key Facts

Outstanding Disciplinary Influence

Renmin University is made up of 13 research institutes, 23 schools and a graduate school. There is 60 undergraduate specialities, 8 second bachelor’s specialities, 140 master’s specialities and 92 doctoral specialties. RUC has 9 first-tier disciplines, 25 national critical disciplines and is ranked at number one in China. It is, in short, an influential leader in Chinese Social Sciences and Humanities.

Fast-Rate Faculty Team

RUC has an excellent faculty made up of a team made up of renowned scholars who are highly regarded both in China and abroad. The university has a well-structured and highly qualified research body. It has 1,485 staff members including 424 professors as well as 595 associate professors and is the top ranking university in terms of the number of scholars that have been officially recognised by Beijing Municipal Government as well as the National Government. 198 prolific scholars from abroad as well as 930 renowned scientists and intellectuals contribute to its research and teaching as resident professors, honorary professors or even part-time professors in various fields in China

High-Quality Talent Cultivation

It has indicators which affirm that Renmin University of China plays a major role in the development of talent in China are its high employment rates, as well as its high degree of job satisfaction among both its graduates and undergraduates. There is also a high pass rate for major professional qualification exams among students of Renmin University of China students.

The university has been able to produce a good number of influential figures in China’s reform and development, and it also boasts a good number of outstanding scholars in journalism, law and economics. The university has attracted various foreign dignitaries, for instance, Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister of the UK visited it in 2008, alongside Wen Jiabao, the former Chinese Premier, to talk to entrepreneurs, students, sportsmen and scholars.


Renmin University of China has 18,752 students enrolled in courses. The figure can be broken down to 9,490 postgraduate students and 9,262 undergraduate students. It has the highest postgraduate to undergraduate ratio ever recorded in China’s research-oriented comprehensive universities. Additionally, the university has 10,000 students enrolled in adult education, and 80% of them are majoring in courses leading to Bachelor’s degrees. It also has 30,000 Chinese students engaging in online long distance learning and 1,066 international students.

The Quality Of Its Education And Research Capacity

RUC has created a multi-system and a multi-dimensional structure in Research and Education. The university is not only recognised by the Ministry of Education as the Information Centre for Arts and Literature, but its library also has about 2.5 million holdings. It has a press which is a renowned for its publications and the first of it’s kind in China.

The University also has a good number of research centres, 14 transitional centres for post-doctoral fellows – the Shenzhen Research Institute, a School of Education and Training and a Scholl of Continuing Education.

The postgraduate research is of high quality, evidence of which can be seen through its award-winning doctoral degree dissertations. Other disciplines in which it is highly regarded for are Sociology, Applied Economics, Journalism and Economics, Legal Studies and Theoretical Economics.

National Leader In International Exchange And Cooperation

RUC fully understands the importance of globalisation and maintains great collaborative relationships, as well as exchange programs with renowned universities around the world. Universities included are Geneva, Yale University, Princeton University, King’s College of London and much more.

Some of its collaborative efforts include exchange programs between the RUC’s School of Labor and Human Resources with Rutger University’s School of Social Works. It also collaborates with the King’s College of London,

The University offers a Double Masters in European and Asian affairs and is actively involved in academic and exchange programs overseas.

International Summer School of RUC

The school focuses on providing courses about Chinese Studies, Chinese Language Training, Frontier courses, and offers special cultural experience to the overseas students. The students are given the opportunity to be part of well-organized projects that contribute to the program management and interact with the RUC students. It takes place every July and welcomes 3000 RUC students and 400 international students.

Social Activities And Sports

There are many different activities at RUC which international students are encouraged to join. There are facilities for athletics, gyms and a stadium on the campus. There are also over 100 student organisations.

You can easily find out about recent news and as well as upcoming events do with the University on their official website.

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