One of the primary mistakes that many people make when they appear for an interview is considering it as a one-way street. It is, however, imperative to understand that during an interview, while you are being assessed and evaluated, you have the right to evaluate the employer as well. And there is no better way of evaluating your potential employers than to ask questions. Taking this into consideration, here is a list of top 8 questions to ask the interviewer to guarantee you the job. These questions will help you to a large extent in leaving a very fine impression on your potential employer.

How would you define your ideal candidate for this particular position?

This question leaves an impression on your employer that you are not just searching for a job. It shows that you are confident about the set of skills that you bring to the table and if the job offered doesn’t align with your skills; you’d rather walk away and look for a suitable position. It also depicts your professionalism since it shows that you are not into wasting anybody’s time.

Are you offering a new position or am I replacing someone else?

Let’s get one thing straight. Employers are never looking for someone who’d be in acquiesce with them on any given matter. If you can provide them with a little hint that they are being evaluated and assessed as well through the interview, it’ll leave your impression as a confident candidate with a strong personality. The question mentioned above further enables you to know the kind of corporate culture that you’d be working in. It always comes in handy to know if the position is new or was the previous employee promoted, fired, or left for some reason.

What do you like the most about having a job here?

Regardless of the line of work, every employer loves to talk about themselves or their workplace. You can certainly get an edge as a candidate if you provide them with this opportunity in the job interview. It further exhibits that you care for the job that is being offered and are already looking forward to working there. Moreover, if the employer fails to give you a satisfactory answer despite working there for years, it may as well be a hint for you to look for a different job.

Could you give me a little insight about the work-life here?

Remember that a person who doesn’t have a life other than his work is filled with stress and sooner or later it begins to affect his performance. Employers need to know that you are not just a machine but that you have a life that will enable you to cope with the stressful situations. Letting them know that having a balance in your life is important to you leaves a very fine impression and hence why the aforementioned is in our list of the questions to ask your interviewer to guarantee you the job.

questions to ask interviewer

Could you share your hesitations, if you have any, regarding my skill set or perhaps the qualification?

More often than not, you end up failing to get a job because of a minor misunderstanding. Asking this question enables you to get their insight about your qualification, strengths, and weaknesses. You can then elaborate how you intend to overcome your weaknesses. You can choose to tell them how you have been dealing with your weakness in the past and how you have never let it affect your performance in any way.

What does it take to be successful in this position?

Asking this question will let your employer know that you are serious about being successful at the job. Employers are looking for the competitive spirit that shines through when this question is asked.

How long has it been since you are working here?

This one is a question that you must ask, although, not to impress the employer but purely for your personal insight. It’ll help you to get a better idea of the organization in general. If your interviewer has been working at the organization for a reasonable amount of time, it directly translates into the fact that they love the work environment, and it is highly likely that you will too. But it is also important to consider that if the employer has been at his position for a little too long for a period, it may as well be taken as a negative since it depreciates the growth potential within the organization.

Any particular reasons for failure at this position, from the past?

This gives you the chance to show your level of maturity and general outlook towards the job. It displays how you understand that challenges are a part of any responsibility or a job position and that you are determined to overcome those challenges and keeping the failures at bay. It is given that overconfidence in any position can lead to an utter failure, and asking the question mentioned above shows that you are humble and completely down to earth kind of an employee.

Now that you are aware of the questions to ask to guarantee you the job, you are in a much better place to ace your next interview. Just make sure that you are not asking too many questions. Since you are not the only candidate who is appearing for the interview and your employer has a particular slot for each of them. Therefore, asking a few questions is fine, but asking too many of them may present you as dumb and will take a lot of their time which is never appreciated by the employers. Provided that you’ve asked the right questions at the right time, towards the end of the interview, and you inquire about the next steps, don’t be surprised if you hear that you’ve already been hired.

questions to ask interviewer

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