Calling all seekers of professional jobs in China!

Moving to China can be as hard as it is exciting. On the one hand, you may experience culture shock. On the other, there is the thrill of adventure, learning about other ways of life and gaining new perspectives.

The excitement involves working in a country that is growing at a mind boggling rate. Working in China will build your character, build your career and build your communication skills. Professional jobs in China present amazing opportunities but they also challenge our limits.

There is an endless demand for foreign workers in China, and the competition is a lot more cut throat than it was 10 years ago thanks to its newly mature and open economy. Foreign nationals have flooded the country to fill the need for specialized skills demands and an English speaking labor force. Here are the top professional jobs in China for foreigners.

· Engineering or Specialized Skills Technical Jobs

China is known for its exemplary engineering projects that are found all over the world. Its universities pump out loads of engineering graduates every year, and they are known for their expertise in handling large scale works. However, there is a rising demand for foreign engineers with specialized skills in other newer and/or highly specialized fields. If you are in this category, you are in luck.

· Information Technology Jobs

If you have ever been to China, you are probably aware that the internet and the Chinese don’t get along. Chinese platforms and websites operate under different design standards and principles, and are often accessed via homegrown browsers. Foreign websites are very difficult to access. So the Chinese internet is more like a gigantic intranet and has very little in common with its global counterpart.

As Chinese firms work to create a real global online presence, they are recognizing the need for trained IT professionals, preferably born and bred in countries where they have used the internet since they were young. If you are qualified in IT, there are plenty of jobs in China for you.

· Sales and Marketing Jobs

Sales jobs in any country suffer from high worker turnover, and at times management does little to help the situation. This makes the turnover in experienced sales people and marketers even higher!

With a huge proportion of Chinese on the hunt for sound investment opportunities, coupled with the country’s limited financial system, experienced sales professionals are in great demand. Industries such as financial services and real estate are especially lucrative. If you have a strong understanding of Chinese culture and language, you will definitely make it big here.

· Teaching Jobs in China

This is certainly the most stereotypical industry for foreigners in China. You can find a huge range of teaching opportunities all over the country. China has incredible opportunities in every major learning facility, as well as small villages. The demand for both native-level and non-native English instructors is huge and keeps on growing. If you have the necessary credentials, you will definitely enjoy this work and there are endless opportunities available for any English speaking tutor.

There are heaps of professional teaching opportunities for people with advanced degrees and they are not restricted to English. There are teaching jobs in China for Africans, for example. Professionals from all continents can find work provided they fit the job description.

· Marketing and Creative Jobs

Did you know that you can get marketing, sales and even teaching jobs in China without a degree? Now you do! To teach kids or market an e-commerce site, you only need to be creative and knowledgeable in that field. There is no need to have any papers. Marketing in China and the west are hugely different because China is yet to fully embrace the concept of free market. As Chinese companies begin to create a global presence, they employ workers who are experienced in imaging to help them craft their global presence.

· High-Level Management Jobs

English speaking foreigners can also find lucrative jobs in high-level management. China’s economic growth is too fast for its learning institutions to keep up. This has led to a strong demand for foreign nationals with expertise in managing global companies to position Chinese firms competitively.

With these jobs, however, it is important to note that as the market matures, foreign-trained Chinese nationals will return home to take over their home businesses. They are very likely to step into high-level management jobs when they are armed with overseas degrees. But for now, you can enjoy the benefits that come with high-level professional jobs in China.

Some Quick Words of Advice

Before you settle on any career path, you might want to explore the options. It is true that teaching jobs in China come with high salary expectations, but so does high-level management. Basically, all foreigners looking for professional jobs in China can be guaranteed an enviable salary package.

But how much value will that job add to your career?

While money is a great motivator, it is good to look at the bigger picture. Go for jobs that will build your career, so if you leave China after a few years, you can still get a good job elsewhere. Add to this your enormous experience working in a multicultural environment.

Before you move to China to step into a professional job, make sure you know all the requirements, laws and rules that will affect your stay. Sort out your travel papers, insurance, working documents, contract, accommodation and any other services you may need. Work with supportive agents and employers who make it easier for you to settle in your new country.

It is as hard as it is exciting, so don’t forget to enjoy everything else China has to offer!

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