In the society you live in there are everyday things that you do for entertainment and fun. These things may vary from one community to another depending on their values and culture. In extension, there is a difference in what you do as fun depending on your age. China is not an exceptional of this, and we will look at what young people in China do for fun.

Young people in China, like anywhere else in the world, are fun loving and enjoy themselves in several different ways. Chinese leisure time is filled with a lot of activities that young people fancy engaging in depending on preference, ability, and availability. China has some beautiful cities in the world, amazing landscapes, natural features, ancient texts, and the largest population in the world. Young people have several ways of enjoying themselves owing to the different kinds of games, sports, and recreational facilities at their disposal. Here are some of the common things that young Chinese do, to help you answer the questions, what do people in China do for entertainment?

Hiking and Leisure Walks

You will find many of the Chinese young people walking and hiking in the famous Chinese parks and recreation facilities. Chinese young people walk around their beautiful cities chatting with their friends and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Others take a hike in the beautiful Chinese nature, such as mountains and caves. Visiting ancient temples which are mostly found on top of hills and mountains is part of leisure for Chinese people.

Martial Arts

Many young Chinese do take part in martial arts training since many of them are vibrant and active. Young people enjoy participating in martial arts such as Kung Fu and Tai Chi for self-defense, flexibility, and physical fitness. There are several martial arts schools in China for those wishing to participate, showcase, and up their ability. Tai Chi Chuan is also used as a form of body relaxation and a means of reducing body and mind stress.


This game is one of the most popular sports with most Chinese people. Elderly people mostly play the game but young people also have their stake in the game. It is played on a board with playing tiles instead of cards, and it involves four players. The players even use it to bet, and the winner walks away with the stake. It is widely played, and it is available in homes and public parks. It is a common way that many young Chinese people use to derive their fun.

Ping-Pong and Badminton

These two games are the favorite games with most Chinese people. Many of the young people enjoy playing badminton as a competitive sport. There are several badminton courts all around Chinese urban centers. Ping pong is also widely played, and several young men and women are seen playing this game during their free time. Badminton is so popular that it attracts sponsors to organize big badminton competition events which draw a lot of fans. Other than participating in these games, young people also like watching them as a form of entertaining themselves.


Football (or soccer as it is sometimes called) is also gaining a lot of popularity in China, and most young people are drawn into this game. The Chinese super league is attracting big and revered players from across the world, especially from European leagues. Many young people enjoy having fun watching their teams play. Watching soccer is attracting many young people. Soccer is also being taken as a profession by most young people where they play for money in their clubs. Guangzhou Evergrande is a force to reckon with in the Chinese Super League, and it is also drawing more fans from all over the world.


Painting is another common activity that most young people do for fun. The calligraphy industry in China is very developed, and it even attracts competitions that earn the painters some cash. The artists draw ancient traditional elements or characters that accentuate the Chinese culture. You will find young people doing painting in public parks and even at home. Painting is a common way of delivering fun in China.

Beaching It

There are several beaches in China where young people enjoy themselves. Beaching is a popular thing in China that most Chinese people have taken up. Most of the beaches are wonderful, and people enjoy water splashing, building sand castles, and enjoying the sea breeze. Beaches such as Zhuhai, Rhizao and many others draw a lot of young people who spend their time enjoying their excellent facilities and the scenic appeal they offer.

Kite Flying

Kite flying is a common way of delivering fun among most young people in China. You will find several young people flying their kites around towns and rural areas during breezy times. The kites are of different colors and bring an aesthetic appeal when they are being flown. Young people compete in flying the kite, and the winner is the person who keeps the kite aloft for the longest time. It is an enjoyable sport that attracts many young people to participate and also to showcase their creativity in making the best kite designs.


Biking is a form of leisure that has been taken up by most young people. You will see people riding their bikes as they tour different parts of their cities. Biking is also available in rural areas since many people like taking hikes using bikes. There are popular biking routes in China such as the Xian’s city wall. There are even companies that are there to hire bikes for bicycling.

Young people in China have a lot of things that they do for fun. There are several sports, recreational facilities, natural resources, and other means of finding fun when you are a young person in China. You cannot fail to find an activity that will make you enjoy and feel happy as a young person.