The Riverside Art Museum always strives to bring art into people’s lives in an inspirational, engaging way that creates a community of art lovers through its wonderful exhibits and high-quality art lectures. Located in Beijing’s Chaoyang District since 2015 by the  Riverside Group, this summer don’t miss the largest exhibit of Picasso’s work in China.

The museum is becoming a new home for art lovers and artists, offering a true chance to integrate into an artistic experience and refreshing one of that. You will discover great opportunities and get inspired in the galleries that have what can capture anyone’s interest and challenge their art intellect. Displaying a variety of individual, group, and everlasting collection exhibits, where contemporary and traditional art is featured. Several famous works are displayed that should not be missed.

The exhibition of Pablo Picasso’s masterpieces is called ”Picasso Walks into China,” It is the biggest exhibition of this Spanish artist ever held in China. More than thousand of people already visited the Riverside art Museum on one singe day to have a look at Picasso’s work. They found the exhibition to be very fruitful and informative. Not only will you find find the paintings of Picasso, but also his ceramic and printed work. This exhibition displays artworks that came from 8 popular collectors from around five countries.

You can appreciate Picasso’s masterpieces at the Riverside Art Museum this summer, along with other famous artists’ artworks such Angela Occhipinti, the famous Italian master of print art and Picasso’s work partner. There are 16 pieces of her work featured in the exhibition and one of them is a  piece done cooperatively with her and Picasso. This 83-year-old artist still remembers her working period with Picasso, as she says she was fortunate to meet him when she was 16 years old and studying print arts at that time in Paris. She met him in the 1940s when he finished Guernica, a masterpiece that shows the cruelty of the Civil War in Spain.

This exhibition is held and co-chaired by Italy’s Metamorfost and China’s Riverside Culture and the Art Center. As the Italian Minister of Culture, Pietro Folena says that this is the moment for European countries and China to cooperate when it comes to the arts. Visitors of the Museum can wear the VR (virtual reality glasses), which allows them to see the virtual canvas and artworks to appreciate the art at a deper level.

Picasso Walks into China exhibition in Beijing will last until the first days of August. Do not miss the chance to check Picasso’s ceramic works and paintings at the  in this lifetime opportunity to experience a great artist’s work.

Reviews about the museum

The Riverside art museum has received top notch reviews, you can check them online, as visitors describe their satisfaction and willingness to pay it a visit again. What they liked the most were the building’s interesting architecture, the ability to reach it easily, beautiful art, and the experiences it makes you go through.

More to See…

The Two Exhibitions at the Capital Museum

There are two main reasons why you should visit the Capital Museum during the week of its two exhibitions. It resembles a true gold mine of knowledge, filled with old Chinese paintings, calligraphy, and bronze art. And there is more to it since there will be two free exhibitions that you need to reserve your spot for since they run only for a week.

1. Splendid Finds: archaeological excavations in the Royal Cemetery that belonged to the Haihunhou Kingdom in Han Dynasty

Haihunhou Liu He, the first emperor (BC 92-59) lived during the Han Dynasty, through both victory, prosperity, and a colossal fall. Throughout the Han Dynasty, they followed the theory of honoring the dead as much as the living. His treasures that he left behind were buried with him. They were the things that he used when he lived. Thus, the 400 antiques which are found represents a picture of the Han Dynasty life of an emperor.

2. Mother, Queen, General: The 40th Anniversary of Shang Tomb Excavating of Fu Hao

Fu Hao lived in the 12th century BC and is one of the most famous ancient figures. She was not only the first female general in the history of China, but had amazing taste, as we can see through her buried 1,928 belongings and objects. She lived during the Shang Dynasty, the 2nd Dynasty in the history of China, the start of written history. In this special exhibit, you will have the chance to see numerous objects of her dynasty, among them the weapons, jade accessories, and wine containers.

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