Job searching can be a daunting task often characterized with moments of anticipation, anxiety, and great enthusiasm. The feeling of the unknown always seems to haunt subconsciously the job seeker more often feeding them on their insecurities. Maybe I am not qualified enough. Probably these fellow job seekers are better than I am. Have I pleased the interview panel enough to tilt the scales of probabilities into my favor? These are some of the random thoughts which dwell in a job seekers mind further increasing the already tense situation associated with the activity. However, it is imperative to pursue the search in earnest as the right fit to the qualifications is always out there.

Some very disturbing phenomena are where a job seeker tarmacs up and down for a very long time knocking on every door and talking to anyone willing to listen to of their unsuccessful nature of their job search. Notably, this is not the situation where a job seeker does not have the requisite skills to perform the task but rather no available jobs are requiring the skills set. Naturally, this individual would wish to cast his net wider and venture out to more unfamiliar territories. In essence, the person discovers that jobs are overflowing in the job descriptions which do not necessarily tally with his set of skills. Ironically and as a twisted joke at the job seeker is that these jobs are better paying than those he would have landed with his skills.

However, it is very important to exercise patience and follow the job skills for which you are competent in. Hardly will there be any market saturation of talent resulting in a no-hiring policy across any distinct industry. Rather, a job hunter should align themselves well with sharpening their employability skills making them well adapted to the job market demand. In retrospect, shifting from one job skill to another has the unfortunate risk of rendering one a jack of many trades but a master of none. For any serious job seeker, career growth would be at the forefront of their minds, and the shifting of employment across different skills will have the effect of delaying this. In actual sense, what a job seeker should do is to position themselves effectively as the very best talent in the market and make deliberate decisions to have their names and portfolios accessible.

It is paramount for a job seeker to visit job search sites as they offer enlightenment and crucial information regarding a particular job and its accompanying skills sets. It is from this that the applicant calls for a thorough internal audit on their skills and benchmark against the market standard. However, it requires great caution and due diligence for a job hunter to distinguish between the genuinely best online job sites and others purporting to be one. For instance, the Laowai Career website proves to be very beneficial to those persons wishing to work in China. Primarily, it underscores the available jobs and the requisite skills sets needed. This acts as an information gathering tool which proves to be very beneficial as a lot of time will be saved since no physical study will be undertaken on the ground but all this would have been facilitated from the comfort of one’s home. To maintain the competitive advantage in the job search journey, it is salient that skills are updated accordingly. For example, there exist short courses which collectively propels a candidates’ overall skills over his competitors. Gladly, the internet has provided a medium through which online classes and tutors interact freely slowly replacing the traditional physical tutor-student contact in a classroom setup.

Additionally, to appeal to that skills market demand and ensure sustained competitiveness, communication, and the interpersonal skills as a whole should be honed and updated accordingly. It is highly likely that the reason behind the prolonged job hunting is for the very reason that a candidate lacks in these skills. For instance, a potential employer would require the assurance that an employee would fit well with the team, satisfy client’s expectations, make decisions and manage time efficiently. The establishment of rapport guaranteed by excellent communication skills assures the employer that the employee will not be quarreling haphazardly with both the employees, seniors and, the customers. Luckily (or unluckily), these sets of skills cuts across all employment industries and thus changing of job skills will likely lead back to their relevance albeit later.

Importantly, it is rewarding for a job seeker to identify what type of work serves them well and matches their needs and personalities. Some may not want full-time commitment and as such part time job sites come in handy to aid in the identification of relevant opportunities. Consequently, others may not wish to be tied down to an office or routine, and freelance job sites offer them the unique opportunity to choose according to their desire. The Laowai Career website is one such platform which cuts across boards uniquely providing platforms for all the full time, part time and freelance engagements. Interestingly, it also offers an opportunity for internships too which is a good entry point in any form of employment.

In conclusion, employers are constantly in search of employees who have the right attitude towards the job. Sticking to one’s core skills competencies assures that similar challenges are frequently handled enhancing decision making and overall efficiency. For any organizations, this translates to increased overall output. Similarly, not changing skills set regularly assures one of being a lifelong learner who is highly valued in organizations. The ability of a job seeker to demonstrate their skills and willingness to learning and embracing change sways any human resources panel as workplaces are dynamic in nature and rigid and closed-minded individuals would not perform. Further, it is incumbent upon any job seeker to work on their personal development and trying as much as possible to avoid any negative emotions for instance anger and stress. These emotions should be reciprocated by the development of assertiveness and effective negotiation skills.