University address. 5 Yiheyuan Road Haidian Beijing.
Peking University World Ranking In the year 2015-2016: 42

About the School

It was started in the year 1898 by the name Imperial University of China and then renamed in the year 1912. Peking University, commonly known as PKU has maintained a highly respectable and intellectual reputation in China, Asia and also globally.

Peking University is based in China’s capital city Beijing, which is the nation’s center of politics, culture, and education. The University is located in the district of Haidian, North West of Beijing, is also adjacent to China Silicon Valley; in the Zhongguancun Electronics District. This campus, is also referred to as Yan Yuan, meaning garden of Yan, is situated at the beautiful former location of the Qing Dynasty royal gardens. The city has an excellent and convenient subway system; this means that traveling to the city center and main tourist attraction sites are relatively easy and cheap, as low as 2 RMB per trip.

Student Mix, The school, has 29,584 students, of them, 14,465 are undergraduate students, postgraduates are 10,031 and 5,088 amount they are doctoral students. Peking University enrolls around 2,000 international students annually. The Student to Staff Ratio is 8:3 International Students comprise 14% of the total students.

International Students Application

International applicants should be non-Chinese citizens, of age 18 years and above, in good health and have a valid passport or ID. The applicants should be ready to abide by the Chinese laws and regulations regarding Peking University, and as well learn to respect social customs of the Chinese. Students who are interested should register on the Peking University website online application management system for an account. On registering, they should submit their application form online.

Entry Requirements

International students that have a high school education certificate are eligible for application of undergraduate studies offered at Peking University. Also, international students that have a master’s degree can apply for a PhD program at the University.

Language requirements

After submitting all the application materials online, international applicants be needed to take an entrance examination, normally done in late March. These tests include English, Mathematics, and Chinese. You can always find more information on the application procedures at the university’s website.

Peking University Schools and Departments

Peking University offers quite a wide range of degree courses, both undergraduate and postgraduate across its academic schools that range from humanities to nature and science, and social sciences. These include Foreign Languages, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, The Chinese Language Literature, Journalism and Mass Communication.

The School has various departments that include:

1. Institute of Ocean Research
2.School of Software & microelectronics
3.School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science
4.Department of Chinese Language and Literature
5.School of Chinese as a Second Language
6.Institute of Computer Science & Technology
7. Department of Information Management
8. Institute of Social Science Survey
9.School of Foreign Languages.
10.School of Arts and much more

Peking University boasts of its outstanding and well-managed faculties, which includes 53 members of CAS, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, seven members of CAE, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and as well 14 members of TWAS, the Third World Academy of Sciences.

Research Standards

Peking University has efficiently combined research on crucial scientific subjects with the training of university personnel with high levels of professional skill and specialized knowledge, as China’s socialist modernization demands. Peking University has implemented more than 4,000 research projects that have been approved by the Science and Technology Ministry (MOST), The Natural Science Foundation Committee (NSFC) and The Education Ministry (MOE) of China. During this period, Peking University has also won about 22 national prizes in the field of science and technology, which include one top national prize. Also 11 national prizes in natural sciences and as well ten national science and technology development prizes.

Student Facilities in the University

Peking University’s library, founded in 1902 is among the first modern libraries in the Country. The library has a magnificent collection of over 8,000,000 items that include 1.5 million items about ancient Chinese materials.

International Students Support

Peking University has an International Relations department dedicated to supporting overseas students both before and upon arrival to the university. Their staff provides help with fundamental issues such as visa application, medical insurance, accommodation, student exchanges and scholarships. All students are required to attend some pre-courses before the semester starts; aimed at providing introductory refresher courses in various subjects such as accounting, statistics, presentation skills, basic introduction to computing, the Chinese language, and macroeconomics. They prepare all new students, especially foreign, for the semester ahead.

Health Care and Insurance

All international students are required to have medical insurance during the entire study period at Peking University. Upon registration, students are required to purchase the Foreign students comprehensive Insurance Plan provided by Ping, which is an insurance company.
One common problem in Peking University is that it suffers a miniskirt migraine – Students have often been forced to be in short miniskirts, which is compulsory in some instances. Thus creating way too much negative attention and promoting unexpected introspection. Peking University Health Science Center through this violates the spirit of freedom and independence of Peking University, Forcing students to wear such uniforms, suppressing their freedom using grades, and segregating them based on gender creates abjectly obedient citizens – in turn, this reflects the underlying ideology of the government.

Further Details

The university has combined research on crucial scientific subjects with the training of university personnel with high levels of professional skills and specialized knowledge as the country’s socialist modernization demands. It strives for improvements in research work and teaching, and the promotion of mutual interaction and among various disciplines. Peking University is a world-class university, research, and education center.

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