Peking Union Medical College was founded in 1921 by the China Medical Board. Most of the funding was from the Rockefeller Foundation. PUMC is affiliated with Tsinghua University, which is among the top universities in China. PUMC is the only medical college in China which is affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. PUMC is also one of the first medical colleges which introduced an M.D. Program of 8 years.

PUMC is situated at No.9 Dongdan 3rd Alley, Dongcheng, Beijing, China.
According to CWUR’s (Center for World University Rankings) for the year 2015, PUMC stood at 423 No. in the world ranking. In national ranking PUMC is currently at No 21, PUMC also has a total national student population of 12,421 according to 2014 Statistics. The total number of international students is not available. PUMC is offering such courses and programs which lead to authoritatively accepted high-level study courses like bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctorate degrees in numerous areas of study.

PUMC’s Faculties

School of Basic Medicine
School of Clinical Medicine
School of Continuing Education
Graduate School and School of Nursing

PUMC Institutes

Institute of Basic Medical Sciences
Institute of Clinical Medicine
Institute of Oncology
Institute of Cardiovascular Disease
Institute of Plastic Surgery
Institute of Hematology
Institute of Dermatology
Institute of Materia Medica
Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology
Institute of Medicinal Plant Development
Yunnan Branch of IMPLAD
Hainan Branch of IMPLAD
Guangxi Branch of IMPLAD
Xinjiang Branch of IMPLAD
Institute of Medical Information Library
Institute of Laboratory Animal Sciences
Institute of Microcirculation
Institute of Pathogen Biology
Institute of Radiation Medicine
Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Institute of Blood Transfusion
Institute of Medical Biology


It is the best medical college in China, both in the past and in the future. It follows the model of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. If you want to do your studies in China and want to pursue a medical career, then I will recommend the PUMC. This college brags of excellent doctors and latest high tech medical equipment, where a vast number of patients with strenuous and grave diseases have been rehabilitated. The College has also developed a lot of medical talents, and managed & supervised lots of high-levels medical researchers, which all make it play a remarkable role, and they enjoy a good status in the modern medical history of China.

Twelve indicators were used to calculate this institution’s rank among the global universities. Here is a breakdown of how this institution ranked among other schools for each indicator.

The Global score is currently 40.2. The overall research reputation worldwide is at #556. The Region specific research reputation is at #105. They have over 353 publications, 875 books, and 987 conferences. The normal impact of citations received is at 662 with total citations of 415.
The total number of publications which are among the top 10 percent is 466, and the total percentage of publications which are among top 10 percent is 734. For International collaboration, they are at #495 with a total number of 369 Ph.Ds awarded and the total number of Ph.D.’s awarded per faculty member is currently 285.

Courses Available

PUMC is authorized to give doctorate degrees and master degrees, and it maintains following doctorate programs:

Eight doctorate programs – class-1 disciplines
47 doctorate programs – class-2 disciplines
58 master programs – class-2 disciplines
Two national key disciplines – class-l disciplines
Eight national key disciplines – class-2 disciplines
Two national key disciplines – class-3 disciplines
1 national nurturing key discipline

PUMC is also authorized to grant academic degrees as follow:

M.D, Ph.D., Ph.D., and M.D, D.Eng
M.Med, M. Sci, M.Eng and M.M. (Master of Management)

The number of candidates who got medical doctorate degrees from PUMC every year is exceptional among medical schools in China. The composition of the 4317 students in school features a reversed triangle 80% are graduate students, 15% are undergraduate students, and 5% are 3-year college courses.

Opportunities for International Students

PUMC offers very affordable tuition fee as compared to the US, European & Asian Colleges.

Reasonable Living Cost

Living cost is a great concern of overseas students. Living cost is quite reasonable in China. PUMC is one of the highest ranked College in China and its international rating is also very good, so it is a good chance for Western students to study in this college. They can get internationally recognized degree at a very economical price.

Job Opportunities

China is a developing economy, and its economy is growing very fast. There are millions of Job opportunities in China. If you are a degree holder of a reputed college like PUMC, then it becomes very easy to get a good job. This thought makes many students from foreign countries apply for an admission in PUMC.

Research Aspects

PUMC has terrific accomplishment in the research field related to medical science. PUMC won awards in scientific research in 2015. PUMC expropriated several awards for its research endeavors in 2015. In clinical diagnosis and treatment, the hospital won four items of Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award and five items of Beijing Science and Technology Award. PUMC won a 2015 Medical Achievement Award and Nursing Achievement Award. In 2015, PUMC also won many awards, some of them are as follow:

1st Prize of National Sci-Tech Progress Award, 2015 Beijing Science & Technology Progress Award, 2015 Chinese Medical Science & Technology Award, 2015 Science & Technology Progress Award for Higher Learning Institutions, Provincial, and the Ministerial Awards of Scientific Research.

Recent research was published on the website of PUMC regarding aging map of the human immune system. A scholar from PUMC draws aging map of the human immune system.

Peking Union Medical College spent ten years on a large-scale research on the immune functions of healthy groups and was the world’s first to reveal the normal scopes and changing trends of immune indicators of healthy people (i.e. lymphocyte subsets in peripheral blood) in different age groups. The result was published in Aging, the journal of world No. 1 impact factor in the field of aging, and was recognized as another important application of lymphocyte subsets research in the field of human health.

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