About the school.

The Northwest University was founded in 1902, and it acquired its current name in 1912. It is one of the first higher education institutions in Northwest China. The school has 11 colleges, 63 Bachelor’s and Associate programs, and 33 departments.

Academic reputation.

The school has 22 schools and departments, offering undergraduate programs, which are taught by top-class academics who are well informed. It has produced good results over the years in all its departments and is now recognised as one of the best universities in China.

The school is also one of the first institutions in China to set up masters, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees. The university undertakes more than a hundred research projects each year, which are of national importance. It has won over 700 awards for Research achievements and has produced over 100,000 graduates from different disciplines.

Northwest University world ranking is 431.

Total number of students – 18,000.
Total number of international students – 1500.
Total number of faculty and staff – 2,300.

Location and transport.

Northwest University Address:229 Taibai N Rd, Bailin,Xi’an City, Shaanxi, China.

It is located in the famous ancient Chinese capital Xi,an. It has three campuses: Northern campus, Chang’na campus, and Taoyuan campus. Means of transport to any of the schools is primarilly by bus or taxi.

Employer reputation.

The University holds an excellent reputation with regards to the number of students who graduate and get employed. Out of the total number of students in the school, 93% graduate with upper-class honours and out of these, 50% will get well-paid jobs almost immediately after graduating.

Taking a course at NorthWest University can pave the way to getting your ideal job. It does not only get you the job, though but also gives you the right to demand how much you get paid for the services that you are offering.

The University arms its students with knowledge everything they need to know about the job market.

Research aspects.

The University is a well-established institute, and when it comes to matters of research, it houses one national key laboratory, one national research centre for engineering and technology, twenty-nine provincial key laboratories, and research centres for engineering and technology. The university has one of the largest comprehensive libraries in Northwest China. It is well equipped with over 2.4 million books.

NorthWest University bases its learning on research. Most of the programs offered at the university are tied to serious research programs, which have been integrated into the school’s curriculum. The quality of education at the university is thus improved; ensuring that graduates are highly skilled and competent in their fields of study.

Faculty and student ratio.

Northwest University has a faculty of over 2,300. Of these, 1,100 are full-timers in their respective faculties, and about 600 are professors and associate professors.

It has a student population of about 18,000 of which 2,000 are doctoral and graduate students. The faculty-student ratio is currently a healthy 1 to 7. Students therefore have easy access to a large team of professors and teaching staff, ready to help them with their work.

Social activities.

Activities outside the class play a significant role in any institution, as they help students unwind and it gives them break from their busy study schedules. The university offers activities such as sports which include; swimming, tennis, martial arts, soccer, rock climbing, baseball, and basketball. Students can join the various clubs at the school. They aso have the opportunity to take part in some of the singing and dance festivals held annually.

Recent news about the university.

In 2014, the university was involved in a scandal when it banned students from celebrating Christmas, claiming that it was Kisch’, and made them watch propaganda films about Confucius instead.

Students told the media that they would be punished if they failed to attend the three-hour propaganda films screening, because they were mandatory and had teachers standing guard to stop anyone from leaving.

Best courses available.

The school offers the following courses: International Economics and Trade, Chinese Literature, Theatre, Movie and TV literature, Journalism, Art and Design, Philosophy, Geology, Social Work, Animation, Geochemistry, History and Archaeology.

Other programs the university offers, which are held in high regard are Economics, Law, Finance, Insurance, Business Administration, Management Science, Public Affairs Aministration and Public Policy.

Technical and Engineering courses like Computer Science and Technology, Communication Engineering, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Food Science and Engineering, Biological Science, Public Art, Urban Planning are also offered.

Most of these courses are in Chinese, however, some are taught in English to make them acessible to foreign students. They specialise in Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, and Law.
Opportunities for international students.

For international students who wish to study at the university, they can apply and submit their applications before the university’s set deadline.

The school has some requirements that applying students must meet. Scholarships are also an option for bright students from other countries who wish to join the university. These scholarships cater for the students’ tuition and their daily needs such as accommodation.

The School of Foreign Studies in the campus is responsible for handling all aspects international students issues. This ensures that they have a smooth life a the University, with minimal challenges.

Worth noting:

The university is notoriously difficult to join, especially for potential students applaying from abroad. The requirements are no mean feat!

Accommodation for international students is also potentially another stumbling block for international students. This because the university is located in Xi’an city where getting housing outside the school is expensive. These challenges are faces by local students too.

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