While swiftly catching up with the western nightlife options, China’s night scene has quite a distinct personality of its own. There is so much to do and in China anything goes from karaoke, disco dancing and acrobatic shows to Chinese opera dinner shows, naughtiness here and there, western-style pubs and clubs and also Jazz bar/clubs that are Louisiana-themed. China is a highly populated country with so many influences hence the nightlife is bound to be different, interesting and eclectic.

Most people would think that China doesn’t have a vibrant nightlife since it’s viewed as a closed communist society by the western people. The Chinese people, as well as expats, love to party throughout the country. China’s nightlife is enjoyable and wild just as anywhere else in the world. Shanghai and Beijing do not run short of clubs although notoriously expensive with most drinks going at the same price as the large western cities. Wealthy foreigners and Chinese with a lot of money to burn go into such clubs as the experience would make you forget that you are in China.

The diverse nightlife in China makes it suitable for different people with different interests. When darkness falls, the city will ensure that that you have plenty of colorful choices. For more mature visitors, traditional performances such as the Beijing Opera, dramatic performances, and acrobatic shows are available. The younger generation, on the other hand, seems to enjoy pubs, clubs, cafes and snack markets.

Another available nightlife option, especially for the old people, is Tianqiao (Overbridge) Area. The location is popular in Beijing for gatherings to eat, drink and enjoy the amusements and entertainment offered there. Tianqiao has been a favorite for most ordinary people since the Yuan Dynasty(1271-1368).It was the place to be when craving Chinese folk culture and art as so many original performances such as music and acrobats were devised. There are so many countless places that you can visit for some downtime in China including:

Opera theatres

Just like dining on the Roast Duck and seeing the Great china wall, enjoying a night at the opera theater is one of the must-do things in China at night. For instance, the Beijing Theatre is quite big and popular having provided good entertainment for hundreds of years. Opera theaters combine music, art, literature, opera and dancing to show the audience the exact picture of China’s folk art. If oriental culture thrills you, then this is a place to be. The experience is kind of interesting, original and funny as some of the actors allow the audience to watch their work of characterization even before the show starts.

Tea Houses

China has a robust and popular tea culture with the Chinese tea gaining reputation around the world. There are many tea houses in China. You have Special feature tea houses- characterized by unique decoration and style. Traditional tea houses- which is a great combination of Chinese folk culture and tea and finally Modern tea houses- which is characterized by Oolong. For visitors interested in the strong local culture, the traditional tea house is their preference. The old Chinese people go to the tea houses not only to enjoy some tea but also for a taste of incredible traditional performances such as acrobatics, comic dialogue, Chinese opera and also magic tricks.


The National Center for the performing arts, China Folk Culture palace and even the Beijing Concert Hall each offers the crème-de-la-crème of entertainment and this adds to the already vast pastimes in China. One of the most popular art forms by the Chinese people is the acrobatics who have such a long history and have gained worldwide fame just for this amazing skills and incredible acts. Other performances include exotic ballets, puppet shows, concerts, opera and modern drama and the full details of upcoming performances are always published in newspapers.

KTV (karaoke in China)

Most of the Chinese people love karaoke. The best accessory during this escapade is lots and lots of friends, the larger the number, the better. If you are an expat, grab some few Chinese friends or even befriend them, dress casually and head to the nearest karaoke place. Inside the place, you and the group will be given a private room where you will order a lot of food and drinks. Yell as much as you want until your lungs are out and generally just have a good time.

Dining in China at night

China is very traditional in their meals which range from noodles to mutton and meat. There is definitely fast food joints such as Pizza Hunt, McDonald’s, and KFC but if you are a foreigner why not bring out your friends to try out the Chinese most popular delicacy referred to as Chinese hotpot. This is a simmering metal pot of broth placed at the center of the table with the other raw ingredients placed beside it so that the people can cook all that they like in the broth.

This meal has a long history going back to over 1,000 years and was mostly favored during winter but in the recent years, they have been appearing on tables all year round. It became popular not only because of its delicious flavor but also because it offered a great opportunity for socializing since you would sit around the pot as a group eating, drinking chatting and having a time of a lifetime. It is also considered a healthy meal since boiling is healthier than frying and all the nutrients from the bone are retained into the broth. The most popular hotpots include the Beijing mutton hotpot and the Sichuan hotpot but there are also other popular seafood hotpots. Sichuan hot pots are full of flavors and if you care about challenging your taste buds then go for it

There are lots of hotpot branches all over China’s big cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu and are also easily found. Thus, you should grab your friends hit the restaurant and enjoy the authentically Chinese restaurant.

Bars and Clubs

There are so many cool places where you can stay late, take off your tie and let loose. Shanghai and Beijing are top, scoring high in the partying scene. There are high-end clubs which have heavily invested in good lighting, sounding, décor and they sell highly expensive wines, champagnes, and other drinks. Shanghai is the city that never sleeps and stays lively way past daytime. When darkness falls in, the bars and clubs are Shanghais heartbeat buzzing with excitement and positively pulsating with energy. It has the trendiest, most happening nightspots in the whole of Asia and it’s dubbed the most colorful nightlife in China.

Other cities such as Macau, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu , Beijing and so much more have countless areas to drink and club up to the wee hours of the night. Regardless of how big or small the town/city is, in China, the party doesn’t stop.


There are modern movie theaters in major cities of China coming with a lot of movies including Hollywood movies and also with popcorn and soda just exactly what you will need for a movie night out. A ride around Shanghai or Beijing will show you how China is lit and anything but dull and boring. There are movie schedules, and all you need to do is choose the one you want to watch, keep time and enjoy the experience.

Clearly, China is big on the nightlife; the partying there is revolutionary and way over the top. The entertainment spots always work so hard to be at par with the global expectations. The perfect lighting on the streets gives China’s night’s life and even just a simple ride along the streets is enough to make you feel revamped and appreciate the modern buildings and fabulous busy streets with colorful lighting.