It is the dream for many college graduates to get offers from high-tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Dropbox. In this case, if you get an offer from these big tech companies, it will definitely raise some eyebrows. These are the fastest growing companies in the world, which  provide new definitions of what technology means and can become.

These companies are also in search for the talent to build the next big technology trend in the world. Each year, an increase in the number of consumers has set their bars high for the demand of more innovations. So, if you are planning to get a job at big tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Dropbox, then here are some tips which help you for its preparation for working in the next big industry.

next big tech company

Smart work pays off.

Smart work along with hard work always pays off in a good amount for those who are always ready to do it. There are plenty of people who are more qualified than you for the position, so make sure that you stand out of the crowd and you need to show that you have some extra charm which no other has. A smart saying goes, if you kill time, the time will kill you. So, make sure that you have chosen the smart work. Big tech companies always prefer smart working employees who can handle the customers and clients. The smart workers will help the companies to earn more profit and maintain good relationships within the company environment.

Knowledge of basics.

If you are a tech freak, then you must be aware of all the computer science basics. There is no short cut to solve the coding questions in the interview. You need a step by step understanding of the logic. Interviewers from Facebook/Google/Dropbox expect a basic knowledge of algorithms and data structure from the interviewees. Big O Notation’s knowledge is required which is used to solve and measure complex theory and algorithms.

Practice the coding interview.

In this case, mock interviews are very helpful and you can get feedback of your performance side by side. Spend some time with the past interview coding questions that will also help you to gain more knowledge and to get a job in technology companies. The practice of coding will help you to catch the attention of the interviewer and leave a good impression for your basic knowledge and learning power. Along with mock tests, the regular touch with updated technology will also help you a lot.

Improve personal skills.

Along with outstanding tech knowledge, it is essential to have a good personality since it is the first expression you leave on the interviewer. The soft skills like team spirit, interpersonal, negotiation skills, time management, and an optimistic attitude are also helpful. High-tech companies admire the personal skills for long-term working relationships with their clients, so it is essential to keep it within the company. Additionally, these skills are useful to solve issues like jealousy and hatred which can distract from reaching company goals.

Contribute to open source projects.

It is always good to start working on different projects and serve clients to get feedback to improve your knowledge and skills. You can use git hub for the source code documentation. The positive feedback from the clients will help you with big tech companies like Facebook, Google, and dropbox. Even if you are a fresher, you can start serving the open source projects, which provide a lot of help in clearing the problems of basics. Also, it will help to share knowledge with other beginners.

Write technical blogs.

Your technical blogs always help to find you through Google. The amount of search per month for your blog will help you be noticed by Google. It will reflect your knowledge, experience and determination toward your work. The technical blogs must include the necessary information only, so that it will attract more people toward your blog. It should be in simple language so that beginners can also get information through it. Blogs are for the benefit of others, so your technical blog with the right information sharing can also help the others.

Apply for an internship.

If you don’t have much experience then also you can apply for an internship in these high-tech companies. For an internship, you don’t have to be a competitive programming ninja. It is not even hard to get an internship if you have the basic knowledge to crack the interview. You can analyze and understand your problems through an internship and resolve them as well. It also helps you to understand the company policies, work environment, and what companies expect from you as an employee.

Attractive resume.

After your personality, the first thing that catches the interviewer’s eye is your resume, so make sure you keep it simple and interesting. Expand your resume with some achievements and eye-catching stuff which is relevant to your work. An international certificate will definitely help you to catch the attention of the interviewer. Mention your complete details about your projects, experience, and skills on your cover letter. The information on your resume must be true, so don’t say anything you can’t back up with facts.

In addition, it is your decision to choose your next big tech company to make more money and reputation in the tech world. The self-motivation pays an essential role to get you a job. You can experience a totally different scenario in big tech companies like Facebook, Google and Dropbox for your growth. Be proactive and let the companies fight for your knowledge and skills!


next big tech company

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